Thursday, November 26, 2009

Raya Haji

I'm in the office ALONE,the bosses has left and the whole floor is empty..yey!!
so,of course i would go on facebook and open my blog..

Tomorrow is hari raya haji.wont be going back to my dad's hometown.This year,my family korban lembu kat kampung my aunt's driver.i think its in kuala selangor..we probably wont be doing much besides gathering with close aunt's/uncles and cousins tomorrow.

mom brought back a sample for our doorgift from nilai 3.memanglah i tak berkenan with that item.the workmanship was bad.we have agreed to keep on looking.susahla.hari tu dah berkenan,takde stock pulak.but i still LOVE the nikah door gift..i want to reserve one for myself.


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