Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hari Raya this year

Its been so long since i last blogged.
Dont seem to know what to write.

Raya is 2 days away..will be driving back to melaka tomorrow night.
celebrating raya with my husband..there wasnt any fights on where we would raya this year as melaka and my dad's kampung in tampin is like 20 minutes away.
So after raya prayers, we would go to Datuk Ali Rustam's open house and shoot off to tampin to meet my family ..My family are going to drive back to tampin after raya prayers,before that stopping over at my uncle's place in seremban before adjourning to tampin.
Every year ,my mom's family would gather in seremban after raya prayers, and after spending a few hours there my family would head to tampin to be with my dad's family, since tampin is the only kampung we have left..we would usually spend 1 or 2 nights in tampin..the number of nights spent in tampin would be debated between mom and dad.

This year , raya would be different..Apart from me being married and raya'ing with my in laws, my brother Danial would be working..he has to be on duty this raya since he handles operation and the oil rig needs him to make decisions.so he is not going back to tampin for raya..

Husband and i are planning to spend 3-4 hours in tampin and then go back to melaka .we would probably go back to subang on the 3rd day of raya..

Last weekend i went back to melaka..picked up my baju raya from my mother in laws tailor..the tailoring was not bad i must say..veryy cheap..boy also picked up his matching coloured baju melayu..

owh i'm looking forward to celebrate raya.
New clothes,lots of food, new family, and most of all, having a husband to celebrate raya with..


ZARA said...

apa kata otw to tampin singgah my house at sg petai ;) hehehehe

btw. Selamat hari Raya!!!

Diyana said...

Selamat hari raya to u too Zara!

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