Monday, November 1, 2010

Reviving my blog

Oh my its been almost a month since i last blogged.

I've realised that after i got married, i dont really have the time for myself furthermore putting in a few minutes to blog about everyday stuff.

Anyway, today i promised myself that i would find time to blog.And here I am, trying to recap bits and pieces from the month of October.

October has been a mixed of high's and low's for me.Firstly, my brother left and that took a bit of time adjusting.i got myself a hell of a scare and was traumatised with the bus accident at the NKVE highway because i unfortunately got stuck in the massive traffic jam and passed through the horrifying accident scene.After that, I was paranoid everytime i had to drive on the highway and whenever boy drove back and forth between Subang and Melaka..I had nightmares of the decapitated bodies for almost a week! It fortunately subsided and i started to forget.

Enough about the accident, i want to talk about how i enjoyed every moment of last week.
From the 23rd of October until yesterday, my dear parents went for their India trip.
Since my parents were away, boy spent the whole week accompanying his wife.
It was a dream came true when i finally got to cook, did the laundry and just having him with me every night when i go to sleep and waking up beside him.In the span of 5 days, he went to and fro from Subang and Melaka twice to settle some work and return to me the day itself.
We went grocery shopping, watched movies, watch a whole lot of TV together and did other normal husband and wife activities/routine..I made him watch all the reality tv shows on channel E, which he never watches because in Melaka , channel E is not in his subscription list.Basically fought over the remote.There was once, i had to bring the remote with me into the kitchen because i really wanted to watch Giuliana & Bill, and i knew that he would change the channel if i left the remote with him.Was surprised he actually enjoyed the show.He now proclaims that we're the Malaysian version of Giulianna & Bill hence making us "Giuldiyana & Boy".This is because in the show Giuliana & Bill dont live together during the weekdays because of work commitments.he also finds giulianna very funny.
Oh boy is soo cute for coming up with Giuldiyana & Boy.At the end of last week, i'm proud that my husband knows all the reality tv shows that i love mostand he himself was hooked up on Kimora, the Kardashians and of course Giulianna & Bill.hehehe

My parents came back yesterday morning, and so last night boy said goodbye to his upset wife.Was very sad but he promised that he would be coming back to Subang on tuesday.and my brother was soo kind enough to give us the voucher he won from a lucky draw from his company last week.the voucher is for a 1 night stay in Hyatt Kuantan.We called up Hyatt Kuantan this morning and made a reservation for this Saturday! so i'm now excited to go on that trip with my hubby this weekend because we havent slept at a hotel since our honeymoon.wink wink

Oh and last week, i helped put a stray cat out of its and a collague applied minyak gamat to its ears which was just filled with scabs as a result of a very bad infection from ear mites .its ears was basically all covered with scabs and were so crusty that u feel that u could just break off its ears.I'll blog about the poor cat in my next entry.


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