Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Makeup Brushes

Having a good makeup brush does make a difference in the results of my make up.
When i first started getting into make up, i didnt really care for them.
I ordered my first make up brush set, 2 years ago from Amazon.
A no brand set.
Each brush wasnt labelled, i didnt know what each brush was for except for the obvious like the powder,blush, shadow and brow brush.
Thanks to youtube i kinda got the idea of what the remaining brushes are used for.

Night after night of watching beauty gurus doing their magic with their angled brush, tapered brush, flat top brush and so many more. I was on a mission to add more brushes to my collection. i fell in love hard for the blending brush. I've always been a fan of the smokey eye look. so blending is crucial and after sometime, i found that the blending brush included in the set i had wasnt fluffy enough to get the effect i wanted.

I scoured the internet world high and low to get the cheaper versions of the brushes because i couldnt afford those MAC or Sigma brushes. I wanted the Sigma brushes so bad but its not sold in Malaysia.
I was constantly checking Ebay & Amazon for a no brand brush for good bargain but they were either to expensive or they do not ship to Malaysia. I didnt have the patience to order from their official website and having to wait weeks for it to arrive. Then i  discovered this international online cosmetic website that has a base in Singapore that sells a variety of international brands. The sigma brushes are available there too, but i just couldnt bring myself to spend that much on brushes, so I usually end up buying something else from them .

At the same time i searched for Malaysian online cosmetic websites.
 I came across 2 that sold brushes for a cheap price.  I have purchased a few brushes from them. But everytime after receiving the goods, i find myself unhappy with the quality.
My latest package arrived yesterday, and after once more getting dissapointed, i thought to myself, enough wasting money on these items that i wasnt satisfied with and just get my dream brushes.
Soo.... i purchased my first 2 sigma brushes yesterday from the international cosmetic website.
My first 2 brushes from Sigma are the F80 flat top kabuki and the E35 tapered blending brush.
The F80 is for the face. you can use it for applying liquid, cream or powder foundation. You buff in the product into your skin and its supposedly to give you that airbrush result.
The E35 tapered blending brush is slightly smaller than the E40 blending brush so i'm hoping it will give a more controlled blending. To blend out the harsh lines, to put on color on the crease. A very versatile brush.
I've even heard someone on youtube using it to put on concealer under the eyes.
Both brushes i bought are synthetic and are supposedly to distribute products more effectively compared to natural hair bristles.

After a week of using these babies, i must say they are definitely worth every single cent. The blending brush is amazingggg!!! Blends like a dream. 
And the flat top kabuki really does apply your liquid foundation fabulously. 

So if anyone has been contemplating on getting a good quality brush, i say go for it. You'll save money in the long run , rather than spend money on brushes that are not good.

E35 blending brush

F80 flat kabuki


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