Friday, October 8, 2010

My handsome baby brother

My youngest brother left for Exeter England on tuesday morning.

My whole family sent him to the airport and was joined with aunts, uncles and darry's gf and her mom.
After checking his luggage in we had breakfast and that was our last meal together.
When it was finally time for him to leave us, i saw in Darry's gf's eyes-Ezora, how sad she was.Ezora herself would be leaving for Russia in a few days time to study medicine.
They've been together for almost 2 years now, and my family loves her dearly.
From what we've been observing we could tell that her parents are in love with Darry too.(explains why Ezora's mom came along to bid farewell to Darry).I guess they'd be apart for 6 year when Ezora finishes her studies and return to Malaysia.My family and I are secretly praying that they'll manage to hold on together.Amin

That evening i secretly sobbed in my room because i didnt want mom and dad catching me crying, as i didnt want to further upset mom.
I was of course very happy that my baby brother had the opportunity to further his studies abroad, but i was worried on how he would get to Exeter ( he has to take a 3 hour train ride to get there from london)all alone with all his luggage to drag along,in a country he has never set foot before.Upon getting there he has to wait for someone who has promised to show him to his on campus apartment,register himself into his Uni,etc2..All of this adds up to my worry, but my husband always reminds me that he will manage and survive..

Yes,that evening i coaxed boy into coming back to Subang with all my crying over the phone.Usually he'll say he's got work to do and turn me down, but that day he immediately came.He understood I was sad.I am very thankful that i have a husband that understands how much of a cry baby i could be.

Yesterday, i downloaded MSN messenger on my phone and added my brother.Was happy that he was online and we chatted for quite a while.That made me feel better.Knowing he was slowly settling in and that he would start classes.Reminded him of the essential cooking utensils n food he needs to get.

Well, i'm gladddd that mom and I are going to London this we'll get to see my baby brother then.For now,i think knowing that we are going there makes my mom a bit stronger.Wishing dad ,Danial and Boy could come along.maybe next year though..

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