Friday, September 6, 2013

Eyelash Curler & Mascara

Hi ladies!

Lets talk about lashes!
So do u have long whisper-y curled angelic eyelashes?
Well i dont!

In fact i have a set of unruly stubborn straight pointing downwards eyelashes.
The left side has a mind of its own, i'm tellin ya.
So i used to just not bother on trying to wear mascara or curl em.
I used to just slap on some compact powder, eyeliner and some blush n lipstick n thats that for make up.

But when i was getting my makeup done on my wedding day, i remember my makeup artist saying that by curling and using mascara it really enhances the eyes and makes a look complete. You can look all dolled up simply just by applying mascara and some powder.

So this past 8 months i've been trying to get used to mascaras.
Trying a few brands that were hits n misses through out.
But i concluded that my lashes arent going to curl just by using mascara like some lucky and blessed ladies,
i needed an eyelash curler to help me with it.

So the first eyelash curler i bought was from MAC ( bought it in 2011 but never made used of it, up till 2013)
I find it does the job; curls my lashes (with pinches here & there, whenever i get too close to the base of my lashes) and with a coat of mascara from 17 in and, the curls lasts from when i start work till i wash it out.
Earlier this year a good friend gave me the Shu Eumura curler as a gift. I feel that i have to use it more often to form an opinion before saying anything about this raved product. But so far it also curls well and the curls last the whole day with using mascara.

I am totally gutted that my 17 Wild Curls mascara has been discontinued but delighted to find that the new 17 Dolled Up mascara works as great if not better. Got the Wild Curls mascara from Boots in december 2011 (yes it has lasted me more than a year because i hardly ever use mascara before 2013 and i feel that it could still be used), and my brother's girlfriend bought the Dolled Up mascara for me when she visited him earlier this year.

Dont know how i'm going to get my 17 mascara supplies when i'm out of it.

I also tried the Maybelline waterproof mascara-The Falsies-  which i didnt like.
I find the wand too flimsy and the curled shape didnt help with enhancing the curls.
But to each its own..Heck i bought it because of the great reviews on youtube.

I came to realize that i prefer non waterproof mascaras as the waterproof ones requires some work to remove. Removing with an eye make up remover and a cotton pad, i sometimes/usually lose and eyelash or two with each cleaning.- i should be bit more gentle i know but i do not have the patience.

But with non waterproof mascaras i just need to get into a warm shower when its time for a shower (or just splash on water if not showering) and wash off my face with a cleanser and slowly massage it around my eyes..

I've been using the MAC curler n mascara everyday to work now, dont feel complete without it.

Love Mascaras!
 My 2 favorite mascaras

  left: MAC
right: Shu Eumura

 left: MAC
right: Shu Eumura
  left: MAC
right: Shu Eumura

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