Wednesday, December 30, 2009


B if u're reading this i want to tell u that KESAYANGANKU is not panggilan manja for our cat.u know what i'm talking about..

Its the 2nd last day of the year.what do i think about has been Alhamdulillah gradually got better through out the year.the highlight of 2009 has of course been the day i got engaged which was on my 26th birthday..
This year my house got renovated for almost 4 months.My dad's initial plan was to extend the kitchen area but eventually the renovation project got bigger.I even got a bigger room.we suffered for these few months because honestly the house was not in a live in condition.imagine no kitchen for 4 went on untill the fasting had to buy food everyday.we got sick of eating out.our fridge was in the hall.we ate out of paper plates and drank out of paper cups.the house was supposed to be ready in the mid of ramadhan ,tapi biasalah mesti delay.nevertheless the contractor managed to complete the house on the eve of raya.

A few good friends are getting married really soon.i love weddings.especially the nikah u can never not cry when u witness a nikah..taktaula macam mana when its my turn.
December has been honestly great.i'm feeling very much prepared to move forward and i really want to enjoy and appreciate the few remaining years that i have left to be a 20 something girl..

Monday, December 28, 2009

My Baby's birthday

Alone in the office again..just waiting for 5.30pm to go back.cant wait to karcis.
I'm torn between attending my annual dinner or a friends solemnization on the 8th of January..i wouldnt mind just ditching the dinner but its....compulsory..
i'm thinking of excuses to give.i sooo wanna go to my friends'll be much more fun then a boring company dinner.
So this 5th of january is my KESAYANGAN's 31st birthday..LOVE LOVE LOVE u B..
I seriously have no idea on what to get him this year..i've asked him once what he wanted for his birthday.. ada ke he said he wanted a new fax machine..soo unromantic and unthoughtful present. My baby's turning 31!cant believe it..

'Cant wait to see u this thursday baby sayang..sorry i marah u masa i tgh tido last nite.tulah, siapa suruh call lambat.hehehe..'

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Today, dad bought me a notebook.All of a sudden he asked me if i needed a new notebook.Of course i said YES!. we went to PJ's Digital Mall.Yey..dah lama dah my old lappy dah gone case..
Anyway, currently typing this entry on my new notebook.YeAy!..hehehe

This weekend so far has been very relaxing.went out the whole day yesterday with mom and aunts and cousins.Besides that, i have been lazing at home.tak keluar rumah n lepak with friends langsung.Boy is bz this weekend.he wanted me to come to melaka but i wasnt willing to take the chance getting caught in the highway with the traffic jam, due to the long weekend.
So i guess this weekend i wont be seeing my darling.But its seriously ok for me.dah biasa dah.i'll insyallah see him next thursday for new year's eve.Still have not decided what to do to celebrate the new year..dinner maybe?
Just watching fireworks with him will do.doing nothing as long as i'm with him would be everything.2010 is around the corner.What is my new year's resolution..hmmm
You dont know what you've got till its gone-must always remember this

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Loving Pink

This is my doorgifts insyallah.within the budget given by dad and approved by all the aunts.Will put in an egg wrapped in netting and stuffed into the glass.(The egg will fit nicely in it)
Its made of can be used as a candle holder or just a decoration.You can but ur clips and pins etc too..
At the place that i found this item, there were 7 colours all together.but mom and I have decided to go with of course our theme colour- fuschia pink and silver.Pink would be for the ladies and silver for the men..
We bought 200 pcs already and have paid for the booking fee for the remaining 1300 pcs..will have to go pick it up in stages or might have to borrow boy's car to fit in all the remaining pcs.
So i've settled everything for the nikah and reception door gifts.we have even bought fuschia pink pouches for the kids.yeYyy!!

mixed entry

Last friday, me and my friends gathered for a friends hen's nite.We had dinner at a croatian restaurant at Solaris mont kiara.After dinner, went straight back home because boy was on the way .After reaching,I accompanied my darling to have supper .By the time we got back was already about 3am.And still he didnt let me go straight to bed.Had to teman him watch tv downstairs till about 4 am.
I was damn tired and sleepy because it was way past my bedtime.The next morning i woke up at 9.30 and scrambled to get ready.(Mom made an appointment with the designer at 10.30 am at Jakel).I went downstairs to wake boy up, but mom and dad said boy had already shower,bought breakfast and now he tertido balik.

Met with the designer.she's young and she just got married herself.She showed me a few sketches.After choosing one of the sketches and incorporating my ideas with it,we started to hunt for the suitable materials.
Oh i so so love my kain and the design..We're planning to take boy's family to Jakel to get all the wedding materials too.Mom's family has known the Jakel family since way back in Segamat.So, mmg they gave us like very reasonable prices.
Emma our designer was introduced to us by Kak Farah,(menantu Jakel)..She loves Emma's work and highly recommends her.Emma used to be Radzuan Radziwill's assistant like Kudin etc..Mmg she charges very reasonably considering its including shoes and veil..
Even mom decided to hire emma to make her baju.Will have to meet up with Emma again soon to send my nikah material and mom's material.

Yesterday i called Liza, Saidatul's assistant to see if Kak Sai's available for my wedding,but no luck.she's still bonded with Brunei royalty, and apparently there's a birthday celebration in the palace during my dates.Kak Liza is also unavailable because she would be in confinement.Syg betul..both of them are good.

Monday, December 14, 2009

holiday mood

Cant wait for friday..this thursday i'm planning to take the day off.have something in mind to do with my mom.(she's been so supportive and understanding through out this tough period)..
Last friday, all of us(cousins ans aunt's )went to my cousins new condo at mont kiara.the place is called Casa Kiara..we had lunch there.loved the house and they have decorated it well..they have been wanting to move in to their new place a long time ago,but my aunty has been coming up with excuses just to make them stay at her place longer.they've been married for just over a year.and they've been staying at my aunts place ever they are like so eager to move out.

For dinner that night,we gathered and ate at my house, since my cousin farah won vouchers worth of rm200 from kfc and pizza made sirap bandung,another aunt bought cakes for was so much fun.

On saturday ,mom and dad went back to and my brothers went back there yesterday morning for a day trip(not even half a days trip).we got there at about 9am.had breakfast with atok n wan.the night before,mom called and informed me that she and dad was bringing my grandparents to a baba nyonya restaurant in Malacca.what she failed to inform me was that she called boy and ask for directions to the place.
(i'm currently giving boy the silent treatment due to our previous bickering)
even my mom knew that, and how could she just call him up .this shows how much my parents love boy.
anyway,boy was supposed to join them for dinner,but he couldnt make it ,so he invited my parents and grandparents to his house.according to mom,my atuk didnt want to go back because he was enjoying the berborak sessions with boy's family..

On saturday, Ida called and told me that a belt and wallet set is on sale in one of the stores in pavillion.
immediately after reaching home from tampin yesterday,me, mom and darry prayed,changed and drove off to my,all the stores there are on sale..bought boy's hantaran wallet and belt.yey!!a VERY VERY GOOD price for the belt and wallet set i must say..
Have my eye on this handbag but,i'll just have to wait and coax boy to get it for me..hahaha(in my dreams)

mom is planning to get rooms for us this weekend in one of the hotels in bukit would be just like a vacation , but its just that it would be in Kl itself..hahaha.we plan to stroll along jln bukit bintang and go look at the christmas decorations along the street..this year we're unable to go on our family trips because dad has to work and he's unable to take just staying in a hotel for the weekend in kl would do it for my mom.(kesian btol my mom ni)

Talking about that, i did promise her yesterday that i would help find out about the hotels ok la.bye

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ZOuk Out

this weekend : zouk out in singapore

Menyesal pulak pegi singapore 2 weeks ago.but actually i'm done with partying.(for now Insyallah)..would rather stay home with my cat and family..
my cousins are going for the party,i'm tempted but i have to save money ..
last sunday, i went to the FJ Benjamin warehouse some panties from La Senza..10 for kan!

Afer that we went to Armada hotel to check out the Coach warehouse sale,but we got there at 3pm and before entering the parking lot,there were signboards saying
"coach warehouse sale SOLD OUT!!"
Damn frustrating..

I really want to go on a short vacation..anywhere local would do..just want to fill in one of the few long weekends that's coming up..i was thinking of penang.but the 4-5 hours drive to penang ,sitting with my brothers in the car was a big turn off.

This friday is a public holiday for yeay!!
no plans so far, but surely 80 percent of the time would be spent just lazing at home..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

singapore trip part 2

Shopping trip in singapore was great.Got home at 9 pm last night.i was relieved that i found boy's hantaran shirt and shoes.lega sgt..this time around, most of the hours spent in s'pore was for shopping..Orchard road was full.there's so many shopping malls in orchard road.not to mention vivo city where i got my last minute charles and keith bag and mom's shoes..

For boys' hantaran stuff, he chose an Armani long sleeved was on sale for half the price and just bought plain working shoes from Clarks.
He bought me Kate moss's perfume set..from my observation,shopping in singapore is way better because of the wide selection and they have brands that are not found in m'sia.tu yg best sgt tu..
shopping malls are connected to each other via their underpass.
we also went to Mustafa in little india.Mustafa is a 24hour wholesale place.u can basically get everything there.after getting our stuff from mustafa we had north indian food at a restaurant across mustafa.the food was so good especially the butter chicken..That night we slept at 3am and we woke up at 8am the next day..and the shopping spree continued after our breakfast in geylang.

yesterday before leaving singapore which was planned to be at 2;30pm, ended up with us leaving at 5;15pm..this is because we made a final shopping pit stop. at Vivo was well worth it!!!

I wanna go shopping in singapore again!!even if i cant shop,just walking along orchard road with all the pretty decorations would be good enough.

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