Monday, December 28, 2009

My Baby's birthday

Alone in the office again..just waiting for 5.30pm to go back.cant wait to karcis.
I'm torn between attending my annual dinner or a friends solemnization on the 8th of January..i wouldnt mind just ditching the dinner but its....compulsory..
i'm thinking of excuses to give.i sooo wanna go to my friends'll be much more fun then a boring company dinner.
So this 5th of january is my KESAYANGAN's 31st birthday..LOVE LOVE LOVE u B..
I seriously have no idea on what to get him this year..i've asked him once what he wanted for his birthday.. ada ke he said he wanted a new fax machine..soo unromantic and unthoughtful present. My baby's turning 31!cant believe it..

'Cant wait to see u this thursday baby sayang..sorry i marah u masa i tgh tido last nite.tulah, siapa suruh call lambat.hehehe..'


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