Monday, December 23, 2013

Urban Decay- Naked 3

Oh gosh i jumped into the makeup enthusiast bandwagon when I purchased the highly coveted Urban Decay, Naked 3 pallete yesterday from Sephora, after only getting the Urban Decay, Vice 2 pallete, 2  weeks earlier.

Read and watched a lot of reviews on Youtube about these 2 palletes.
I really thought after getting the Vice 2, i wouldnt want the Naked 3. But boy was i wrong.
The vice 2 has all the pop of colors but the Naked 3 has the rose gold / pinky romantic tones i do not own in my make up collection.

Definitely went overboard in spending on these beauty items this month.
And its not that i go out that often to be able to wear make up often to justify having alot of palletes.

Urban Decay is known for their quality eyeshadows.
Tried on a few of the colors from the Naked 3, and already am so in love with the creaminess and smoothness of their eyeshadows. Makes blending so easy.
I watched one review said that the color Trick from the Naked 3 is a bit of a downer in terms of pigmentation and color pay off. After trying and swatching it myself i have to disagree. Love the color! It shows up really well on my skin tone.

I do not own the Naked or Naked 2 pallete.
But according to everyone, the colors in the Naked3 are all new. No repetitive colors from the previous 2 palletes. The Naked 3 comes in a metal packaging with a ripple effect, in kinda of a rose gold + rosey pink tone. 
I think its just handy for travelling and throwing into the handbag as its not as bulky and it has a double click closer so u wouldnt have to worry about it accidentally opening and messing up everything.It also comes with a dual ended synthetic brush, with a shader brush at one end, and a fluffy blending brush at the other.
U also get a sample of 4 of their priner potions that could last u about 1 week for each.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Makeup Brushes

Having a good makeup brush does make a difference in the results of my make up.
When i first started getting into make up, i didnt really care for them.
I ordered my first make up brush set, 2 years ago from Amazon.
A no brand set.
Each brush wasnt labelled, i didnt know what each brush was for except for the obvious like the powder,blush, shadow and brow brush.
Thanks to youtube i kinda got the idea of what the remaining brushes are used for.

Night after night of watching beauty gurus doing their magic with their angled brush, tapered brush, flat top brush and so many more. I was on a mission to add more brushes to my collection. i fell in love hard for the blending brush. I've always been a fan of the smokey eye look. so blending is crucial and after sometime, i found that the blending brush included in the set i had wasnt fluffy enough to get the effect i wanted.

I scoured the internet world high and low to get the cheaper versions of the brushes because i couldnt afford those MAC or Sigma brushes. I wanted the Sigma brushes so bad but its not sold in Malaysia.
I was constantly checking Ebay & Amazon for a no brand brush for good bargain but they were either to expensive or they do not ship to Malaysia. I didnt have the patience to order from their official website and having to wait weeks for it to arrive. Then i  discovered this international online cosmetic website that has a base in Singapore that sells a variety of international brands. The sigma brushes are available there too, but i just couldnt bring myself to spend that much on brushes, so I usually end up buying something else from them .

At the same time i searched for Malaysian online cosmetic websites.
 I came across 2 that sold brushes for a cheap price.  I have purchased a few brushes from them. But everytime after receiving the goods, i find myself unhappy with the quality.
My latest package arrived yesterday, and after once more getting dissapointed, i thought to myself, enough wasting money on these items that i wasnt satisfied with and just get my dream brushes.
Soo.... i purchased my first 2 sigma brushes yesterday from the international cosmetic website.
My first 2 brushes from Sigma are the F80 flat top kabuki and the E35 tapered blending brush.
The F80 is for the face. you can use it for applying liquid, cream or powder foundation. You buff in the product into your skin and its supposedly to give you that airbrush result.
The E35 tapered blending brush is slightly smaller than the E40 blending brush so i'm hoping it will give a more controlled blending. To blend out the harsh lines, to put on color on the crease. A very versatile brush.
I've even heard someone on youtube using it to put on concealer under the eyes.
Both brushes i bought are synthetic and are supposedly to distribute products more effectively compared to natural hair bristles.

After a week of using these babies, i must say they are definitely worth every single cent. The blending brush is amazingggg!!! Blends like a dream. 
And the flat top kabuki really does apply your liquid foundation fabulously. 

So if anyone has been contemplating on getting a good quality brush, i say go for it. You'll save money in the long run , rather than spend money on brushes that are not good.

E35 blending brush

F80 flat kabuki

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Recent Online Collective Haul

Online shopping is so much fun.
I'm surprised at what i can find and purchase online.
Like the other day, i accidentally tore my new blouse. i was very upset about it.
And it wasnt like i could just stitch it back because the material was soft and sheer.
so i simply googled how to fix a tear, and i discovered 2 fabric bonding powder brands that could fix tears or holes, fix hems etc without any stitching.

Anyway, i thought i'd show my recent online collective haul.

1. Studs for clothing. I got them from amazon. Here's the story, i was going through H&M's Malaysian website and i saw this  blouse i liked, a black chiffon blouse with gold studs. So i went into H&M Paradigm mall but I couldnt find it, then it was later confirmed by the salesperson that they didnt have it in store.
So i came up with the idea of custom making it. I went n bought the material, and ordered the studs and sent em to the tailor .

2) Babyliss Pro Hair Curler from;
This gadget is amazing for untalented and lazy ladies like me when it comes to styling hair.You simply take about an inch of hair and place it in between the gadget, and when u clamp it down, your hair gets sucks into the heating chamber and until u hear 5 beaps about 10-15 seconds later, u release the clamp, and out comes a curl.
Have yet to receive product.

3)Supermend Fabric Bonding Powder

4)Sleek Face Form Pallete
Bought it from Luxola . It took 1 and half day for the parcel to arrive to my office from Singapore. Happy!
Been looking for a bronzer and contour/highlighter for some time. Have tried it and only got good things to say about it.

5) Wet & Wild; Wild Icon Blush - Pearlescent Pink
Bought from Ebay. Its just a cheap drugstore brand that's not available in Malaysia and most of my favourite Youtube beauty gurus, have in one way or another mentioned about this product. They were saying it was a dupe for the NARS Orgasm blush. Have yet to receive product.

6) Eyeshadow pigments from Facebook
Recommended by a colleague. So all of us ordered and we're all so excited to try it out.

7) Stippling brush & contour/shader brush.

Picture above is from google

Picture above is from google

Online shopping is very convenient. I do need to practice self control to prevent from spending all my money on online shopping, since its just a few clicks away. Most of all i tend to look for items thats unavailable in our stores. Thank god for Ebay & Amazon!! All of the above was purchased in a span of 2 weeks. I've reached my quota for this month. My husband does not know about these purchases and i'd like to keep it that way.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Eyelash Curler & Mascara

Hi ladies!

Lets talk about lashes!
So do u have long whisper-y curled angelic eyelashes?
Well i dont!

In fact i have a set of unruly stubborn straight pointing downwards eyelashes.
The left side has a mind of its own, i'm tellin ya.
So i used to just not bother on trying to wear mascara or curl em.
I used to just slap on some compact powder, eyeliner and some blush n lipstick n thats that for make up.

But when i was getting my makeup done on my wedding day, i remember my makeup artist saying that by curling and using mascara it really enhances the eyes and makes a look complete. You can look all dolled up simply just by applying mascara and some powder.

So this past 8 months i've been trying to get used to mascaras.
Trying a few brands that were hits n misses through out.
But i concluded that my lashes arent going to curl just by using mascara like some lucky and blessed ladies,
i needed an eyelash curler to help me with it.

So the first eyelash curler i bought was from MAC ( bought it in 2011 but never made used of it, up till 2013)
I find it does the job; curls my lashes (with pinches here & there, whenever i get too close to the base of my lashes) and with a coat of mascara from 17 in and, the curls lasts from when i start work till i wash it out.
Earlier this year a good friend gave me the Shu Eumura curler as a gift. I feel that i have to use it more often to form an opinion before saying anything about this raved product. But so far it also curls well and the curls last the whole day with using mascara.

I am totally gutted that my 17 Wild Curls mascara has been discontinued but delighted to find that the new 17 Dolled Up mascara works as great if not better. Got the Wild Curls mascara from Boots in december 2011 (yes it has lasted me more than a year because i hardly ever use mascara before 2013 and i feel that it could still be used), and my brother's girlfriend bought the Dolled Up mascara for me when she visited him earlier this year.

Dont know how i'm going to get my 17 mascara supplies when i'm out of it.

I also tried the Maybelline waterproof mascara-The Falsies-  which i didnt like.
I find the wand too flimsy and the curled shape didnt help with enhancing the curls.
But to each its own..Heck i bought it because of the great reviews on youtube.

I came to realize that i prefer non waterproof mascaras as the waterproof ones requires some work to remove. Removing with an eye make up remover and a cotton pad, i sometimes/usually lose and eyelash or two with each cleaning.- i should be bit more gentle i know but i do not have the patience.

But with non waterproof mascaras i just need to get into a warm shower when its time for a shower (or just splash on water if not showering) and wash off my face with a cleanser and slowly massage it around my eyes..

I've been using the MAC curler n mascara everyday to work now, dont feel complete without it.

Love Mascaras!
 My 2 favorite mascaras

  left: MAC
right: Shu Eumura

 left: MAC
right: Shu Eumura
  left: MAC
right: Shu Eumura

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Loving mint.
A latest collective haul of items I got in mint .

 Iphone case - Sunway Pyramid

 Pants - Primark

Cushion  (Kitty Cat) - Primark

 Piggy Bank (Cupcake) - Daiso

Shirt - Primark

Love my Kitty cat cushion. Hubby & dad thought I was ridiculous for purchasing it. 
And i've been into anything cupcake, influenced by Anna SacconeJoly from Leflooftv, hence the random cupcake piggybank (in mint) purchase.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya

Hi my beautiful friends..

Its the 2nd day of raya, and on this glorious day I would like to wish everyone  
who's celebrating a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and happy holidays.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Whats In My Travel Hand Carry Luggage

I thought i'd list out the things i have in my hand carry luggage whenever i take a long haul flight.

1.Glasses- Learned my lesson, when i didnt remove my lenses for a 13 hour flight. It got really2 dry. Couldnt wait to get a hold of my checked in luggage to remove my lenses and wear my glasses.

2.Contact lens storage container and solution- to store my lenses in the flight when i use my glasses.

3.Toothbrush & toothpaste

4.Facial cleanser- make sure its less than 100 ml- to freshen up

5.Deodorant- since it could be almost 24 hour since my last bath, a deodorant would come in handy.

6.Perfume- make sure less than 100ml too

7.Facial wet wipes- Remove make up

8.Panty liner

9.Hand lotion- the air in the plane is very dry.

10.Panty- u never know, accidents happen

11Extra set of clothing- god forbid the airline loses my checked in luggage, so at least i have a fresh set of clothing while waiting to get the luggage sent to me/buy new clothing at my destination.

12.Ipad- to keep me entertained while killing the slow hours that passes by.

13.Face towel- to wipe my face after cleansing and washing my face

14.Reservation documents- i usually make a few sets of it (hotel reservation etc) and i chuck in 1 copy into my hand carry.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Epic Meal Time

My brother and I are fans of Epic Meal Time from Youtube. For some of you who may not know what is Epic Meal Time, it is a cooking show conducted by a group of crazy creative Canadian guys.
I must warn that all their recipes are extremely high in calories and not for the faint of heart. They are over the top, crazy and entertaining with their end of the show tagline that is different everytime. My all time favourite was the : Next time we eat fairytale! hehe

You've gotta watch at least one episode to comprehend what i'm trying to describe of them and their dishes.

So after months and months of saying that he (my brother) wants to recreate one of the dishes, he finally attempted his first, which was the epic lasagna. I helped out too.

Here are the ingredient to this super high calory dish.
Must admit we didnt follow exactly what they used, we used ingredients most suitable to our taste buds and liking.

4 McDonalds cheeseburger
1 McDonalds large fries
1 box of Kraft's Mac & cheese
4 beef patties
2 bags of potato chips
1 can of tomato based pasta sauce
1 bag of shredded cheddar cheese.

The key method to this dish was layering.

So if i remembered correctly, the first layer was, the bottom half of the cheese burger (bun,beef patties with cheese), next layer was the mac and cheese, then the pasta sauce, then the beef patties,the french fries, cheddar cheese, more mac cheese then the top buns from the cheeseburger, potato chips and lastly a generous sprinkle of cheddar cheese.

We then baked the 'lasagna' for about 20 minutes till the cheese melted.
The verdict, imagine the taste of all the individual goodness in 1 dish. It was sooooo sinful yet sooo satisfying.

Enjoy the pictures

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I usually watch tag videos from youtube, and was curious to know if tag questions in the blogging world exists. So i googled and found some..
So here it is, and i tag everyone who reads this post.

10 Hows
1.How did u get one of your scars- From the oven, while baking an apple pie
2.How did u celebrate your last birthday- went out for lunch with my hubby
3.How are u feeling at this moment- actually not well, have been down with the flu n cough this past 2 weeks
4.How did your night go last night- really good, hubby and i went down at 9pm. So we had a really good nigths rest
5.How did you do in high school- not good!
6.How did u get the shirt u're wearing- Bought it myself from H&M in Knightsbridge
7.How often do u see your best friend(s)- we rarely see each other, everyone's married and with babies, so everyone's busy.
8.How much money did u spend last month- spent alot booking hotels for my upcoming trip
9.How old do u want to be when u get married- i'm married, got married at 27
10.How old will u be at ur next birthday- the big 30

9 Whats
What is your mothers name- not disclosing for security reasons
What did u do last weekend- hung out with my best friend, and had fathers day lunch with the family
What is the most important part of your life- to be around family
What would u be rather doing- right this very moment? lying down and going through youtube
What did you last cry over-something my hubby said
What always makes u feel better when your upset- comforting words and FOOD
What is the most important thing u look for in a significant other- to be able to make me feel everything will be ok
What are u worried about- the future
What did u have for breakfast- sausage mcmuffin from McDonalds

8 Have you-s
1. Have you ever liked someone who had a girlfriend/boyfriend- cant recall
2.Have you ever had your heart broken- Definitely
3.Have you ever been out of the country- I have
4.Have you ever done something outrageously dumb- Definitely
5.Have you ever been backstabbed by a friend- not sure, hope not
6.Have you ever had sex on the beach- errrr??? really??
7.Have you ever dated someone younger- nope
8.Have you ever read an entire book in 1 day- i think i have, during primary or high school when i was into reading.

7 Who's
Who was the last person you saw- my hubby
Who was the last person you texted- my hubby
Who was the last person you hung out with- my hubby
Who was the last person to call u- I got a missed call from a friend last night, Mrs. Asma
Who did you last hug- my hubby
Who is the last person who texted u- my hubby
Who was the last person you said i love u to- my hubby

6 Where's
Where does you bestfriends live- in the Klang valley
Where did you last go- McDonalds for breakfast this morning before work
Where did u last hung out at- the same answer as the previous question
Where did u go to school- Subang Jaya
Where is your fav place to be- London
Where did you sleep last night- parents house

5 Do's
Do u think anyone likes u- in what sort of way? likes me as a friend? hopefully everyone i know
Do u ever wish u were someone else- sometimes
Do u know the muffin man- i really have no idea, i'm going to google it
Does the future scare u- very much
Do your parents know about your blog- nope

4 Why's
Why are u best friends with your bestfriends- we've been through alot together, they're loving, caring and funny
Why did u get into blogging- it started when i was preparing for my wedding
Why did your parents give u the name u have- hmmm, maybe after Princes Diana?
Why are you doing this survey- Really need something new to blog about

3 If's
If u could have 1 super power, what would it be- to be able to block all the bad things in life that comes in my way.
If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be- to be a better person and a better muslim
If u were stranded on a deserted island and could bring 1 thing, what would it be- my handphone, hopefully there's a signal. so that i can call for help and play games while waiting to be rescued and to know the time.

2 Would u
Would u get back with any of your ex's, if they asked u- i'm married!
Would u ever shave your head to save someone u love- in a heartbeat

Are u happy with your life right now- yes and no

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pet Peeves

Hello Everyone!

I know everyone has their pet peeves.
Here's mine:

1)People who dont say thank you- Like when you hold the door for a stranger at the petrol station, and he/she just walks in without saying thank you.
2)Taking forever to get out of the parking space, when you know someone is waiting for that space- Be considerate!
3)People who takes stuff and dont know how to put it back at the right place.
4)People who spits in public- Disgusting
5)Purposely forgets/refuse to switch off the power point after using an appliance- say the handphone charger etc..
6)When i pay good money for a meal, and the dish turns out to be the smallest portion i've ever seen.
7)When i order iced water or maybe hot water, they serve me cold water without ice or lukewarm water.
8)In the office : Using up all the toilet paper, and couldnt be bothered to replenish it.
9)When you find make up marks on clothes you like at a store, and it happens to be the last piece in your size. Please try to cover your face when trying a top on.
10)Leaving the toilet seat and cover up.

Whats yours?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Soap & Glory: Flake Away Body Polish

Quick review on the product

I received the product in the beauty bridal box a few months back .
After almost forgetting that i had it because it was nicely hidden inside the bridal box, i finally tried the scrub last weekend.
The packaging like all the other Soap & Glory's products is beautifully packaged. Its pink color and attractive labels must be a huge selling point to all the girly's out there.
Once u open the tub, the sweet smelling scent takes you into a girly girls dream wonderland.
The texture: imagine the feeling of wet soft fine sand ( but not as coarse as sand and a little stickier and creamier) Sorry not too good at explaining it.

The pictures above are from Google

How i used it:
After showering. Lathered the product onto my damp skin, and i followed the instructions which was to massage in circular motions all through out until it flakes away. I found that a little goes a long way and its not harsh or too rough on the skin as the exfoliating beads/sugar are very fine.
I washed off the left over products with a rinse through. Immediately i could feel how fine and smooth my skin was. Lets just not talk about the scent it left. You know its smells so good when you're sleeping husband is awaken by the scent when u enter the room after the shower and wants to get jiggy with you. hehehe. TMI? sorry.
It left my skin feeling silky smooth and smelling good until the next day.

I'm definitely going to purchase it after i finish this current tub.
Cant wait for my next exfoliating and body polish session!

Comes in either 50ml or the 100ml packaging.
Ingredients: Shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and SUGAR

Monday, May 13, 2013

Leflooftv + Itsjudyslife

You know how i've been going on and on about following religiously two of my top most favourite youtube family vloggers daily without fail right.
About how i adore Emilia and Julianna.
Guess what! I'm in for the best vlog episode ever!
Leflooftv and Itsjudyslife are getting together for the first time and they are having a meet and greet session in Dublin on the 15th of June.
Cutie pie Emilia and Cutie bear Julianna are going to combine their cuteness power when they finally meet.
The itsjudyslife family are flying to Dublin, Ireland.

The 2 famous youtube family vloggers are fans of each other. You'll hear both sides talking about the other in their vlogs, and they must have wanted to do a meet up for the longest time. And its finally happening!
I am so excited!!
I cant wait for the meet up vlog. The vlog will probably up on leflooftv at 1am , 17th June, Malaysian time.



Julianna ( Itsjudyslife)

 Itsjudyslife family

  Itsjudyslife family

 Emilia (Leflooftv)

 Leflooftv family

  Leflooftv family

All the pictures above are from Google.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


What i do before going and while on that vacation..

Survey flight prices
-I use the sky scanner website. Type in the dates, departure airport and arrival airport, a complete list of airlines that's flying to the destination on that date will pop out. The cheapest to the most expensive. U can  narrow down your ideal flight by  filtering the options like leaving after a certain time/arriving at a certain time, if u prefer direct flights etc..
Obviously it would be tempting and u'll get over excited when u see a cheap ticket/low cost airline flying domestic or say within Europe. but be warned sometimes it does add up with the cost for baggage and to pay using a credit card to almost the same price as a full fledged airline flight cost.
-The cost to travel to the low cost airport which are usually further, thus costing more.
So take all of this into account to select the best flight

-I check whether a travel fair is coming up : Matta fair, Malaysia Airlines travel fair.
Don't wait till the usually 3 day fair itself to grab cheap tickets, go online everyday to the airline's website a week before, leading up to the weekend to get cheap prices in the convenience and comfort of home. U wouldn't want to miss out on the cheap seats if you wait : no more available dates of your choice.

My go to hotel search engine: I find it more straightforward and clear compared to the rest.
I go for the non refundable room rate which is always a bargain.
Before i book, i check out the reviews and check out the pictures previous travelers posted at the hotel's trip advisor review page. I dont trust the pictures from these hotel search engines or the hotel website, because for sure the hotel would supply their best pictures/lay out for the rooms they advertise.
Location of the hotel is important to me. has to be close to places of interest; restaurants on transportation cost.

Mode of transport during your vacation.
 Most big cities operates the hop on hop off tourist bus.
I find it very convenient to get your bearings of the city you're visiting. You stop at any of the bus stops
along the route and hop on the next available bus when you're done exploring the area/tourist spot you've stopped at. Always cheaper to get the 2 days pass in advance rather than bought separately.This option is cheaper than taking a taxi everywhere but maybe pricier than the metro or public bus. But the public transport like the metro n public buses are riddled with sticky fingers aka pick pockets. So i tend to avoid if possible.

Book entrance/admission tickets online/advance
Save yourself the hassle of queuing up to buy tickets at the door which can waste a lot of precious time.

Exchange rate
Cheaper to withdraw money from atm's at your destination rather than changing at our local money changers. Please check out the fee for each withdrawal before doing so (usually still cheaper than changing money locally) But of course you'd have to have cash in hand before travelling.

Research on halal restaurants

Practice precautions
Do your homework on the local cultures to avoid offending the locals.
Research the city you're visiting if you know your destination is known to have pickpockets, scams etc..
I make copies of my passport and cards to make things easier if in the unfortunate event that i lose my passport, it'll make things easier to have a copy and bring it to our embassy to get a temporary passport.
Use a money belt.
Cafes and restaurants right smack in the centre of tourist spots/areas will cost  3-4 times more than you'd pay at cafes and restaurants located off the beaten path, or 2-3 blocks away.

Last but not least:
Remember to enjoy and do what the locals do. Be adventurous. Go for a good show/opera/flamenco dance/theatre. Try the local food (if halal for muslims)
You never know when u'll get the opportunity to return.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Five Random Friday Facts about Me

1. I sleep on my tummy.
Will not fall asleep until i'm on my tummy. Not good for the face because my face gets squashed on the pillow. And I've read your face skin sags because of  gravity, and its even unhygienic because its in contact with the pillow which may be smothered with drool etc. Hence the bad complexion.

2. I have super thick eyebrows.
I pluck em say once every 2 weeks. Imagine if i don't, i bet i'll scare people off. My left side seems to grow out much faster than the right side.

3. I wear blue contact lenses.
Been wearing contact lenses since high school. I cant remember when i started wearing blue colored lenses. If i had to estimate i'd say close to 10 years. Why in the world did i choose blue! Who am i kidding! omg. i promised myself i'm going to change to dark brown, which i think would be more acceptable.

4. I prefer cold rather than hot
I love anything cold. I prefer winter(but not the extreme winter conditions) rather than summer, i'd choose cold icy drinks rather than a hot cup of tea . I would drink a cold glass of water in the morning, but MIL has advised against it. Not good for women she says.

5. I must cover my feet when i sleep at night
I'm afraid that ghosts will play with my toes.

Hope all of you have a fabulous Friday!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NYX Nude on Nude Eyeshadow Pallete

I purchased this pallete in January and have had a fair use of it. So today i'll share my thoughts on this product.

The Nyx Nude on Nude pallete comes in 20 eyeshadow colors and 10 lip glosses.
This pallete comes in a mix of matte/satin and shimmery colors.
The packaging in my opinion is not of a high quality. Very flimsy. Its made of plastic, and the pull out lip gloss compartment, is loosely clipped in, hence easily slipped out. I've already accidentally destroyed one lip gloss by accidentally poking my finger in it while trying to store away the pallete when the lip compartment  slipped out.

When i first got it, I was excited to try it out but became immediately dissapointed with it.
The eyeshadows are powdery. I'm in no way exaggerating. i could feel it falling on to my cheeks when i was applying it.

Disappointing ! It comes with really nice shimmery colors but the quality is unacceptable. U really need an eyeshadow primer to make it stay put. The shimmery colors doesnt spread evenly, so u'll have to blend and spread it well. Forget the applicator that comes with it and use your own eyeshadow brush or your fingers.U need to dab it on to build the color, not just swipe it on your eyelids. Lets not start on the eyeshadows in mattes. Absolutely poor pigmentation! Heck i bought a cheap eyeshadow pallete online last year, and even that cheapo pallete had better pigmentation and color pay off.

I couldnt be bothered to try the lip glosses.
Since i've bought it, i'm just going to use the eyeshadows as much as i can. But no to recommending it. Yes it's affordable at RM99. But with this kinda product quality. I'm better off using my cheap online purchased make up pallete .

I gravitated towards this pallete out of all the others in Sephora because of the name: Nude on Nude, since  I initially wanted the Urban Decay Naked pallete . But the Urban Decay was pricier, so i went with this one.
People online were saying this is a dupe version of the UD Naked pallete, and some say you cant compare them because its totally different. Well, i cant comment on this, but i surely still want the UD Naked pallete because of the great reviews.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Want

 Things/items i wanna do and get (Again the list is influenced by my fav youtubers: The SacconeJolys /Leflooftv)

1.First off, I sooo wanna go to Costa Coffee and grab a bite to eat. I've bought a beverage to go from Costa's before but i've never sat down and had a meal. I'd order the toasted tuna sandwich and probably an iced chocolate. Since i dont drink coffee, I'll make my husband get a cup, because my dream wouldnt be complete if we didnt get a cup of coffee like Anna and Joffee always does when they go into Costa's for lunch.
Even at home they drink their coffee religiously with their Costa coffee cup. How can i not dream of going to Costa Coffee.Sighh...

 2. Alpen porridge. Another staple in Anna's diet. She has this every morning with half a banana (sliced) and a dash of cinnamon powder for breakfast. Previously her favourite was the raspberry apple and raisin flavour, but about a week ago she's been having the new flavour which is the apricot almond and hazelnut. Alpen has many flavours but the one i'd like to get is the apricot one and the maple and pecan flavour. Looks soo yummers!

3. Batiste Dry Syampoo- I want to try and use dry syampoo. As i know its not good to wash my hair daily because it strips out the natural oil my hair/head produces that's supposedly good. I cant go a day without syampooing. I hate it when my hair gets flat and oily and itchy. So what's better than a dry syampoo to give my 2nd day or maybe 3rd day hair that fluff and freshness. Again seen many youtubers use this brand. So cant wait to get one.

 4. Bed Head hair products by Tigi. Honestly, i think the brand name is the reason I want to get it. I wanna try the syampoo and conditioner. Just for fun. It comes in vibrant color packaging and FUN ranges :  dumb blonde, self absorbed, superstar, moisture maniac, brunette goddess and more..

 5. Yankee Candle. Anna loves these candles. She said it smells amazing. She got the 'spiced pumpkin' scent for Halloween and for Christmas she got the 'christmas eve' scent. I think Yankee Candle is from the US , but its available in the UK and Ireland. They have all these cute n fun scents like 'banana nut bread', 'vanilla cupcake', 'home sweet home', 'cinnamon & sugar', 'almond cookie' and so so many more! I want!!!

 6. MilkShake conditioning Whipped Cream. The brand/name got me itching and so eager to buy and try this product. I imagine it smelling sweet like a vanilla/choc milkshake with whipped cream on top. OK now i want the real thing to drink! Anyway, its a leave in mousse conditioner that's supposed to do wonders to your hair. Read great reviews about this product and it was featured in one of Anna's monthly favourite item.

All the pictures above are from Google

I think i'm a lil obsessed with Anna, Joffee and Emilia. My dad's taking us all to my youngest brother's graduation this summer. And i've secretly thought of going to Ireland to hopefully get Anna to do a meet up. Cray Cray right! More like obsessed. Unfortunately i recalled that they're going to Sorrento this summer.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

January / February Favourites

January / February Favourites

Beauty / Skin Care:

1) BB Cream
2) Revlon Lip Butter
3) Elf Eyelid Primer
4) 17 : Wild Curls Mascara : LOVE LOVE LOVE, will talk about this mascara in a different entry.
5) Mac's mineralize blush in Gleeful - got it as my wedding hantaran gift, and only started using it last year. I swear its still useable.
6) Soap & Glory's body butter - Got this from the bridal box. Smells amazing, i skip my perfume and use this to make me smell good

Food & Beverage:

1) Indomie Cabe Ijo (cili hijau) - Like(not love) instant noodles and love anything spicy. So this combo got me taken. First came to know about it in Jakarta. Didnt get to taste or buy any of it then. Then bro had to go to Jakarta for work in January, so he bought me some, then Parents went to Jogjakarta and casually mentioned it to their tour guide; he turned up the next day at my parents hotel with 40 packets !
2) Scones: toasted then spread with butter and jam
3) Cadbury lunch bar
4) Peppero: Choc dipped biscuit sticks. A friend recommended this to me while we were in Langkawi.
5) Rani mango juice: parents bought this in Shah Alam from an arab cuisine restaurant. 4 big bottles for rm10!

Pic above is from google

The half up half down

Youtube vlogs:
Still Leflooftv and Itsjudyslife!

*Have to stop eating all my January/February favourites on doctor's advise to help prep body to try and conceive and get healthy (insyallah)

*My recent blogs are inspired / heavily influenced by my fav youtube guru's. Some of you may think that some of my blog posts are unnecessary  but it keeps my blog going or it'll be inactive.
Because i dont have anything interesting going on in my life right now.

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