Monday, July 26, 2010

Back in Subang

Syukur Alhamdulillah..
All 3 wedding events-nikah, my reception, boy's reception went well..
All 3 of it was wonderful and lovely in its own way.

Am now back in subang jaya with my husband.after spending almost a week in Melaka.

Preparing and packing for our honeymoon trip tomorrow night.
Will be spending 1 whole week with Mr husband in Gold Coast, Australia.
No distractions, no phone calls, just the 2 of us..

Am still tired from the whole wedding fiesta and all..But it was soo much fun..getting dressed up, make up and all...being the center of attention for that 3 days..Loved being a pengantin..Am a bit sad that after all these months, the hardwork, preparations..its finally over..:(

Very happy..very very happy.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Montage by Pretty Peektures

Love love love -

Watch my akad nikah montage..done by Min from Pretty Peektures..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am so thankful that the one thing i wanted most from my wedding was for me to enjoy it..and i did..i was so happy..i was not stressed..everything was beautiful to my eyes..that is what matters the my eyes both my pelamin nikah at home and pelamin bersanding at the hall was prettier than i nikah and reception baju was theme color stood out, even after lots of make up, masyallah...i loved it..sue cantik did a really good job..i myself never imagined that i could look as nice as my wedding day..

The akad nikah went smoothly.Boy managed to become my husband with sekali lafaz..syukur..syukur...

I'm prepping for my melaka reception this saturday..praying everything goes smoothly again..then we are going off for our honeymoon.
So far, i'm still adjusting to married life.tend to forget that i'm supposed to care for my husband also seems more loving since we got married..Everyone's treating us well..

Sunday, July 18, 2010

16th July 2010

it was more than i was magical

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm married

I'm married to Boy! akad nikah was more than perfect..Loved everything.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

getting married tomorrow!!

4 minutes to 16th july 2010..

I'm getting married to my boyfriend of 8 years!!!
Ya Allah...happy and tired!..hehehe

syukur...everythingis good.
the pelamin, the hantarans, the khemah, the bilik pengantin..everything is cantik to my eyes..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today, i was at the spa for 4 hours..
They started me off with a full body massage, steam bath, lulur,mask ,and mandi bunga.
felt so relaxed..dozed off 3-4 times in that 4 hours..made me feel soo good..
Me and mom put on the new bedsheets and covers for the bilik pengantin today..just waiting for my aunt to add on fresh flowers for decorations tomorrow or probably friday itself.the room is actually very simple..i want it to be simple..

My maid of honor was here to help out just now, later we went up to my room and started to burn wedding songs into a cd to bring to the reception...and all the while she was like-'u soo dah nak kawin!'
Yes darling..Insyallah in 2 more days, i'll be married to the leading man of my life.

Nervous? yes.
Just worried that i'll forget to bring things to the hall..
Tomorrow org pelamin, baju, khemah, and my hantarans will be arriving.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 days away from 16th July 2010

As i've mentioned in my entry yesterday, that today is going to be slow..nothing much to do..besides the paper bag ribbons..

Am so excited..after months of waiting and preparing ..its almost here..
Everything that has been done, every item chose, has been handled with detail and love from me and mom..hopefully the guests finds it acceptable if not within their standards..everything was planned according to our modest budget..

whenever i go to weddings, and see their extravagant reception, i do feel envy in the pit of my stomach but nevertheless it never dampens my main true goal,which is to have a simple/lovely to my eyes, most important of it all is that for me to enjoy it..My parents has been spending money for this reception of mine, so i better enjoy every single bit of it..

I truly hope in the next 2 days, when things are going crazy at home..i wouldnt snap or hurt anyones feelings along the way.I cant thank my mom enough for her hard work, my dad for the wedding budget-hehe, my brothers who has been taking time off once in a while from their busy life..and of course my furry buah hati sayang mommy..who has always been there for me..always loyal to me.always treating me like i'm her everything..

Monday, July 12, 2010

3 days

3 days left!

oh so excited..not yet nervous..
thursday is going to be hectic and fun.
Pelamin people are coming to install it, wedding dresses, inai session..

tomorrow, would still be slow..nothing much besides tying ribbons for the nikah door gifts paper bags-thanks to mom, who decided last minute to add on the extra work of tying ribbons and gluing it on the paper bags.

On wednesday my hantaran would be delivered by my aunt and she would also do abit of decorating at the staircase and the bilik pengantin.and i would have to spend about 3 hours at the spa.

cant wait for my baju to be delivered..lets hope everything else turns out well and fall into place as planned months and months before this.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

5 days to go

Syukur sgt..

Just now had the final fitting for my wedding dresses..

It doesnt matter what others think of my dresses, as long as me and mom thinks its cantik!..

Again..Syukur Alhamdulillah that everything is falling into place.

Last week i managed to check off a few things from the to do list:

1- find someone to do my inai
2- get the rings
3- colour hair
4- fittings
5- buy bubble guns

Whats left for me to do this week before friday is to go to the spa, burn wedding songs into a cd and ???

cant seem to recall

Friday, July 9, 2010

Final Friday

I'm in love with boy.The man insyallah i'm marrying next friday.
We were Skyping about 10 minutes ago, and i just felt the butterflies all over again.

Maybe i was too wrapped up with the idea of getting married and all the preparations before this, that i forgot to stop and look at him and talk to him.Forgot to give him attention.Forgot to ask how things were over there for him.
I certainly know i love him and may Allah bless us with a blissful marriage till death do us part

Today is the final friday that i shall Insyallah be Miss Diyana...
Thinking about it made me cry a bit before work while talking to boy this morning..

So much to be done this weekend..
Lets take it one step at a time Diyana..

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Hen's Tea Party

Last saturday my dear friends had a tea party for me.
It was lovely.i loved it so much.decorations were gorgeous..
At the end they presented me with a voucher for a spa pampering session at Tana Mera..How much sweeter can they get..I love all of them..Grown up with them.
Thank you so much darlings!

Friday, July 2, 2010

14 days

-1300 more doorgifts to stick on the stickers and stuff in the kain, and pack back into boxes for my cousin to take over and out in the boiled eggs..

-yet to find person to do my inai
-havent bought the bubble machines
-havent pick up our rings
-fitting for wedding dresses
-color hair
-buy sexy time outfit (hahaha)
-burn wedding songs into cd
-havent confirm with merak kayangan on number of pax
-havent confirm with caterer on menu for nikah
-havent bought paper bags for nikah- this is last minute because my aunty yg baik hati nak bagi telur pindang, so addition to our nikah doorgift. therefore, must get paper bags so that it'll be easier for the guests to hold.

What else ye..cant recall at the moment..but there's definitely more

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July is finally here- 15 days

Omg.. I'm getting married this month.15 days away to be exact.
Nervous.. actually what is it again that i'm nervous of..
I'm not the one who has to do the lafaz akad.
I think what makes me nervous is that this time all eyes would be on me..

My good friend is getting married tomorrow..2 weeks ahead of me..
Wont be able to attend her akad tomorrow night, but will be attending her reception on saturday..6 years together.Alhamdulillah,that everything turned out well.

I'm happy. the happiest i've been in 3 years.Syukur.Syukur sangat for everything.
I'm about to marry my buah hati.the one who taught me about life and every bits and pieces that comes with it.The man who watch me grew, helped me up when i was down.
.I know he truely loves me. I can feel it.

I love him

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