Friday, July 2, 2010

14 days

-1300 more doorgifts to stick on the stickers and stuff in the kain, and pack back into boxes for my cousin to take over and out in the boiled eggs..

-yet to find person to do my inai
-havent bought the bubble machines
-havent pick up our rings
-fitting for wedding dresses
-color hair
-buy sexy time outfit (hahaha)
-burn wedding songs into cd
-havent confirm with merak kayangan on number of pax
-havent confirm with caterer on menu for nikah
-havent bought paper bags for nikah- this is last minute because my aunty yg baik hati nak bagi telur pindang, so addition to our nikah doorgift. therefore, must get paper bags so that it'll be easier for the guests to hold.

What else ye..cant recall at the moment..but there's definitely more


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