Thursday, July 1, 2010

July is finally here- 15 days

Omg.. I'm getting married this month.15 days away to be exact.
Nervous.. actually what is it again that i'm nervous of..
I'm not the one who has to do the lafaz akad.
I think what makes me nervous is that this time all eyes would be on me..

My good friend is getting married tomorrow..2 weeks ahead of me..
Wont be able to attend her akad tomorrow night, but will be attending her reception on saturday..6 years together.Alhamdulillah,that everything turned out well.

I'm happy. the happiest i've been in 3 years.Syukur.Syukur sangat for everything.
I'm about to marry my buah hati.the one who taught me about life and every bits and pieces that comes with it.The man who watch me grew, helped me up when i was down.
.I know he truely loves me. I can feel it.

I love him


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