Saturday, February 27, 2010

My turn to drive up to Malacca

Tomorrow morning, as soon as I wake up and get dressed, i'll be going off to Malacca.
Its high time that i showed up at boy's house.Boy himself has been saying that i'm unfair and a bit one sided which is obvious that i want everything to revolve around my life, my family etc..

Insyallah i will be spending a night there and will be coming back on Sunday.Going to Malacca once in a while is actually fun.Boy would let me have baba nyonya food for lunch,seafood for dinner and asam pedas for supper.Yes,boy loves to stuff me with food.I'll be the one who ends up finishing the many dishes that he orders just because i cant stand the sight of food being wasted.

As for today, (actually yesterday,because its 12.30am already!)I went to 2 birthday parties.The one in the morning was for a 6 year old nephew and the one at night was for my 60 year old uncle..Had fun with aunts,uncles and cousins like always..

Cant wait to spend my weekend in Malacca with my darling...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not so happy

Its the 2nd last working day for the week.YeAyy!

Anyway, i've called the Pusat Kursus Kahwin in Pusat Bandar Damansara yesterday to reserve places for me and boy on the 6th and 7th of March.I really want to get it over with.A bit hard for me to coincide this kursus kawin with boy's schedule.But nevertheless, we still have to get through it .Boy sometimes is a bit too dependent on me to arrange for all of this.i guess, mmg all men are like this.Not to portray that they are not keen on the wedding preparations, that is just how they are and girls tend to get frustrated about it (including me) ..
For quite sometime it was eating inside of me, but i will not let this whole preparation affect the big picture.
If it were to boy, he wouldnt mind just having an akad nikah ceremony!
He should be thankful that i'm not going overboard with all of it compared to some of the other brides to be..

Ok, Insyallah after the kursus kawin, the next thing that needs to be settled is the hiv test.I target for that to be done in may.How do you get things done when its hard enough to see each other every weekend.I pray for his success but sometimes i do wish i was given a bit more of his time..

Friday, February 19, 2010

Teringin nak pegi Mekah

Friday is here again..
My parents arrived safely yesterday, I was soo happy to see them..looking at the pictures of Masjidil Haram and Masjid Nabawi, it made me realize that I really want to go there..

Mr Boy has been saying that he Insyallah would take me there after we get married..And I’ve always said ok, but now, I really really want to go.

As we were looking through the pictures, we came upon a picture of my parents and relatives at Jabal Rahmah.Jabal Rahmah is said to be the place where Nabi Adam n Hawa first met.
Mom told me yesterday that my cousin’s daughter made a wish for me when she climbed that bukit when she went there in January 2009.

So here’s the extended story,
January 2009, my cousin Kak Ana and her kids performed their Umrah and once again followed when my parents and relatives went 2 weeks ago.
The first time they went, they visited Jabal Rahmah.If I’m not mistaken u can climb Jabal Rahmah. So, kak ana’s daughters decided to climb it.Before the journey to the top, Kak Ana told her eldest daughter to wish and pray that I and another cousin of mine to finally find true love and get married.And so her daughter got to the peak, and she did wish for me to bertemu jodoh but somehow forgotten to wish for my cousin..

So the other day when my parents,relatives and kak ana’s family were at Jabal Rahmah, Kak ana told them about the wish her daughter made when they were there the 1st time.

1 year later.... Alhamdulillah I'm happily engaged and Insyallah I will be married in 4 months time to the man I love so much ..I wish that we could go to Jabal Rahmah after we get married and say that I love him right at the peak of the bukit..The place where Nabi Adam & Hawa first met.

Semoga both of us dimurahkan rezeki so that we would have the means and capability to go perform our umrah / haji anytime soon…Insyallah

Monday, February 15, 2010

Being the eldest comes with the pros and cons.

Tonights dinner-ayam masak lemak cili api and sayur campur..

Yes, i cooked both dishes.Am very proud of myself..My youngest brother said he was hungry so i had to cook dinner early.Finished washing and folding his clothes and will be sending him back to Lembah Beringin tomorrow evening.
Cant wait for my parents to come home so that the responsibilities would be lifted.hehe..

Anyway despite feeling exhausted by all the house chores, i actually enjoyed all of it.Boy is so proud of me.Everytime i cooked something i would mms him the photo of the dishes i made.I love being the big sister and i love being the only daughter.
Sometimes when i'm being to bossy towards boy, he would say i definitely channeled the inner big sister in me.

Being the eldest and the only sister they have, i definitely tend to be a bit bossy and misuse my authority as the eldest to tell my brothers to do things for me..No doubt they get irritated at times, but saying no to me is not a wise thing to do..
This applies most obviously to my youngest brother.He wouldnt want to upset me would he.I basically drive him back to his college every alternate weekends.He looks for me to confide when he''s having problems.He know's i've got his back..
As for my other brother, he doesnt need any small favours from me.He just does what i asks for out of love and respect for his only sister..

I love my brothers and i think i make an excellent big sister.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine's Day

Oh Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentines Day.

Had a nice dinner at home with friends and of course my boyfriend was around.
I'm enjoying the last few days of caring for my brothers..Cooking, laundry, cleaning etc...

I dont have any plans today because mr boyfriend had to go back this morning.I'll be going to a guy friend's wedding tonight.Oh yes i really want to watch Valentines Day at the movies .
Besides that i'm loving the 2nd day of a 5 day weekend.yes,i'm not going to work on wednesday too.hehehe.bestnyaaaaa.

Mr boyfriend wanted to get me something really special yesterday .but knowing me,he didnt dare take the chance of just surprising me so we went together.BUT, tough luck all the shop was closed for chinese new year..

Its ok b, we'll go again on u b.sorry i dont have anything for you this valentine's day..

I think it's great that valentine's is on a weekend, more over on a chinese new year long weekend.So i guess many are having their weddings today too..
Anyway, its 12.35pm and i still havent showered.hehehe
Oh how i love the weekends!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My cat is going to get it

2 days ago, my cat did something really naughty
She pulled out the keypads from my notebook, and the worst part is that she bit on it until it pierced through the caps.If she just pulled it out, it wouldnt be a problem coz i could just re attach it but the thing is she destroyed the caps,now the letters i and no 1 are with holes .
I was damn upset and angry, boy told me to give her a spanking on the butt, but i think its going to be useless.

I called up a few places to inquire about the replacement keypad,thank god they do sell the damn thing.But its going to take me about 4-5 weeks to wait for the stock to arrive.And it costs rm 222.
Ridiculous considering its only made out of plastic.but i WANT to change it even though actually all the keys are still functioning.

Zara is still my darling but sometimes she is just destructive,like scratching on my mom's sofa etc..I really need to get a repellent and spray it on the furnitures.better late than never..

Padan muka i tak layan dia this few days

Sunday, February 7, 2010

miss my parents and happy birthday to my cat

My parents left already..
hmm..honestly i know its only been a day,but i seriously miss them ..
its the smallest things that i take for granted such as coming home to have food prepared for me, laundry taken cared off..
And most of all the house seems very quiet and dull without mom's and dad's voices.

For now, they havent called to inform on their arrival.and its a bit bothering me..
I just want to know they are where they are supposed to be..I hope they didnt have to experience any delay in any of their flights and the long bus ride to Madinah.

I'm trying to organise the meals for dinner each night for the course of my parents absence for me and my brother..
Never knew it was tough to think of what meal to prepare everyday!
Obviously i would be tired when i get off work to go have dinner i have to pre plan the dishes..

Oh yes, today is the 7th of february,and its my cats birthday
Happy 3rd Birthday 'Sayang Mommy'

I gave her a bath this morning...She was quite ok with it.It must be because i used warm water to bathe her.After that, it was the blow drying session with my good old hair dryer..
She hated it..hehhehe

Friday, February 5, 2010

Today i get to see my boyfriend (insyallah)

Today Mr Boo boo is coming.
Since tomorrow mom and dad are going off to perform their umrah, boy has offered to send them to the airport.
We're planning to bring my family out for dinner.

As for the plans for tomorrow are
1)send off my parents to KLIA

Cant wait to see him.Hopefully he wont be tardy.But if he does, i'm already immuned to it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Miss my boo boo

*cintaku bukan lah cinta biasa
jika kamu yang memiliki
dan kamu yang temaniku seumur hidupku*

This is part of the chorus from bukan cinta biasa by afgan

Really into this song at the moment.
Missing the love of my life.

yes b,i miss u..
and i love you so much and i want u to know that i support you in everything


so its been awhile since i wrote an entry about my wedding preparations..
Its February already

So are the few things i've prepared:
1)pelamin nikah-paid deposit
2)wedding cards-paid deposit
3)wedding hall-paid deposit
4)reception and nikah doorgifts-bought and already safe at home
5)nikah and reception baju-have bought material and sent to the designer
6)hantaran stuff; bought-shoes,shirt,wallet,belt
7)hantaran deco-have asked aunty to gubah for hantaran,corsages,bunga pahar,hand bouquet for nikah and reception,and for the flower girls

this weekend i'm meeting up with the designer at jakel again to take boy's measurement and buy a few more materials.

Boy has already got the borang nikah.
We're finding time to go for the kursus kawin.
in may we'll go for the blood test and all..

Am feeling the heat from contradicting ideas from surroundings,but luckily my mom is totally on my her to bits.
and my good friend came up with a wonderful idea for the reception..

Dah start excited balik skit.hehe

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