Tuesday, February 2, 2010


so its been awhile since i wrote an entry about my wedding preparations..
Its February already

So are the few things i've prepared:
1)pelamin nikah-paid deposit
2)wedding cards-paid deposit
3)wedding hall-paid deposit
4)reception and nikah doorgifts-bought and already safe at home
5)nikah and reception baju-have bought material and sent to the designer
6)hantaran stuff; bought-shoes,shirt,wallet,belt
7)hantaran deco-have asked aunty to gubah for hantaran,corsages,bunga pahar,hand bouquet for nikah and reception,and for the flower girls

this weekend i'm meeting up with the designer at jakel again to take boy's measurement and buy a few more materials.

Boy has already got the borang nikah.
We're finding time to go for the kursus kawin.
in may we'll go for the blood test and all..

Am feeling the heat from contradicting ideas from surroundings,but luckily my mom is totally on my side.love her to bits.
and my good friend came up with a wonderful idea for the reception..

Dah start excited balik skit.hehe


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