Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Favourites

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to share with all of you some of my favourite food/beverage/stuff for December.

1- Five Roses rooibos chai spice tea - Started drinking the tea that my parents bought from Capetown.
SOO good. The smell of this tea makes me think of Anna's ( my daily vlog leading lady) pumpkin spiced tea even though mine has no pumpkin elements to it. Maybe because its spiced, thats why.
She was really into this tea for halloween, and each time i watched her drink, i'd imagine the taste and smell of it.

2- POST Selects Great Grains Cranberry Almond Crunch cereal - Getting my breakfast is soo important. So besides the occasional karipaps, eggs and breads, i'm loving this cranberry almond crunch cereal. Last months favourite was the blueberry one, and before that was the Banana.
The cranberry is not as sourish and not as sweet as the others. But still love it though.

3- Wholemeal pita breads - Again as a result of watching what Anna eats for lunch. I'm opting for sandwiches or wraps whenever there's no rice dishes. Would make (if i'm home) barbecue chicken with salad or mashed boiled eggs with a dash of black pepper sandwiches. I dont cut the pita bread in half and stuff in the chicken n salad into the pockets, but i cut the pita bread into half forming 2 round flat breads. slap some mayo on the top n bottom n lay down the chicken n salad to form my sandwich and shove it in the toaster for 2 minutes. Yummy and i feel less guilty because its wholemeal.

4- Toblerone - Must have my chocs! Dad got a whole load of Toblerones from his numerous vacations this year. So for now this is my dessert after dinner.

5- Song - Dont Stop the Party by Pittbull.

6- Hairstyle - Ponytail and the high bun. Though i've been trying the fishtail braid on myself since my hair is longer, i've yet to master it. It leaves me with sore arms everytime.

7- Less trafic - Since its the school holidays, driving to work is a breeze. I leave home 15 mins later than i usually do, and still get to work early.

Anywhooooo (the way Judy says it; from Itsjudyslife), loving December so far.
December reminds me of the christmas festivity atmosphere in London.
Not getting my 3rd consecutive Europe winter trip this year; hubby said i'm pushing it - ingat dia chop duit?
So Jakarta it is!

All the pictures above are from Google.

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