Monday, April 11, 2011

Restrengthening ties

Had so much fun with dear friends for a friend's baby shower yesterday evening.
Managed to drive back home from Melaka, bought bread n tuna on the way home, prepared sandwiches, got ready and waited for a friend to pick me up.

The 2nd time mommy to be was (i hope) surprised with our small get together.It was just great to see my friends.Remember i was complaining that i hardly see my friends anymore?so yesterday's baby shower was the revival of my almost dead social life.

Mother's day is coming up in May. If i'm not mistaken its the 2nd sunday in May right? My cousin's and i are planning to take our mom's out for lunch.but since some of us arent free on Mother's day, we decided to bring forward and celebrate our moms on the 30th of April.
This is another thing i'd like to work on.Spending more time with cousins and aunts.
Now that almost all are married and some with kids, we hardly see each other besides the occasional functions held by relatives or weddings.

we are definitely psyched and looking forward for our joint celebration.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ikan keli

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Ikan keli and my family, we go waayy back.

I'm frustrated that my hubby managed to influence me to stop eating the fish.
Growing up with a dad and grandparents from Negeri Sembilan, masak lemak cili api ikan keli salai with belimbing was one of our favourite dishes.
Just thinking about it now brings back memories of my arwah wan.She used to cook a killer masak lemak cili api.Literally killing-upsetting our tummy because it was so spicy and of course delicious.Eat it with a side dish of tempoyak, that made the simple meal so puas hati.A meal that leaves u sweating and drinking loads of water.

Through out the 8 years i've been with my husband before we got married.He would give me the occasional look whenever i put ikan keli on my plate when we go out for nasi campur.Slowly it got to me.Slowly i've opted for some other fish if ever there was ikan keli as one of the variety of dishes available at a shop.

Fast forward to 2011.I have stopped enjoying ikan keli entirely.
I blame my husband for it.Just because he doesnt fancy the fish, he had to influence me too.No fair.
I'm not being true to my origins.HEHEH.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I feel so bad for i have once questioned why a friend who got married then later just hardly turns up for any get togethers/events anymore.I remember comparing her to my other friends who would still always join our events/get togethers despite being married and have babies.

For now i understand.Nowadays, i hardly have time to socialise with friends be it for lunch, dinner, shopping etc..I feel that i dont have the luxury of time for my friends anymore.And i miss hanging out..
After getting married, weekends for me revolves around being with my husband, since we only get to be with each other from friday to monday. So i pour my time and energy solely for him,be it in melaka or subang.My weekends are about preparing meals, doing his laundry and being his siamese twin/other half which i miss out during the weekdays.I dont have the ample time or energy to go meet up with friends during the weekends anymore. U may ask ask 'how about weekdays?' Well, i'll summarise my weekdays: work, eat, bathe, play with my cat,korean drama,watch movies on my laptop and sleep.I dont do socialising on a weekday.

Not that i'm complaining,dont get me wrong i love being married and all but if i could just make/find time to be with friends and catch up on things.Then that would be awesome.

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