Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ikan keli

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Ikan keli and my family, we go waayy back.

I'm frustrated that my hubby managed to influence me to stop eating the fish.
Growing up with a dad and grandparents from Negeri Sembilan, masak lemak cili api ikan keli salai with belimbing was one of our favourite dishes.
Just thinking about it now brings back memories of my arwah wan.She used to cook a killer masak lemak cili api.Literally killing-upsetting our tummy because it was so spicy and of course delicious.Eat it with a side dish of tempoyak, that made the simple meal so puas hati.A meal that leaves u sweating and drinking loads of water.

Through out the 8 years i've been with my husband before we got married.He would give me the occasional look whenever i put ikan keli on my plate when we go out for nasi campur.Slowly it got to me.Slowly i've opted for some other fish if ever there was ikan keli as one of the variety of dishes available at a shop.

Fast forward to 2011.I have stopped enjoying ikan keli entirely.
I blame my husband for it.Just because he doesnt fancy the fish, he had to influence me too.No fair.
I'm not being true to my origins.HEHEH.



Sayangnya, restoran-restoran Malaysia di Surabaya tidak menyediakan menu ikan keli.... hik hiks....

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