Friday, December 24, 2010

Bonjour Paris

Its almost 9pm in paris and I'm ready for bed.It snowed the whole day today and it was freakin cold..we went to the eiffle tower and me,mom and my cousin was suffering from the cold that we spent like less than half an hour there. We obviously didn't go up the tower. We were just too cold. I couldn't feel my fingers as it was numb by the cold.I've seen snow before but I have never experienced snow actually showering. On the 1st day we got to paris we managed to visit the Louvre museum where the monalisa was, the champ elysees,and the arc de triomph.on the 1st day here in paris, the cold was unbearable, but today was just excruciating. The weather forecast shows that tomorrow will bring more snow showers and the temperature will drop to -6 degrees celcius. I dnt knw how we are going to manage tomorrow's condition. I would have to add more layers to my clothing to keep me in paris was'nt that fun as we had to squeeze a only a few hours for shopping besides visiting all the must see places. Tomorrow we are leaving for London by eurostar. I'll blog more about my exhausting journey from KLia to london and to paris in more than 24 hours. I'm currently still jet lagged and I'm struggling to cope with the weather and the exhaustion.I can't wait to get to London n go shopping.

Monday, December 13, 2010


I went back to Melaka last friday.
Got back to subang short monthly trip balik rumah husband.

Before we got married, since we're not living together just yet,the agreement was to spend alternate weekends at each others house.For the 1 st month , i would say that i went back to melaka every fortnight without fail.But i've been going back less and less now that we're into our 5th month of marriage.Its more of when i dont have any plans then i'll go back to melaka.Hubby has been kind enough to let me off easily whenever i'd say i have so and so plans for the weekend.he'd be the one who comes back to subang for like 3 weekends in a row, then i'd feel bad and tell him i'll go back to melaka the following weekend, and he'd be so surprised and think that i'm such an angel.

crossing my fingers so that maybe next year we would get to live together.and may my hubby gets more jobs in and around klang valley so that we'd be able to live together.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Je veux apprendre le francais

Je suis marie', j'aime mon mari-"i'm married, i love my husband"

I've been trying to learn abit of french just for the fun of it.
I've always think that the french language is sexy, but i've never been to any french classes.

My dear friend Asma used to take up french classes in uni and i remember her teaching us .Till today i remember what smelly is - puant/puante. My 2 brothers also used to study french language in high school.I can say that they would understand a simple french conversation if they heard one.

i only know the basics like Bonjour ma cherie- hello my darling,mon nom est Diyana-my name is Diyana, oui-yes, pas-no , je suis-i am.

I would really love to go for classes if i had a friend to go with me.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On Gifts

Have been looking around for a messenger /reporter bag for my darling's birthday present.
Saw one at Hugo Boss's website that i like and its within my budget.I'm hoping that i'd get it for a cheaper price at Bicester Village.
There was also a nice LV clutch men's bag, but that one is out of my budget.
I really am torn between getting him a messenger/reporter bag or a men's clutch, since he's been eyeing on both type of bags whenever we come across it.

I want to get him something he likes .and i'm taking a gamble at buying him his present without him actually choosing/knowing it.But i want to surprise him this year.I want him to feel appreciated and see that i made the effort.
I could get him that LV clutch, but that would mean less spending money on items for myself in london..should i sacrifice? we'll see.That is if i've shopped for my part and there's enough money for the clutch, then i'd definitely get it = selfish wife.

For the doorgifts i really hope there's like super cheap items on sale at Marks n spencer.i'm only giving out doorgifts to the ladies..I remember my aunt getting me powders for like 50p..that would be great but there's another issue like overweight baggage if i were to take home 30-40 powders..bad idea? scrap the doorgifts all together? no?Depends on my budget la.

If only i had a bigger budget for his birthday...

Friday, November 26, 2010


Bukan nak cerita pasal hal tempat tido.
Saja nak cerita about my husband mengigau.

last night:Went to bed angry and merajuk with boy because of something.

Around 2am -ish
Boy: hiewhriuwherbksjdfiu (mumbling)

I terjaga because of his mengigau/mumbling

i: Ha, jgn nak mengigau pulak mlm ni eh.(in an angry tone sebab still in merajuk mode)

Boy terus terjaga .and i guess when dia sedar dia mengigau, he giggled

i on the other hand nak gelak sgt, but have to control sbb tgh merajuk kan..

Adoi, funny sgt la last night..i seriously could not make out what he was mumbling.
Bila dah ok today, i brought up the mengigau part and both of us broke into laughter.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Take all my sorrows away

Sometimes the nights are hard to go through,
When i dont get to see my husband everyday.

But i'm coping and praying that it wont be too long till we finally settle in together, wherever that might be.

What i know is that the toughest time is usually after maghrib.
U know when u've showered and pray, and its time for u to relax..
Thats the time i'd feel so lonely.
I used to watch the news at 8pm before just going to bed early..
Now i've lost interest in the news.Would get my daily dose of news with reading the newspaper at work.

What i enjoy doing nowadays when boy is not around is to have my early dinner-this one is actually not something new,my family and I have very early dinners,as early as 6pm.But what makes my night different than before is after showering and praying,i'll start downloading my favourite tv /reality tv shows on the internet, thanks to unifi..omg currently i'm addicted to Keeping up with the Kardashians and grey's anatomy..I would watch the shows back to back until 10pm and go straight to bed.I sometimes have to force myself to shut down the shows as it has passed my bedtime.

I've watched almost half the movies playing in the cinemas currently on my laptop all thanks to my lonely nights without my husband.I'd download songs, and trim it with Real Player and turn it into my ringtone..Oh i'm enjoying it so much.
Like today, i cant wait to go back and download the song 'Perfect Nightmare" by Shontelle..

All of this new found obsession with reality/tv series helps take my sorrows away.

Nevertheless, nothing beats having a husband beside you when you go to sleep at night.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dont worry..It'll pass....

i cant remember who i was talking to..

Getting my make over

How cute is Sue Cantik!!!always making funny faces that makes us laugh hysterically

I loved my veil!

Yeah i get it, 'same old, same old'
BUT... i cant help it...still have the post wedding blues.
Pictures above are from a friends camera.
How i wish i could go through/experience my wedding day again and again until i get sick of it..

The whole reason i started this blog was more towards sharing my preparations towards 16th July 2010..My whole world revolved around it.I'm 100 percent sure that even Boy was sick and tired of listening to me plan out the wedding.I felt an indescribable joy whenever i get to attend a wedding .Even when it comes down to choosing our wedding songs, i swear i went through the few songs over and over again,listening to every lyric, envisioning me and boy walking down the aisle towards the dais..making sure if the melody was suitable and emotional enough to make it the right song...Exhausting my options in every detail...Ahhhh those were the days..

And now 4 months into our marriage, i still read other bride to be's blogs, i still get excited when Nona comes on with the wedding segment, i still wish i could fix here and there from the day itself, but most of all i still wish i could relive those days because it was the best few days of my life..and thats why i still have the post wedding blues..
It'll pass...when? maybe when i get pregnant..then its definitely time to roll out the next obsession with mini me's of ours.
Praying for next year to be as great as this year.Amin

Monday, November 15, 2010

A place to build memories of our own

Next year, I plan not to go on any overseas vacation.(excluding Singapore,Indonesia and Thailand).

I have to help save money in order to afford to buy a house.
The prices for properties are soaring . currently we are searching for our dream home and we are finding it very hard to get a house in the right location with the price that we can afford.We need the house not to be really deep into the heart of KL as we foresee that there would be a constant need to travel back and forth between Melaka/subang and wherever our new house would be.

At the end of next month i'll be going to Paris and London with my family and this time Boy is not joining us.He has to save money to help fill out my pocket money for this trip.Kesian dia..Its not that he is grumbling about the expenditure he has to provide for my trip, its more of when is it that we will be able to save for our future if we are constantly planning for a getaway, be it near or far.For our honeymoon alone we spent more than 10K and that amount could have helped us in contributing for the down payment we are planning to put in for our first house..
The housing loans are such a rip off!!!never realised that u'll end up paying almost 3 folds the amount u actually borrowed.but what is there to complain, u need a loan, so u've got to bear its shitty interests or whatsoever.if not, dont need to buy a house la!..

A house is what i really want for now..A house of our own..Not my parents house, not his mom's..A house i can start making memories with my loving husband..Or maybe we should just rent until we can afford to buy..Not keen on paying almost the same amount that's needed to pay for a housing loan installment, and knowing that the house is not ours makes it soooo not worth it.

Spending 4-5k for a holiday when u are in need of a house for you and your partner, makes the cost for it so not worth it, especially when u dont have your own house to come back to after the trip ..When all the houses these days are like way past 400k.With all the expense we have to take into account with fuel n tolls to pay between Melaka and Subang..With boy having to support his family in Melaka, with all the household expenses etc..

I didnt marry some kind of rich bloke or someone who comes from a wealthy family, but i definitely married someone that's hardworking,loving,kind hearted and a goal achiever.I'm proud that my husband has been able to provide for for his aging mom fully and also provide for his other family members at his age.He is the youngest sibling but he takes care of everything like he is the eldest son..He bears huge responsibilities in the welfare of his family in Melaka.There's no such thing as his money being his alone.I realise that i sometimes sulk when he spends too much money on his family, and that it's hard for us to start saving for our own future like owning our own house but I have to remind myself that great things will come for a kind hearted responsible man like him.So even though we wont be able to afford to buy a house in the next 1-2 years, but i definitely know our time will come because i have a husband that never fails to provide me the best things in life.

Whats most important is to always remember to be grateful and contented in life as we never know whats install for us in the future.But its never wrong to dream.So i'll keep on dreaming for our house till it becomes our reality.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Short trip to Kuantan

I'm on my way to Kuantan! Excited for this short getaway with hubby.

This is our first getaway after the wedding.
Looking forward to go swimming and just enjoying my time with Boy.

No distractions.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Good morning

Good morning!! Wake up and smell the coffee!

I woke up at 5.45am to watch Grey's on my laptop. I should be sleeping in till 8am.its a public holiday!

Enjoy your 3 day weekend people!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Surprise me

Last night, while i was concentrating on watching Grey's anatomy on my laptop,out of the blue, boy mms'ed me a picture. it was a picture of a watch .The watch was beside its box and was placed on his bed.(I so know his bed sheet, that's why i know it was on his bed)
It was very much similar to the pic above except that it was white and not pink.


Apparently , my hubby knows how to surprise his wife with unexpected gifts.He almost never surprises me when it comes to buying stuff.Its always 'me asking for something, then we go buy it together' sort of thing.

I'm now very excited to wait for my hubby to come back to Subang tonight, to receive my 'surprise' gift AND of course to see him.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cooking with love

I plan to sharpen my cooking skills.

Last week when boy was around, i was so proud of myself because i cooked almost everyday.

I even tried roasting tandoori chicken.Boy came back from work when the chicken was roasting in the oven and he could not believe that i made it.he was saying that i must have bought it at the mamak shop and chucked it in the oven.How could he!?!

On the first day that my parents left, Boy and I went to Mydin and got a whole weeks supply of groceries.The next day, boy made chilli crab, shrimp fried rice and toasted buns to dip into the chilli crab gravy.

Since Boy studied culinary arts in college, u bet he sure knows a lot about cooking.
And because of this he turned into quite of a bossy chef.I remembered this day very clearly, i had to peel, chop, clean all the ingredients needed-basically did all the messy stuff, Boy on the other hand did JUST the cooking. Seriously very bossy.constantly giving me instructions to do this and that.hehehe..but nonetheless the result of his cooking was absolutely superb.
Even thinking about the crabs now, makes my mouth water.MUST GET HIM TO COOK AGAIN.

Anyway, the following days after, i took charge of the kitchen.Because i didnt check what we already had in the fridge before splurging at Mydin with boy, we ended up with an excessive amount of vege's that is.
So everyday, i made mixed vege. EVERYDAY.we had mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, cabbage,and at least 2-3 more types of veges -which i cant recall now, all in the same dish everyday. we wouldnt want the vege's to go to waste dont we?hahaha..
Of course i had other main dishes to go with my darling vege's..

Not once did boy complain about my mixed vege's.HEHEHE.everyday he would have second helpings of rice.I noticed that,He wouldnt have lunch or dinner while his out for work, just so that he could come back and eat my cooking..Ahhh that was so satisfying.Being able to prepare food and just look after your husbands well being.

Ayam sambal, again mixed vege!, steamed tofu

I love cooking.for now that is.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Reviving my blog

Oh my its been almost a month since i last blogged.

I've realised that after i got married, i dont really have the time for myself furthermore putting in a few minutes to blog about everyday stuff.

Anyway, today i promised myself that i would find time to blog.And here I am, trying to recap bits and pieces from the month of October.

October has been a mixed of high's and low's for me.Firstly, my brother left and that took a bit of time adjusting.i got myself a hell of a scare and was traumatised with the bus accident at the NKVE highway because i unfortunately got stuck in the massive traffic jam and passed through the horrifying accident scene.After that, I was paranoid everytime i had to drive on the highway and whenever boy drove back and forth between Subang and Melaka..I had nightmares of the decapitated bodies for almost a week! It fortunately subsided and i started to forget.

Enough about the accident, i want to talk about how i enjoyed every moment of last week.
From the 23rd of October until yesterday, my dear parents went for their India trip.
Since my parents were away, boy spent the whole week accompanying his wife.
It was a dream came true when i finally got to cook, did the laundry and just having him with me every night when i go to sleep and waking up beside him.In the span of 5 days, he went to and fro from Subang and Melaka twice to settle some work and return to me the day itself.
We went grocery shopping, watched movies, watch a whole lot of TV together and did other normal husband and wife activities/routine..I made him watch all the reality tv shows on channel E, which he never watches because in Melaka , channel E is not in his subscription list.Basically fought over the remote.There was once, i had to bring the remote with me into the kitchen because i really wanted to watch Giuliana & Bill, and i knew that he would change the channel if i left the remote with him.Was surprised he actually enjoyed the show.He now proclaims that we're the Malaysian version of Giulianna & Bill hence making us "Giuldiyana & Boy".This is because in the show Giuliana & Bill dont live together during the weekdays because of work commitments.he also finds giulianna very funny.
Oh boy is soo cute for coming up with Giuldiyana & Boy.At the end of last week, i'm proud that my husband knows all the reality tv shows that i love mostand he himself was hooked up on Kimora, the Kardashians and of course Giulianna & Bill.hehehe

My parents came back yesterday morning, and so last night boy said goodbye to his upset wife.Was very sad but he promised that he would be coming back to Subang on tuesday.and my brother was soo kind enough to give us the voucher he won from a lucky draw from his company last week.the voucher is for a 1 night stay in Hyatt Kuantan.We called up Hyatt Kuantan this morning and made a reservation for this Saturday! so i'm now excited to go on that trip with my hubby this weekend because we havent slept at a hotel since our honeymoon.wink wink

Oh and last week, i helped put a stray cat out of its and a collague applied minyak gamat to its ears which was just filled with scabs as a result of a very bad infection from ear mites .its ears was basically all covered with scabs and were so crusty that u feel that u could just break off its ears.I'll blog about the poor cat in my next entry.

Friday, October 8, 2010

My handsome baby brother

My youngest brother left for Exeter England on tuesday morning.

My whole family sent him to the airport and was joined with aunts, uncles and darry's gf and her mom.
After checking his luggage in we had breakfast and that was our last meal together.
When it was finally time for him to leave us, i saw in Darry's gf's eyes-Ezora, how sad she was.Ezora herself would be leaving for Russia in a few days time to study medicine.
They've been together for almost 2 years now, and my family loves her dearly.
From what we've been observing we could tell that her parents are in love with Darry too.(explains why Ezora's mom came along to bid farewell to Darry).I guess they'd be apart for 6 year when Ezora finishes her studies and return to Malaysia.My family and I are secretly praying that they'll manage to hold on together.Amin

That evening i secretly sobbed in my room because i didnt want mom and dad catching me crying, as i didnt want to further upset mom.
I was of course very happy that my baby brother had the opportunity to further his studies abroad, but i was worried on how he would get to Exeter ( he has to take a 3 hour train ride to get there from london)all alone with all his luggage to drag along,in a country he has never set foot before.Upon getting there he has to wait for someone who has promised to show him to his on campus apartment,register himself into his Uni,etc2..All of this adds up to my worry, but my husband always reminds me that he will manage and survive..

Yes,that evening i coaxed boy into coming back to Subang with all my crying over the phone.Usually he'll say he's got work to do and turn me down, but that day he immediately came.He understood I was sad.I am very thankful that i have a husband that understands how much of a cry baby i could be.

Yesterday, i downloaded MSN messenger on my phone and added my brother.Was happy that he was online and we chatted for quite a while.That made me feel better.Knowing he was slowly settling in and that he would start classes.Reminded him of the essential cooking utensils n food he needs to get.

Well, i'm gladddd that mom and I are going to London this we'll get to see my baby brother then.For now,i think knowing that we are going there makes my mom a bit stronger.Wishing dad ,Danial and Boy could come along.maybe next year though..

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Need some alone time

i wanna go for a holiday with boy.
Going back to Bali together again must be nice..
Bandung would be just occupied with shopping activities that its hardly a romantic getaway for the 2 of us..

How about Krabi? we've never been there,but the thing is:i dont really fancy the beach and i dont really like water activities.When we went to Bali 5 years back, i swear we didnt even touch the ocean water..we were just taking pictures BY the beach
It was the same thing when we were in Gold coast..

Need to spend some quality time with boy..its exhausting that we travel back n forth between subang and melaka every alternate weekend.N its always with our families surrounding us..we need to be together alone..

I'm looking forward for tomorrow when my husband comes back safely to my arms..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

enjoy your wedding girls!

A dear friend of mine whom i've known since primary school, just announced she's getting married next year.Am sooo happy even though we've never been that close..

After experiencing all the preparations, the wedding, life after wedding and all, i'm excited that my friend is bound to experience it all too.Till today i still try to re-live those 3 magical days in my head..I truly truly enjoyed all 3 events from my wedding..I tried hard not to become a monster or what they call 'bridezilla', while preparing for it all..I knew what i wanted and i'm grateful that all my ideas and desires were supported from my parents.I must admit that everything i dreamed for,for my wedding was within what we could afford and i made do with whatever was within it..and that is why and this i truly believe, that i thought everything turned out to be better than i expected.

Like my wedding dresses for instance,honest to god i think its the cheapest workmanship in town-bare in mind, of course u cant compare with the top well known designer for wedding dresses.
Not ever having any experience with the designer/tailor, i put my french laces on the line to give her a try for 1/10th of the price for a wedding dress designed by Jovien or any other top designers.
Didnt expect much from her, just constantly laying out what i want or how i want it to be.Finally the dresses turned out just fine or for myself prettier than i expected.

Wedding hall was elegant even for a come n go-buffet event..Again more than i expected..Pelamin was sweet and so worth the additional price.
Loved my make up so much even my dad who -(initially said its a waste of money to hire a make up artist which costs so much,when he thinks i could do my own make up)thinks i was so pretty and he even congratulate my make up artist for making his daughter so pretty to his eyes.

I could go on and on about weddings/ my wedding..i have to let go.probably have the post wedding blues..
Anyway, all i hope for is that for everyone who's going to get married is to always remember to have fun and dont fret the small stuff..
'enjoy your wedding'

Monday, September 27, 2010

Turning 27

I turned 27 yesterday.

As mentioned earlier, We had a kenduri doa selamat for my brother yesterday.we catered food from dtandoor as all the other caterer was fully booked.
Syukur Dtandoor's food was great.we had:
Nasi briyani,white rice, butter chicken, thick curry lamb, mixed vege, garlic naan, and my darling mak teh brought ikan keli masak lemak cili api, and sayur tempoyak..sooo org negeri sembilan's food..!

The night before, at around 11.50pm, boy woke me up only to surprise me with a birthday cake.was very happy with the effort-him asking my lil brother for a favour to go buy the cake and all..since it was just the 2 of us, i said y not just keep the cake for the kenduri yesterday.

It was nice to have both sides of the family ( mom's side and dad's side) to come gather for the kenduri since all of them have yet to come beraya at my house.
Boy was so attentive, making sure everyone was eating,had drinks, entertaining etc..but most of all is how he took charge of cleaning up after the kenduri..impressive..
Merasa la semua org ckp dia menantu baik.!!

Later in the evening, we met up with friends at empire for a bit.then went to pyramid,and finally got home at about 8.30pm..exhausted from the busy day,after bathing and preparing dinner for boy-actually just heated up left over food from the kenduri, we went straight to bed..

so that was how i spent my 27th birthday.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christmas trip + lil brother leaving + of course my birthday!

Booked everything to go to this 2 places with mom, aunts and cousins this christmas.
My 1st time to both places..should be very excited, but boy's not coming along.
Thats why i'm not too excited for this trip.

Lil brother insyallah is flying off to Exeter, England in 2 weeks time to further his studies..will be meeting him up when we get there in December..Ni pon dah sedih sgt dia nak pegi..i guess by 3 months from now, my mom surely dah miss him sgt2, so its good timing that we are going there this Christmas.

He wont be back till next summer..he's leaving us..sedihnyaaaaaa..even though he's already 19, i still treat him like my manja little brother.
Insyallah this sunday, will be having a kenduri doa selamat for him at my house.
Still looking for a caterer though..since its raya and all, most caterers are full.
Cooking is not an option for mom.
Oh yes, this sunday is my birthday too..last year on my birthday, i got engaged to last year's and this year's birthday are extra meaningful to me..

1 year ago i was so excited on getting engaged, and today, i'm one happy married woman..
Syukur Ya Allah for everything..even though i may not have everything in life, i am thankful and contented with where i am and with what i have.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Things i did for Raya

I had a great raya.honest to god, this year's raya was sooo best.
Got to spend time with my suami and his family for 5 full days, n then hubby stayed with me from last monday till yesterday..

Day before raya:
Boy came over the night before and spent the night.we woke up early and went back to boy's house in melaka..Got there at about noon..did nothing much as MIL had already done all the cleaning..she was mostly busy preparing the stuff to cook rendang for raya the next day..In the evening i got a call from mom, she was sobbing and muttering: "first time petang raya ni,anak perempuan mama takde"..that did it..i immediately cried..Sedih nya..but i didnt want boy to know i was sad.i want him to be happy..n i know it means a lot that i was celebrating raya at his house..
That night, MIL and i went to pick up ketupat and other hari raya goodies as boy as always has things to do that doesnt involves me. :(
When we got home, boy's nephews came over for takbir...and i think we got to bed at about 1am.

Hari raya:

I woke up at about 8am..showered and got dressed.waited for everyone to come back from sembahyang raya, and went to visit boy's arwah father's rained that morning..we had to bring umbrealla's to the pusara.When we got back to boy's house, we waited for boy's eldest sister and her whole family to start the salam bermaafan..
Since boy is the youngest and his eldest sister is older than my mom, i automatically have lots of nieces and nephews..some are them are 40 me and boy sat down and all the anak sedara came to salam us.
After that we ate ketupat, rendang and all the usual hari raya food.
At about 12pm, me and boy left melaka to go visit my grandparents in tampin..i didnt get to meet my family at my kampung as they just left for the hotel to change and all.After having lunch with my grandparents, mom called and said to get ready to head to segamat to my mom's brothers house-pak kob.they too were heading to segamat,and so we drove and got to segamat at about 5pm..There was when i got to see my parents and my brother.My aunts,uncles and relatives arrived shortly after we got there.
Me and boy stayed there till about 7pm, and then we went back to melaka.

2nd day of raya:
Managed to go visiting .4 houses all together.we finished the 2nd day of raya with boy's niece's birthday celebration at his sister's place.

3rd day of raya:
My parents and brother came to boy's house from tampin to beraya..Boy cooked mee hailam..rajin my suami.besides that, stayed in the whole day.

4th day of raya:
Balik subang!

Boy stayed with me in subang until yesterday.heaven nya..managed to hold a small open house for close friends of ours,and my brothers.
I'm surprised that boy wasnt complaining with all the open houses and raya visiting, as he loves to stay in..I guess he wants me to be extra happy this raya..hopefully it'll be the same for next year's raya.

Oh we managed to get earrings for me, as i wanted to use my duit mas kahwin for jewellery.we've been looking for my earrings since before raya..but before this banyak yg i tak berkenan..yelah,with rm300 mana nak dapat if u want rose gold earrings with SMALL diamonds .last2 we got the earrings i've been wanting before we got married that has all the criteria except the 300 price tag..dulu boy nak beli kan, but i didnt let him..that time belum kawin, byk lagi benda lain nak pakai duit last sunday, we thought of trying our luck to see whether the shop still has it..dah mmg my was still there. boy just had to add on to my duit mas kawin to get those earrings.
Very happy that i've used my duit hantaran for something that i've been wanting even before we got married.

What should i ask for from my husband for my birthday..
Tak dapat apa apa pon takpe! kesian dia..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hari Raya this year

Its been so long since i last blogged.
Dont seem to know what to write.

Raya is 2 days away..will be driving back to melaka tomorrow night.
celebrating raya with my husband..there wasnt any fights on where we would raya this year as melaka and my dad's kampung in tampin is like 20 minutes away.
So after raya prayers, we would go to Datuk Ali Rustam's open house and shoot off to tampin to meet my family ..My family are going to drive back to tampin after raya prayers,before that stopping over at my uncle's place in seremban before adjourning to tampin.
Every year ,my mom's family would gather in seremban after raya prayers, and after spending a few hours there my family would head to tampin to be with my dad's family, since tampin is the only kampung we have left..we would usually spend 1 or 2 nights in tampin..the number of nights spent in tampin would be debated between mom and dad.

This year , raya would be different..Apart from me being married and raya'ing with my in laws, my brother Danial would be working..he has to be on duty this raya since he handles operation and the oil rig needs him to make he is not going back to tampin for raya..

Husband and i are planning to spend 3-4 hours in tampin and then go back to melaka .we would probably go back to subang on the 3rd day of raya..

Last weekend i went back to melaka..picked up my baju raya from my mother in laws tailor..the tailoring was not bad i must say..veryy cheap..boy also picked up his matching coloured baju melayu..

owh i'm looking forward to celebrate raya.
New clothes,lots of food, new family, and most of all, having a husband to celebrate raya with..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Berbuka with anak2 yatim

2 saturday's ago -the 1st saturday in ramadhan, we had berbuka puasa at my cousins (kak ana's)restaurant in Istana Budaya.
Dad invited 150 anak yatim for the buka puasa. actually dad wanted to invite the anak2 yatim to my wedding reception ,but because we were worried we could not attend to them , therefore we planned for a buka puasa event.

My mom and aunts from around subang jaya and taman tun managed to successfully collect almost 24k and distributed it to a few orphanage homes around the klang valley this year.
So after berbuka puasa and solat terawih, we gave away duit raya and hampers for the anak2 yatim we celebrated that day..The kids were so excited and happy.

Heartbreaking to see some of the kids were as young as 3 year olds..still in need of attention and all..ada one boy, mintak i ambik kan nasi dgn kuah je for berbuka.

Towards the end, my cousin allowed the anak2 yatim to pack the food to go..Some of them dapat bungkus air pon very happy already.
Glad at least they dapat merasa berbuka kat luar, dapat duit raya, and some snacks to bring back.

Friday, August 13, 2010

i miss my husband

I miss my husband all the time..
It makes me sad that i'm not there to prepare his meals for berbuka puasa, take care of his clothes and do everything that a wife does for her husband.

As u all know, i get to be with my husband only during the weekends and occasionally in the middle of the week if he has work to do in kl or if he misses me too much..
Before we got married, i thought it would be the same thing and i wouldnt be too affected by being apart as we've been in this kind of relationship for so long..

Now i understand the feeling of other weekend wives..i used to read their blogs..about how upset they got.about how they felt so unhappy and the only thing they look forward is for the i understand..

After i got married, what i realised was..actually i loved him in a different's a different kind of love..and being married for not yet a month, it break my hearts every time he has to go back to melaka..but i have to let him go..both of us have our responsibilities.we want a better future so we have to sacrifice a bit now..

When the time is right, the financial is great, he'll move his business to kl.and we'll be together..for the time being, i have to put on a smile and suck it up..

i miss my husband all the time..i'm hoping he misses me as much too.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Our honeymoon

The Akad Nikah

My reception at Dewan Merak Kayangan

My Majlis Bertandang

Just pictures from all 3 events plus and our honeymoon. cant wait to get photos from the wedding photographer

Friday, August 6, 2010

My honeymoon

I'm back from my honeymoon..
Fun filled activities everyday for 7 days.
It's winter in Australia, and the nights tend to be cold, but since we went to Gold Coast the lowest temperature i guess was only about 16 degrees..the days are a bit warmer with sunshine but with cold winds.Hence walking around Surfers Paradise was great.No sweat at all..I bet i could walk 1 km without breaking a sweat.

We managed to go to all the places we planned.We went to Movieworld, Seaworld,we went whale watching(my dream came true),the wildlife park(saw kangaroos and koalas), shopping at harbour town(a must go for factory outlet shopping place)..
Food wise was easy there..there were alot of halal shops there..Quite a few malaysian restaurants,, kebab stalls and stuff, Halal Indian restaurants..We ate like we were in Malaysia..spent a fortune on food..Boy memang dari segi food memang takde nak saving2..

We travelled around by bus..the buses are so reliable and on time..But it could be quite pricey for a bus ride if you convert it to ringgit...Like 20 dollars for a return trip to movie world.Spend like almost 150 dollars on bus rides.
It starts to get dark at aroun it feels like the nights are longer there..
There was one night that boy went to bed at 8pm..and woke up at 2am..

We had a blast shopping there..There was one day in Harbourtown's Polo Ralph Lauren store, every item was on a 50% discount..memang best sgt..the 2nd time we went there dah takde sale..luckily we bought the clothes we wanted the 1st time we went..At ValleyGirl's stores,ladies clothes were like 10 dollars and all..! Went crazy.but the only thing holding me back was that i have to keep in mind of the excess weight for luggage since we were flying with Air Asia..

Whale watching was spectacular..we were lucky to see quite a few sangat.they're huge!!there were even dolphins following our cruise ship..bestnya..Actually,whale watching was the last thing to do in our list..because its quite expensive..tapi boy insists that we go, sebab he knew it really meant alot to me..Furthermore, the whale wathcing season is only in winter..then the whales migrate and pass through the coast on their way back up north to the antartic.i love my husband for making my dream come true.

On the other hand, i could do without going to Movie world since i've always been afraid of going on rollercoasters.Boy tricked me on going on one of the rides..he said it was the least scariest.Happened to be that i didnt get the full view of the ride before i got on it..Lethal weapon 2 and so its called..I got on it..i was bloody quiet for the whole 1 minute i was on it..praying inside..cursing boy inside my heart...IT HAPPENED TO BE THE SCARIEST RIDE IN MOVIEWORLD..IT HAD 2 OR 3 LOOPS!!.
Never in my life that i thought i would go on a roller coaster that had loops.!!!
But now, i'm thanking boy for making me do it..but i'll never do it again!\

All in all, we had an exciting honeymoon/trip..spent quality time exploring the Gold Coast with my husband.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Back in Subang

Syukur Alhamdulillah..
All 3 wedding events-nikah, my reception, boy's reception went well..
All 3 of it was wonderful and lovely in its own way.

Am now back in subang jaya with my husband.after spending almost a week in Melaka.

Preparing and packing for our honeymoon trip tomorrow night.
Will be spending 1 whole week with Mr husband in Gold Coast, Australia.
No distractions, no phone calls, just the 2 of us..

Am still tired from the whole wedding fiesta and all..But it was soo much fun..getting dressed up, make up and all...being the center of attention for that 3 days..Loved being a pengantin..Am a bit sad that after all these months, the hardwork, preparations..its finally over..:(

Very happy..very very happy.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Montage by Pretty Peektures

Love love love -

Watch my akad nikah montage..done by Min from Pretty Peektures..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am so thankful that the one thing i wanted most from my wedding was for me to enjoy it..and i did..i was so happy..i was not stressed..everything was beautiful to my eyes..that is what matters the my eyes both my pelamin nikah at home and pelamin bersanding at the hall was prettier than i nikah and reception baju was theme color stood out, even after lots of make up, masyallah...i loved it..sue cantik did a really good job..i myself never imagined that i could look as nice as my wedding day..

The akad nikah went smoothly.Boy managed to become my husband with sekali lafaz..syukur..syukur...

I'm prepping for my melaka reception this saturday..praying everything goes smoothly again..then we are going off for our honeymoon.
So far, i'm still adjusting to married life.tend to forget that i'm supposed to care for my husband also seems more loving since we got married..Everyone's treating us well..

Sunday, July 18, 2010

16th July 2010

it was more than i was magical

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm married

I'm married to Boy! akad nikah was more than perfect..Loved everything.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

getting married tomorrow!!

4 minutes to 16th july 2010..

I'm getting married to my boyfriend of 8 years!!!
Ya Allah...happy and tired!..hehehe

syukur...everythingis good.
the pelamin, the hantarans, the khemah, the bilik pengantin..everything is cantik to my eyes..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today, i was at the spa for 4 hours..
They started me off with a full body massage, steam bath, lulur,mask ,and mandi bunga.
felt so relaxed..dozed off 3-4 times in that 4 hours..made me feel soo good..
Me and mom put on the new bedsheets and covers for the bilik pengantin today..just waiting for my aunt to add on fresh flowers for decorations tomorrow or probably friday itself.the room is actually very simple..i want it to be simple..

My maid of honor was here to help out just now, later we went up to my room and started to burn wedding songs into a cd to bring to the reception...and all the while she was like-'u soo dah nak kawin!'
Yes darling..Insyallah in 2 more days, i'll be married to the leading man of my life.

Nervous? yes.
Just worried that i'll forget to bring things to the hall..
Tomorrow org pelamin, baju, khemah, and my hantarans will be arriving.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 days away from 16th July 2010

As i've mentioned in my entry yesterday, that today is going to be slow..nothing much to do..besides the paper bag ribbons..

Am so excited..after months of waiting and preparing ..its almost here..
Everything that has been done, every item chose, has been handled with detail and love from me and mom..hopefully the guests finds it acceptable if not within their standards..everything was planned according to our modest budget..

whenever i go to weddings, and see their extravagant reception, i do feel envy in the pit of my stomach but nevertheless it never dampens my main true goal,which is to have a simple/lovely to my eyes, most important of it all is that for me to enjoy it..My parents has been spending money for this reception of mine, so i better enjoy every single bit of it..

I truly hope in the next 2 days, when things are going crazy at home..i wouldnt snap or hurt anyones feelings along the way.I cant thank my mom enough for her hard work, my dad for the wedding budget-hehe, my brothers who has been taking time off once in a while from their busy life..and of course my furry buah hati sayang mommy..who has always been there for me..always loyal to me.always treating me like i'm her everything..

Monday, July 12, 2010

3 days

3 days left!

oh so excited..not yet nervous..
thursday is going to be hectic and fun.
Pelamin people are coming to install it, wedding dresses, inai session..

tomorrow, would still be slow..nothing much besides tying ribbons for the nikah door gifts paper bags-thanks to mom, who decided last minute to add on the extra work of tying ribbons and gluing it on the paper bags.

On wednesday my hantaran would be delivered by my aunt and she would also do abit of decorating at the staircase and the bilik pengantin.and i would have to spend about 3 hours at the spa.

cant wait for my baju to be delivered..lets hope everything else turns out well and fall into place as planned months and months before this.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

5 days to go

Syukur sgt..

Just now had the final fitting for my wedding dresses..

It doesnt matter what others think of my dresses, as long as me and mom thinks its cantik!..

Again..Syukur Alhamdulillah that everything is falling into place.

Last week i managed to check off a few things from the to do list:

1- find someone to do my inai
2- get the rings
3- colour hair
4- fittings
5- buy bubble guns

Whats left for me to do this week before friday is to go to the spa, burn wedding songs into a cd and ???

cant seem to recall

Friday, July 9, 2010

Final Friday

I'm in love with boy.The man insyallah i'm marrying next friday.
We were Skyping about 10 minutes ago, and i just felt the butterflies all over again.

Maybe i was too wrapped up with the idea of getting married and all the preparations before this, that i forgot to stop and look at him and talk to him.Forgot to give him attention.Forgot to ask how things were over there for him.
I certainly know i love him and may Allah bless us with a blissful marriage till death do us part

Today is the final friday that i shall Insyallah be Miss Diyana...
Thinking about it made me cry a bit before work while talking to boy this morning..

So much to be done this weekend..
Lets take it one step at a time Diyana..

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Hen's Tea Party

Last saturday my dear friends had a tea party for me.
It was lovely.i loved it so much.decorations were gorgeous..
At the end they presented me with a voucher for a spa pampering session at Tana Mera..How much sweeter can they get..I love all of them..Grown up with them.
Thank you so much darlings!

Friday, July 2, 2010

14 days

-1300 more doorgifts to stick on the stickers and stuff in the kain, and pack back into boxes for my cousin to take over and out in the boiled eggs..

-yet to find person to do my inai
-havent bought the bubble machines
-havent pick up our rings
-fitting for wedding dresses
-color hair
-buy sexy time outfit (hahaha)
-burn wedding songs into cd
-havent confirm with merak kayangan on number of pax
-havent confirm with caterer on menu for nikah
-havent bought paper bags for nikah- this is last minute because my aunty yg baik hati nak bagi telur pindang, so addition to our nikah doorgift. therefore, must get paper bags so that it'll be easier for the guests to hold.

What else ye..cant recall at the moment..but there's definitely more

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July is finally here- 15 days

Omg.. I'm getting married this month.15 days away to be exact.
Nervous.. actually what is it again that i'm nervous of..
I'm not the one who has to do the lafaz akad.
I think what makes me nervous is that this time all eyes would be on me..

My good friend is getting married tomorrow..2 weeks ahead of me..
Wont be able to attend her akad tomorrow night, but will be attending her reception on saturday..6 years together.Alhamdulillah,that everything turned out well.

I'm happy. the happiest i've been in 3 years.Syukur.Syukur sangat for everything.
I'm about to marry my buah hati.the one who taught me about life and every bits and pieces that comes with it.The man who watch me grew, helped me up when i was down.
.I know he truely loves me. I can feel it.

I love him

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

16 days

When i just got engaged, i was counting the days to my wedding like every single day.
Got excited on anything that has to do with weddings.Pestered boy to prepare for his reception, like constantly..Got hurt when he didnt seem to be interested in the preparations, when he seems more interested in work more than the wedding.

Today, i'm 16 days away from the day i've been thinking non stop for the past 8 months.And i'm thinking why is it approaching so quickly, where else, 4-5 months ago,i was dying for it to come fast.

Lately, what seems to be so important 4-5 months ago, really doesnt seem to even matter.Wedding dress, wedding dais, photographer, wedding cards and a million other things has been attended to with love and hope that it would be the best to my eyes, if not to others..For now, i just want to relax and hopefully be calm enough to face the upcoming stressful days ahead.

Lets just hope everything turns out nicely.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

17 days

2 more rolls of kain..
managed to cut 1 whole role last night.
my 2 brothers helped stick the stickers on the doorgifts, and mom stuffed the kain into it and packed it back into the boxes.

The plan is to finish sticking the stickers and stuffing the materials for all 1500 pieces and then send them off to my cousin-(who is sponsoring the telur, and who will also rebus the telur) for them to put in the telur 1 day before my reception.
They (my cousin and her husband) offered to help do the egg boiling and inserting because they have enough man power at their cafe in istana budaya-which is also very nearby to Merak Kayangan.They will also send it off to the hall the morning of my reception..

They are offering to do this because they are worried if they were to boil the eggs on wednesday, inserting the telur at my house by relatives on thursday, then it'll be busuk by the time we give it to the guests on saturday.They dont want to take the risk.

I'm very thankful that they've offered to help, as this saves the trouble of storing the doorgifts at home during the nikah and transporting it to the hall.

The down side of it is that i myself and my family have to do all the sticking n stuffing on our own..Initially, my relatives were supposed to come help us do all of this one day before my nikah.:(

preparing for a wedding is so not easy

Monday, June 28, 2010

18 days

18 hari lagi.

1) visa for honeymoon
2) go get the rings
3) baju fitting
4) tampal sticker, sumbat kain in doorgifts
5) buy bubble guns
6) buy heels for boy's reception
7) find someone to do my inai
8) book hotel for after my reception
9) color hair, mandi spa, facial
10) beli batang for bunga manggar
11) give information to MC

ok i'm nervous.

Friday, June 25, 2010

3 weeks

3 weeks...

3 more rolls of kain to has been 3 more for the last 2 weeks..malas sgt.
so not in the mood to do any ordered thank u stickers with my name and boy's on it.nak kena tampal on each doorgift=1500.. i told mom, lets wait for the day before my nikah, bila org dtg tlg nak isi the kain n the telur, mintak tlg tampal skali sticker..hahahha.. yes, i am sooo not in the mood...

i've assigned my 2 brothers to plan on where to put all the furnitures from downstairs during the nikah..i dont care where they put it, as long as my dad doesnt have to worry about it..i need my dad to be dad has the reputation of senang panic and marah bila things kelam kabut..

honestly i know my dad is the person most affected with me getting married..have always been close to mom..tapi my dad macam so sedih i nak kawin..kejap2 kang, bila tgh sit together while watching tv, he'll say...'we have only 3 weekends with u left, nanti u sure takde rumah bila weekend'.. mau i tak mom relax skit about the whole thing...dia happy gila baju dia buat turns out cantik..she was parading herself in her baju in front of us..

malas ok.malas nak buat anything..kalau my baju tak cantik pun , i tak kisah whatever...seriously whatever.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Finally, we bought flight tickets for our honeymoon.
We are so excited that we are going to the planned honeymoon destination..

We are going for 7 nights , 2 nights longer than the initial plan.
First vacation as husband and wife..Selama ni pegi holiday as bf and gf..
Now i have another thing to look forward to besides our wedding..
I usually plan out everything for our vacation..Boy tinggal bayar and bawak badan je..i sometimes wish he was a bit more helpful in planning all of this.

Have to keep in mind this trip is not for shopping..only for sightseeing and other less cash spending activities.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cold feet..

I woke up this morning feeling so in love..
I guess it doesnt matter how my wedding the end of the day, i'm getting married to my boyfriend of 8 years.the one who knows me best..the person i share my innermost thoughts and secrets..

Ya Allah please help me through this difficult phase of engagement and may we become 1 on the 16th of july...
And may my future husband love me for who ever i'll become in the future, may he cares for me the way he has cared this past 8 years, better still if he cares even more for me in the years to come.I pray that he'll always be fair to me, and most importantly towards my family..

It bring tears to me whenever i think of the amount of time left i have of being my parents daughter..and how fast approaching is the time i'll turn into someone's wife..with the responsibilities i have towards my husband and his family...I pray that we would never hurt either sides of our family...

I need time to comprehend that i need to be more independent.i need to switch roles..I have to be the one caring for my family, his family and most importantly for my i ready? i dont know..but insyallah i'll try my best..

Boy was looking at me the other day and said, " ala sayang, u dah ready nak jadi wife ke?, u ni baby lagi tau tak"

with lots of prayers..Insyallah.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pelamin angan ku , x disangka dapat juga!. wth?!!

yesterday i went to Merak Kayangan.

Went with mom and a cousin..
We started with finalising our menu then carried on with choosing the pelamin for the reception.Nak tambah teh tarik kena additional rm2.huhu..they dont include hot drinks in their set.chose color for our chair ribbons.since they dnt have pink, i went with silver..

When the pelamin guy arrived, he brought 2 photo albums of all the pelamins with him..
One album was the one with pictures of the pelamins that are complimentary from Merak Kayangan..The other one is the one that u have to pay for it.

OMG..No offence, pelamin yang dapat free kan, what d0 u expect kan..lagipun, semua my cousins pernah kahwin kat either dewan felda or merak kayangan..pelamin semua cousins pun macam sikit lebih kurang je..what differs it is the color of the kain2 for the backdrop je..

Mom was also a bit tak semangat nak pilih pelamin yg free pelamin tu pon macam nak cepat je..dalam masa mom was going through the 'Pelamin free album', i browsed through the album yang pelamin kena bayar..mmg la lagi lawa.n ada yang kerusi putih besar n tinggi yg i've always also has always liked it..

Last2 mom said oklah, we take pelamin yang kerusi putih besar tinggi tu.!!
YEay..tapi kena split with mom la bayar duit pelamin.
lepas ckp je nak pilih pelamin yg kena bayar tu, baru la org tu semangat nak layan. dia cakap dia akan buat cantik2.kurang asam..

actually, mmg i dont want to spend money langsung kat pelamin.. initially i nak redha n just choose je mana2 yg dpt complimentary.tapi agaknya, mmg dah takdir i kena kluar duit jugak.. banyak nya pakai duit nak kawin....

ni belum color rambut, facial, mandi2 apa ntah, nak beli sexy under garments lagi.huhu..cincin lagi..

spend so much money for a 4 hour wasteful but ..
spend money on a once in a lifetime event makes it all worth it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

My rojak entry

Ok my bedroom set arrived on friday..
and its in the guest room downstairs.
So the queen bed from downstairs has been moved into my room upstairs, and my single bed has been moved to my youngest brother's room, and his bed has been thrown away..

I hate my room because of the queen size bed taking up so much space.even my cat seems unsatisfied with the room, now that her bed is far away and is not the same level as my bed.Her bed used to be on top of my unused laundry basket which i stuffed with my teddy bears that when i put my cat's bed it wouldnt fall into the basket.hence making her bed the same height as my bed.I threw away my laundry basket, so her bed is now on the floor..Sian my baby busuk..My Lion Queen.

This week, mom is trying to arrange for our food tasting at merak kayangan.during that time, we would also be able to choose our pelamin, etc2..
I actually just want and all white pelamin, but mom has been saying , it would be unattractive if it was so..we'll see how it goes..

I'm also in the process of filling out the invitation cards-actually a friend has been so kind to write out the invitations because she has nice handwriting.

I'm nervous because there's still quite a lot to do..

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kerabu Mangga

Kerabu Mangga

2 days ago boy came to see me and we were on our way to go to pyramid .
He was saying that he's hungry and already thinking of what to eat when we get there.
Then the kerabu mangga topic came up..All this while i've known that he doesnt really like kerabu mangga..but he does eat it once in awhile.Teringat time we were having dinner at a thai restaurant about a week ago, and i ordered kerabu mangga(forgot that he didnt quite like it)-but he got to order other dishes and i didnt complain!
When the kerabu mangga arrived, i was happily eating and i asked him to try some of it.he politely declined, tapi ada muka merajuk skit at the time..but i buat dunno..Dia tak mkn the kerabu, and i couldnt finish it, so i happily had the remaining kerabu mangga to go.
So that was that.

Back to the conversation i was having with boy in the car on the way to pyramid.
He said.. 'i memang tak suka kerabu mangga'
and i asked him why, he was trying to come out with a right word for his excuse untill i said - ' tak macho ke makan kerabu mangga?'
He said YES!! THATS THE BEST way to explain why he doesnt eat it.

Rupa2nya, to him any food that is sour, is not macho.Thus making kerabu mangga a not macho dish..He even explained to me that he doesnt squeeze any lime to his dishes for instance- mee goreng, mee kari etc2- any dishes that gets the extra umphh if eaten with a bit of squeezed lime, simply because it makes him a not macho guy!

there's no such thing !! mana ada 'tak macho' food.!!

He said its ok to drink sour drinks, but a no no to sour food..

Oh my, 8 tahun baru i come to know about this whole sour dish issue..
So selfish of me..even though its ridiculous, i have to keep that in mind with me for the rest of my life ..

To my boyfriend,

tak payahla nak perasan ur even macho to begin with.hahaha.(just kidding b) so, dont need to restrain urself from enjoying sour dishes ok.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My irritating cat

Pictures above were taken while i was in the midst of cutting the materials for my doorgifts.Everytime without fail, whenever my cat see's me laying out all the boxes and kain ,when i'm about to start working with it, she will come to my working area, and dgn selambanya walk on all my kain and position herself on it.

Like this afternoon, she got comfy in a lid of a box (literally squeezed herself in it) and fell asleep..crushing all my kain underneath her.this happened many times with my mom also..rasa nak gelak pon ada,geram pun ada.its like there's nowhere else for her to sleep..nevertheless she is the queen of my heart..Buat la macam mana pon, i would still love my fat cat..even when she pee's on the roof of her house/sand box.,when she's supposed to pee inside the house where the sand is.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kebenaran Berkahwin


All matters pertaining to the forms for kebenaran berkahwin has been completed.
I went to Jabatan agama islam during lunch time to get my approval thinking that i would have to come again to callect it in a few days, but luckily they said i could get it approved in like 10 minutes.

Now, I just need to pass the documents and forms to my imam/jurunikah, and just wait for my nikah day..

I had my first fitting on saturday...and i hated my baju nikah.
i seriously hate it..but takpela,, dont want to think about it..lantak la.

Friday, May 21, 2010

8 weekends left

Ok, i have 8 weekends left before my big day..

I received my wedding cards last weekend and mom and i have already tied ribbons for 550 cards so far.tomorrow my brother's girlfriends will come over in the morning to help cut the kain..i think there's about 18 more rolls to go..i memang benci gila potong kain gets me i'm hoping the girls would do ok tomorrow..

Tomorrow afternoon, will be going to go see my imam masjid with dad and 2 uncles as my saksi..have to get my forms signed and then submit it to pejabat ugama.
After that, Ema my wedding dress designer is coming to the house at 4pm for my 1st fitting..My bridesmaids -cousins, are also supposed to come for their first fitting tomorrow at my house...

Last weekend i've sent all my barang2 hantaran to my aunt's place.she's going to start with the hantaran soon also..We've agreed to get her to do the staircase decorations at my house nanti.
This week i managed to go to a frame shop to get a picture of me and boy framed ..

Furnitures will be arriving in the 1st week of June.
Oh and we also went to Faiq Jewels to design and order boy's wedding they called me up and informed me that its ready..
Harap2 cantik la, because i helped design it because boy was saying sukati u la nak design macam mana.
susah dpt bf yang tak excited about wedding preparations.Slalunya i syok sorang2 je berangan...

Nak buat macam mana..kesian dia..dia yg nak kawin, dia yang nak cari duit nak buat majlis..semua pon on his shoulders..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Its my Anniversary!!!

12th May 2003,

On this date 7 years ago , boy and i declared ourselves as gf and bf.
i cant forget that night after accepting his so called proposal, i was head over heels and had the butterfly syndrome in my tummy..

There's alot that we've been through and this would probably be the last anniversary before we get married insyallah.

I absolutely forgot about my anniversary this year until i was browsing through other blogs last night and i saw the date- 11th may 2003..

I was like-'oh my god, tomorrow is my anniversary'

I guess boy too didnt remember until i spoke to him before midnight and reminded him
Being me, i never stay up pass 11pm on a week after midnight i got a text from goes like this:

'Sayang, Happy Anniversary,Sekarang u dah pun jadi tunang I dan u akan memiliki i sepenuhnya'

Happy anniversary boy baby sayang.Insyallah b, soon enough u'll be mine.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Still so much to do

I've been trying to call cst productions since i watched the video presentation at boy's cousins wedding.
i fell in love with the videography.and i have never seen a wedding video that was as cool and different as that.Their price range starts from rm1800 and its more or less the same as the videographer i having second thoughts and would definitely trade my intitial videographer for them..
but...they arent answering my calls.please help.
i sooo want them for my nikah.

Ok, this weekend we're : me and mom are going full force in the wedding preparations.
We are going to go replace our defect/broken doorgifts for new ones as the shop has already promised.we still havent finish cutting one roll of the doorgifts kain!!!and there's like almost 18 big rolls.I really hope it could be completed by mid june the latest.i dont want to get 'kelam kabut' at the end.

things in my to do list that are yet to be done:
- potong kain,
- replace broken/defect doorgifts
- send boy's pengapits material to the tailor
- find accessories for nikah
- buy baju melayu's for my 4 pengiring little boys
- send my hantaran stuff to my aunt
- call up and remind pelamin nikah vendor
- call up and check on my wedding cards
- buy fuchsia pink ribbons for my wedding cards
- waiting for boy to settle and get his kelulusan kebenaran berkahwin luar negeri
- finalise on the khemah for nikah
- finalise on caterer for nikah
- remind mom about arrival of bedroom set on the 29th of may-must pay off balance a week before delivery
- get cushions for my katil pengantin.
- print a big picture of me and boy and get white frames.
- look for someone to do my inai
- call ima and check on my bridesmaids dresses
- go for food tasting in june
- pick my pelamin for reception

ish.. these are only the things i can remember so far.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Last night, i attended boy's cousins wedding at Concorde Shah Alam with his mom and my mom too!!

We met his sister there at the hotel.Boy and his mom came and got me and mom at home.
Felt so weird to have my mom and his mom together .His mom talked my mom into going for the wedding since there's an extra seat.My mom being polite didnt want to dissapoint boy's mom.

It was a Moroccan themed wedding.Definitely pretty.They even installed a tent for the main table section which adds up to the moroccan feel...
The groom's brother is a wedding planner and he was the mastermind for all the decorations and he even did the bride and grooms wedding attire.Loved the bride's attire so much..

Initially for boy's reception we were supposed to get the same cousin to do our outfits and all, but since his brother was getting married like 2 months before us, which was last night, he couldnt take on the job.

Never have i been to a themed wedding.All the families wore silver robe's again enhancing the moroccan theme.Apparently the groom's brother are all good singers.So they were the ones who serenaded us through out the night.Berani kan.kalau my family, memang pemalu and would never dare to go on stage to sing.

Got home around 11 pm.went straight to bed.

Feeling nervous now that insyallah its only 2 months away..
Am i really ready?
The only thing that makes me sad when i think about getting married is when i think of my family..i dont want to be apart from them.. because i know that my priorities will change.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My saturday

At this moment, I'm in my room.
Exhausted and sweaty because..hahaha.just got back from the gym.
This week,i'm a bit dissapointed because i only made 3 trips to the gym including today.Should have made 4 visits.
Anyway, finished all my sessions with the trainer.after the last session which was on tuesday, my chest still hurts because of the muscle contractions the trainer taught me to do.Never in my life have i ever done push ups.yes, because of the trainer now i know the right way of doing it.

All i feel like doing now is just sleep through out the day..woke up early around 6.30am because like always princess 'MEOW' meowed like an alarm clock each morning say around 6am..geramm...

Mr boy is in KL.I'll probably go out with him later when he wakes up which i doubt would be before noon because he slept really late.

I wanted to go send my cat for grooming today because she is just so comot already and i dont have the energy to do it myself.Called up the pet shop, but unfortunately today's appointments are too pack to squeeze in my baby.
Therefore, i made an appointment for tomorrow morning.Nasib u baik hari ni wahai kucing buah hatiku, but not tomorrow.

Oklah. i want to get a quick nap.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yesterday,dengan sedihnya forced myself to go for the hiv test alone.
Since my bf stood me up as initially he promised to come and go get it done together.
Nasib tak merajuk.Weeks earlier, i've already searched for the nearest government clinic and the one that i found nearest is the Poliklinik Komuniti Kelana Jaya.

I made boy go for his test yesterday also.I arrived at my clinic first at around 2pm,where else he took his sweet time and got at his clinic at 3pm.The minute the nurse called my name ,i was already nausea's.I seriously cant stand the sight of blood.Dahla before me another couple,had just got their fingers pricked and i could see the blood stained cotton wool on their fingers.

I looked away when the nurse pricked mine, and i thought to myself..''s not so bad,i could hardly feel anything.'BUT, after i saw my blood stained cotton wool, mmg i dah jadi lemah .Quickly threw away the cotton wool and sat down quietly and waited for my result.As i was beginning to feel better, the nurse at the counter announced with her microphone that everyone who was there for the hiv test to please come again to the counter..GUESS WHAT!!..guess the earlier nurse, screwed up with our blood kits and we had to get pricked again!!..

My heart was racing .NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!
Like it or not, went through it again.
Immediately called boy,and complained.
He on the other hand was still waiting to get the test done even after 40 minutes of getting there.

I seriously cant stand the sight of blood.
I remember when i was in high school, i was in the school bus.On the way back home.
I sat beside a girl, and suddenly her nose was bleeding.
The girl was ok and all, i pulak yang pitam.
Haiyoh..mmg tak boleh langsung tgk darah.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Working out

i've joined a gym.
Never too late right..well, have been going this past week.Right after work,i'd drive straight to the gym .As part of the starter program i'm eligible for 3 sessions with a trainer for an hour for each session.
i've already finished 1 hour last saturday and my body is still sore from the weight training we did.

The trainer definitely educated me with things that i have never knew before..
For instance- if u do 30 minutes of cardio, YOU ARE ONLY BURNING SUGAR AND NOT BODY continue to burn calories for 30 - 40 minutes after your workout but IF U DO WEIGHTS, your calories would continue to burn for 40 to 70 HOURS!!!!-about 2 days!!

i definitely was never interested in doing weights as i fear of being bulky, but after being enlightened on the overall workout,i definitely plan to do more weights.
This evening after work, i have another session of training.
A wee bit worried of what the trainer have installed for me.
Cant wait to join one of the classes.It looks sooo interesting !!

Friday, April 16, 2010

my neighbour is getting married

Yesterday, mom and i went to our neighbours house to see if there was anything we could help them with as today is their daughters nikah.
They've asked if they could extend their tents into my house compound and of course dad gave the green light.So today when i get back from work, i wouldnt be able to park my car in my house compound as there would be a tent and guests there.
The nikah according to plan would be at 5pm which is an hour away from now and half an hour earlier than the time i get off work.

I cant wait to get back and go eat at my neighbours place.
So hungry .And its raining cats and dogs outside.
I'm thankful that i have wonderful neighbour as we are always there for each other.
Tomorrow would be the wedding reception and it would be at one of the halls in putrajaya.Since mom and dad are planning to go early, i guess my brothers and i would meet them there later.

Tomorrow, hopefully i can continue cutting the kain for the doorgifts.
its so tedious as i cant do it alone,i would need another extra set of hands to help me stretch the kain ,for me to cut the kain easier.Tulah,cari pasal nak stuff2 doorgifts with kain2 .EXTRA WORK for us la.
My weekends are now just filled with this 'extra work' that we asked for.
Padan muka to me and mom.
Dad has just been sitting and laughing at us..

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding card

Ok remember i went to the wedding exhibition in shah alam last year?
well at the exhibition i placed a deposit for my wedding card.For 1000pcs the cost would be RM1.20..Mom and me were planning to go to the card shop next weekend.
So thats that..

On Saturday morning, mom and me went to my aunts place in taman tun to borrow my cousin's card from his wedding back in july 2008.We needed the map from the card since we're going to have the reception at the same place.I knew that my aunt did the card at one of my another aunt's neighbour's shop that is also in taman tun.

Mak dik ,-my aunt - then somehow persuaded us to do the cards at Mak Mayak's-another aunt -neighbour's shop.Since the deposit we put in at the shop from the exhibition was only rm50.We decided to burn the deposit.we then went straight to the card shop in taman tun, and drafted my card.actually we copied my cousins card exactly ,its just that the colours are different.Mak Dik,previously tied ribbons for his son's wedding card ,and so mak dik offered to tie ribbons at my cards card is going to be silver in colour and the ribbon would be FUCHSIA PINK.
best sgt ok..

One of the many reasons i cancelled the plan to order from the previous vendor was because the card that i chose was actually a one piece card.the only thing that caught my attention for the previous card was that it wasnt the typical card.but when i think about it,its actually going to limit the space and definitely i wouldnt be able to put in the map,turut mengundang,ayat2 section in it.
If i were to still choose on using the card,all the writings would be extra small and compact.definitely not good for the old folks to read.

Now that we've gotten a new design, there's ample space for everything.its a 4 page i can fit my ayat2 in one page,my turut mengundang and itinerary in one page, and the map can be in the last page.puas hati.
the thing that i love most is that its going to be with ribbons!.its sooo my theme colour.

Just waiting for mom and dad to finalise on the number of cards to order so that i could inform the shop.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sheila Majid-IJN Charity Dinner

Last night me,my cousins and aunts-all 10 of us went to the Sheila Majid-IJN Charity dinner at the KLCC Convention Center.My cousin farah got the table for us from her organisation that bought one whole table for 5k.Since no one from her organisation was able to make it for the dinner, she invited her relatives of course.

The dinner was organised by Cosry the designer, and co sponsored by Mouaward to raise contributions for IJN.Since Sheila Majid is the ambassador for the IJN Institution,-and also to mark her 25th year as a singer ,she was chosen to perform for the dinner.In conjunction with Mouawards anniversary, they teamed up with Cosry to design the most expensive kebaya in the world for Sheila Majid .The total cost for the dress was 250 million ringgit.Apparently the kebaya landed a spot in the Guiness world records.I heard there was a lot of policemen backstage guarding the dress.The dress was dripping with diamonds!

throughout dinner we were entertained with cosry's fashion show.the kebaya's are so so pretty.if only i could afford Cosry..
After dinner, Sheila made her first appearance with the most expensive dress and sang her songs.After 3-4 songs she went backstage and changed into something different and sang more songs.I tell u sheila is such a good singer and performer.she knows how to communicate with her audience and her voice--ahhh...what can i say about her voice,i dare say that she sounds exactly the same live on stage as she is in her records..She's really that good.

Anyway, kesian boy, he was the one that really wanted to go to the event because he loves Sheila.And my cousin Farah has put me and boy in her top priority in choosing amongst the relatives.But yesterday boy had work in he couldnt make it for the dinner.Farah's dad made the cut since there was an extra seat.

I took video's of Sheila singing for boy.Cant wait to show it to him

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Main table doorgifts

This is my main table doorgift for my reception.There's 13 all together, 12 for the guests,and 1 for myself.
Mom's close friend did it from scratch for me, the writing was even hand painted by her.
These doorgifts are her gifts for me..sweet sgt ok.
Still figuring out how to decorate it.
I love it!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kerja leceh for the doorgifts

Woke up this morning, had breakfast and i started my duty of tying ribbons on the cover of my porcelain door gifts for my nikah event.At first it was annoying and i nearly gave up, but because of my persistance,i finally got the hang of it.Managed to do about 40 pieces.Mom on the other hand was doing the quality control for the reception doorgifts.we have to go through all the 1500 pieces to check for any defects,so that we could return and get new ones from the far 2 big boxes down, 5 big boxes to go.

As for the nikah doorgifts there's about 130 plus pieces more to go as we only managed to buy 175 pieces .we wanted to get more but the shop ran out of the item.We plan to get something else for the men, maybe. .
Me and mom are slowly handling the tying of ribbons, cutting of the kain for the stuffing for the reception doorgifts etc2 ourselves.doing as much as we can, so that we wouldnt have to trouble my aunts and cousins.Tak nak pening pening if buat last minute.
We actually had to force ourselves to start, kalau we waited to do it on a weekday,lagilah memang takkan start.

Friday, April 2, 2010

mixed entry again

2 nights ago, boyfriend came to see me.
We havent seen each other for more than 3 weeks plus.
finally, maybe he missed me too much that he had to come.

Had the delicious smoked salmon salad at Delicious for dinner with him.
That night he slept in the guest room .Went back the next morning, when i had to go to work.
According to him, he'll be coming again tomorrow.Tht is according to him, but knowing him too well, there's a 50 50 chance he'll turn him nonetheless.

Tomorrow, will be going for seafood at hokkaido with my girls.
Soo hungry right now, that i'm already thinking of what to order.But definitely ,chilli crabs will be the main dish.

half an hour to the weekend!

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