Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Its my Anniversary!!!

12th May 2003,

On this date 7 years ago , boy and i declared ourselves as gf and bf.
i cant forget that night after accepting his so called proposal, i was head over heels and had the butterfly syndrome in my tummy..

There's alot that we've been through and this would probably be the last anniversary before we get married insyallah.

I absolutely forgot about my anniversary this year until i was browsing through other blogs last night and i saw the date- 11th may 2003..

I was like-'oh my god, tomorrow is my anniversary'

I guess boy too didnt remember until i spoke to him before midnight and reminded him
Being me, i never stay up pass 11pm on a week after midnight i got a text from goes like this:

'Sayang, Happy Anniversary,Sekarang u dah pun jadi tunang I dan u akan memiliki i sepenuhnya'

Happy anniversary boy baby sayang.Insyallah b, soon enough u'll be mine.


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