Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Still so much to do

I've been trying to call cst productions since i watched the video presentation at boy's cousins wedding.
i fell in love with the videography.and i have never seen a wedding video that was as cool and different as that.Their price range starts from rm1800 and its more or less the same as the videographer i having second thoughts and would definitely trade my intitial videographer for them..
but...they arent answering my calls.please help.
i sooo want them for my nikah.

Ok, this weekend we're : me and mom are going full force in the wedding preparations.
We are going to go replace our defect/broken doorgifts for new ones as the shop has already promised.we still havent finish cutting one roll of the doorgifts kain!!!and there's like almost 18 big rolls.I really hope it could be completed by mid june the latest.i dont want to get 'kelam kabut' at the end.

things in my to do list that are yet to be done:
- potong kain,
- replace broken/defect doorgifts
- send boy's pengapits material to the tailor
- find accessories for nikah
- buy baju melayu's for my 4 pengiring little boys
- send my hantaran stuff to my aunt
- call up and remind pelamin nikah vendor
- call up and check on my wedding cards
- buy fuchsia pink ribbons for my wedding cards
- waiting for boy to settle and get his kelulusan kebenaran berkahwin luar negeri
- finalise on the khemah for nikah
- finalise on caterer for nikah
- remind mom about arrival of bedroom set on the 29th of may-must pay off balance a week before delivery
- get cushions for my katil pengantin.
- print a big picture of me and boy and get white frames.
- look for someone to do my inai
- call ima and check on my bridesmaids dresses
- go for food tasting in june
- pick my pelamin for reception

ish.. these are only the things i can remember so far.


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