Saturday, May 1, 2010

My saturday

At this moment, I'm in my room.
Exhausted and sweaty because..hahaha.just got back from the gym.
This week,i'm a bit dissapointed because i only made 3 trips to the gym including today.Should have made 4 visits.
Anyway, finished all my sessions with the trainer.after the last session which was on tuesday, my chest still hurts because of the muscle contractions the trainer taught me to do.Never in my life have i ever done push ups.yes, because of the trainer now i know the right way of doing it.

All i feel like doing now is just sleep through out the day..woke up early around 6.30am because like always princess 'MEOW' meowed like an alarm clock each morning say around 6am..geramm...

Mr boy is in KL.I'll probably go out with him later when he wakes up which i doubt would be before noon because he slept really late.

I wanted to go send my cat for grooming today because she is just so comot already and i dont have the energy to do it myself.Called up the pet shop, but unfortunately today's appointments are too pack to squeeze in my baby.
Therefore, i made an appointment for tomorrow morning.Nasib u baik hari ni wahai kucing buah hatiku, but not tomorrow.

Oklah. i want to get a quick nap.


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