Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rimmel By Kate Moss Lipstick

Been soo long since i last blogged.
Today I'm going to talk about how much i adore the Rimmel by Kate Lipsticks.
I have 2 colors, one from each finish; matte (red tube) in the code 111 or the creamy lasting finish (black tube) in the code 016.

I've been looking for a true red lipstick. nothing orangey or a deep berry color.
And i thought that the 111 color was perfection since it was also matte.
One of the youtubers i  subscribe to, introduced me to the Rimmel by Kate lipsticks and when i had the opportunity to go to Boots pharmacy last year (we dont have it in Malaysia), i wasted no time in getting a hold on one.
It applies smoothly, surprising for a matte lipstick and it lasts through out the day.
I love it so much that only use it on special occasions and also because its not readily available for me to purchase here.

The second color i got is a peachy pink color. Its creamy , opaque and not too sticky. It also last a long time but not as long as the matte. Forgot to mention that my colleague bought it for me while on a work trip. 

Will i repurchase: yEssss if i can get a hold of it. 

Price: 5-6 pounds

The other item from rimmel that i'm interested in is the 'Stay Matte' powder. 

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