Thursday, May 10, 2012

4 Days To Go - Insyallah

Insyallah will be flying out next tuesday..

Used to count down to the months, days and hours to our trips abroad.
Siapa tak excited kan bila pegi vacation.
But this time.. its a different kind of feeling..Rasa sayu..
Of course rasa tak sabar. and at the same time nervous.
Yelah, because i know i'm not the perfect muslim. and with the sins that i've commited in the past.
Risau... but  Allah is Maha Pengampun and Maha Penyayang..
Whats important is my niat in going..

Been preparing myself with all the knowledge, doa's and niats for umrah.
Do u know its berdosa besar if you enter Tanah haram without pasang niat untuk Umrah or Haji,except for people who live in Mekah . Correct me if i'm wrong yeah.
Its the time for me to buat ibadah and leave all my worldly commitments.
Going for the 1st time with my husband means so much. Since hubby is going for his 3rd time. I'm leaving it all to him . I dont understand arabic nor do i know the culture there.
Because on all our previous trips, i've been the one in charge of booking, planning the itinerary and researching on the culture, places to go,eat and etc..Hubby tinggal pack his bags and get on the flight.
This time i put my guard down and just concentrate on the ibadat part..

Heard a lot of stories from people about their challenges while being in Tanah Haram.
People getting lost, getting sick from spontaneous comment towards something, and the worst of all; not seeing the Kaabah even though its actually right in front of them.

Ya ALLAH..... Doakan semuanya di permudahkan for me...
Doakan i dapat cium Hajar Aswad dengan senang.
Doakan i dapat berdoa di Multazam
Doakan i dapat buat Umrah and tawaf sunat banyak2
Doakan i dapat solat n berdoa di raudah...
Doakan i dapat solat jemaah di masjidil haram and masjid nabawi everytime waktu solat..

Doakan segala yang baik for me k..

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