Thursday, June 20, 2013


I usually watch tag videos from youtube, and was curious to know if tag questions in the blogging world exists. So i googled and found some..
So here it is, and i tag everyone who reads this post.

10 Hows
1.How did u get one of your scars- From the oven, while baking an apple pie
2.How did u celebrate your last birthday- went out for lunch with my hubby
3.How are u feeling at this moment- actually not well, have been down with the flu n cough this past 2 weeks
4.How did your night go last night- really good, hubby and i went down at 9pm. So we had a really good nigths rest
5.How did you do in high school- not good!
6.How did u get the shirt u're wearing- Bought it myself from H&M in Knightsbridge
7.How often do u see your best friend(s)- we rarely see each other, everyone's married and with babies, so everyone's busy.
8.How much money did u spend last month- spent alot booking hotels for my upcoming trip
9.How old do u want to be when u get married- i'm married, got married at 27
10.How old will u be at ur next birthday- the big 30

9 Whats
What is your mothers name- not disclosing for security reasons
What did u do last weekend- hung out with my best friend, and had fathers day lunch with the family
What is the most important part of your life- to be around family
What would u be rather doing- right this very moment? lying down and going through youtube
What did you last cry over-something my hubby said
What always makes u feel better when your upset- comforting words and FOOD
What is the most important thing u look for in a significant other- to be able to make me feel everything will be ok
What are u worried about- the future
What did u have for breakfast- sausage mcmuffin from McDonalds

8 Have you-s
1. Have you ever liked someone who had a girlfriend/boyfriend- cant recall
2.Have you ever had your heart broken- Definitely
3.Have you ever been out of the country- I have
4.Have you ever done something outrageously dumb- Definitely
5.Have you ever been backstabbed by a friend- not sure, hope not
6.Have you ever had sex on the beach- errrr??? really??
7.Have you ever dated someone younger- nope
8.Have you ever read an entire book in 1 day- i think i have, during primary or high school when i was into reading.

7 Who's
Who was the last person you saw- my hubby
Who was the last person you texted- my hubby
Who was the last person you hung out with- my hubby
Who was the last person to call u- I got a missed call from a friend last night, Mrs. Asma
Who did you last hug- my hubby
Who is the last person who texted u- my hubby
Who was the last person you said i love u to- my hubby

6 Where's
Where does you bestfriends live- in the Klang valley
Where did you last go- McDonalds for breakfast this morning before work
Where did u last hung out at- the same answer as the previous question
Where did u go to school- Subang Jaya
Where is your fav place to be- London
Where did you sleep last night- parents house

5 Do's
Do u think anyone likes u- in what sort of way? likes me as a friend? hopefully everyone i know
Do u ever wish u were someone else- sometimes
Do u know the muffin man- i really have no idea, i'm going to google it
Does the future scare u- very much
Do your parents know about your blog- nope

4 Why's
Why are u best friends with your bestfriends- we've been through alot together, they're loving, caring and funny
Why did u get into blogging- it started when i was preparing for my wedding
Why did your parents give u the name u have- hmmm, maybe after Princes Diana?
Why are you doing this survey- Really need something new to blog about

3 If's
If u could have 1 super power, what would it be- to be able to block all the bad things in life that comes in my way.
If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be- to be a better person and a better muslim
If u were stranded on a deserted island and could bring 1 thing, what would it be- my handphone, hopefully there's a signal. so that i can call for help and play games while waiting to be rescued and to know the time.

2 Would u
Would u get back with any of your ex's, if they asked u- i'm married!
Would u ever shave your head to save someone u love- in a heartbeat

Are u happy with your life right now- yes and no

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pet Peeves

Hello Everyone!

I know everyone has their pet peeves.
Here's mine:

1)People who dont say thank you- Like when you hold the door for a stranger at the petrol station, and he/she just walks in without saying thank you.
2)Taking forever to get out of the parking space, when you know someone is waiting for that space- Be considerate!
3)People who takes stuff and dont know how to put it back at the right place.
4)People who spits in public- Disgusting
5)Purposely forgets/refuse to switch off the power point after using an appliance- say the handphone charger etc..
6)When i pay good money for a meal, and the dish turns out to be the smallest portion i've ever seen.
7)When i order iced water or maybe hot water, they serve me cold water without ice or lukewarm water.
8)In the office : Using up all the toilet paper, and couldnt be bothered to replenish it.
9)When you find make up marks on clothes you like at a store, and it happens to be the last piece in your size. Please try to cover your face when trying a top on.
10)Leaving the toilet seat and cover up.

Whats yours?

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