Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pet Peeves

Hello Everyone!

I know everyone has their pet peeves.
Here's mine:

1)People who dont say thank you- Like when you hold the door for a stranger at the petrol station, and he/she just walks in without saying thank you.
2)Taking forever to get out of the parking space, when you know someone is waiting for that space- Be considerate!
3)People who takes stuff and dont know how to put it back at the right place.
4)People who spits in public- Disgusting
5)Purposely forgets/refuse to switch off the power point after using an appliance- say the handphone charger etc..
6)When i pay good money for a meal, and the dish turns out to be the smallest portion i've ever seen.
7)When i order iced water or maybe hot water, they serve me cold water without ice or lukewarm water.
8)In the office : Using up all the toilet paper, and couldnt be bothered to replenish it.
9)When you find make up marks on clothes you like at a store, and it happens to be the last piece in your size. Please try to cover your face when trying a top on.
10)Leaving the toilet seat and cover up.

Whats yours?


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