Monday, March 2, 2015

Contouring & Bronzing


Been too long!
I'm back to talk about my current favourite makeup product.
Since the beginning of my enthusiasm for make up, i have always liked adding bronzer or contour to give my round face dimension after applying foundation or a bb cream with contouring and bronzing. 
From what i've learned, contouring can avoid the face from looking flat after the application of foundation.

My first contour/bronzer product that i bought is the Sleek Face Form in medium if not mistaken. It comes with the contour powder, highlighter and the bronzer. I only contour when i'm going out for a special event or at night as it does tend to look too strong if worn during the day. Instead I bronze everytime i use make up. i would rather use a bronzer than a blush.
I love contouring and bronzing as i can sculpt my face to highlight and contour the areas i want to bring attention to or hide.
Just recently my interest towards cream contour and bronzer grew. Almost all the youtube gurus have a video on how to contour n highlight to achieve the Kim K look. so of course i had to buy a cream sculpting kit and my mom managed to get me the Chanel Tan De Soleil Bronzer Universal while she was on a cruise on a recent Scandinavian trip. Been looking for this product for awhile and concluded that it's not available in Asia because its not available in KLCC and I also asked at the airport in Bangkok & Narita, both do not have this item in their collection.
I am a MAC NC 40-42 and this product does appear on my skin tone. Was worried it wouldnt appear. But i do need to build it up a bit. 

So now i'm trying to find the best brush or sponge to use with a cream contour or bronzer product to give me the best result . Working with creams are on a whole different level. you've got to make sure you blend it into the face properly and all. But using creams definitely gives you a more natural and dewy look compared to using a powder.
There's so many contour and highlight videos on youtube that takes you step by step and can help u get an idea on what goes where. 

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