Thursday, July 11, 2013

Whats In My Travel Hand Carry Luggage

I thought i'd list out the things i have in my hand carry luggage whenever i take a long haul flight.

1.Glasses- Learned my lesson, when i didnt remove my lenses for a 13 hour flight. It got really2 dry. Couldnt wait to get a hold of my checked in luggage to remove my lenses and wear my glasses.

2.Contact lens storage container and solution- to store my lenses in the flight when i use my glasses.

3.Toothbrush & toothpaste

4.Facial cleanser- make sure its less than 100 ml- to freshen up

5.Deodorant- since it could be almost 24 hour since my last bath, a deodorant would come in handy.

6.Perfume- make sure less than 100ml too

7.Facial wet wipes- Remove make up

8.Panty liner

9.Hand lotion- the air in the plane is very dry.

10.Panty- u never know, accidents happen

11Extra set of clothing- god forbid the airline loses my checked in luggage, so at least i have a fresh set of clothing while waiting to get the luggage sent to me/buy new clothing at my destination.

12.Ipad- to keep me entertained while killing the slow hours that passes by.

13.Face towel- to wipe my face after cleansing and washing my face

14.Reservation documents- i usually make a few sets of it (hotel reservation etc) and i chuck in 1 copy into my hand carry.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Epic Meal Time

My brother and I are fans of Epic Meal Time from Youtube. For some of you who may not know what is Epic Meal Time, it is a cooking show conducted by a group of crazy creative Canadian guys.
I must warn that all their recipes are extremely high in calories and not for the faint of heart. They are over the top, crazy and entertaining with their end of the show tagline that is different everytime. My all time favourite was the : Next time we eat fairytale! hehe

You've gotta watch at least one episode to comprehend what i'm trying to describe of them and their dishes.

So after months and months of saying that he (my brother) wants to recreate one of the dishes, he finally attempted his first, which was the epic lasagna. I helped out too.

Here are the ingredient to this super high calory dish.
Must admit we didnt follow exactly what they used, we used ingredients most suitable to our taste buds and liking.

4 McDonalds cheeseburger
1 McDonalds large fries
1 box of Kraft's Mac & cheese
4 beef patties
2 bags of potato chips
1 can of tomato based pasta sauce
1 bag of shredded cheddar cheese.

The key method to this dish was layering.

So if i remembered correctly, the first layer was, the bottom half of the cheese burger (bun,beef patties with cheese), next layer was the mac and cheese, then the pasta sauce, then the beef patties,the french fries, cheddar cheese, more mac cheese then the top buns from the cheeseburger, potato chips and lastly a generous sprinkle of cheddar cheese.

We then baked the 'lasagna' for about 20 minutes till the cheese melted.
The verdict, imagine the taste of all the individual goodness in 1 dish. It was sooooo sinful yet sooo satisfying.

Enjoy the pictures

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