Thursday, July 11, 2013

Whats In My Travel Hand Carry Luggage

I thought i'd list out the things i have in my hand carry luggage whenever i take a long haul flight.

1.Glasses- Learned my lesson, when i didnt remove my lenses for a 13 hour flight. It got really2 dry. Couldnt wait to get a hold of my checked in luggage to remove my lenses and wear my glasses.

2.Contact lens storage container and solution- to store my lenses in the flight when i use my glasses.

3.Toothbrush & toothpaste

4.Facial cleanser- make sure its less than 100 ml- to freshen up

5.Deodorant- since it could be almost 24 hour since my last bath, a deodorant would come in handy.

6.Perfume- make sure less than 100ml too

7.Facial wet wipes- Remove make up

8.Panty liner

9.Hand lotion- the air in the plane is very dry.

10.Panty- u never know, accidents happen

11Extra set of clothing- god forbid the airline loses my checked in luggage, so at least i have a fresh set of clothing while waiting to get the luggage sent to me/buy new clothing at my destination.

12.Ipad- to keep me entertained while killing the slow hours that passes by.

13.Face towel- to wipe my face after cleansing and washing my face

14.Reservation documents- i usually make a few sets of it (hotel reservation etc) and i chuck in 1 copy into my hand carry.


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