Friday, November 26, 2010


Bukan nak cerita pasal hal tempat tido.
Saja nak cerita about my husband mengigau.

last night:Went to bed angry and merajuk with boy because of something.

Around 2am -ish
Boy: hiewhriuwherbksjdfiu (mumbling)

I terjaga because of his mengigau/mumbling

i: Ha, jgn nak mengigau pulak mlm ni eh.(in an angry tone sebab still in merajuk mode)

Boy terus terjaga .and i guess when dia sedar dia mengigau, he giggled

i on the other hand nak gelak sgt, but have to control sbb tgh merajuk kan..

Adoi, funny sgt la last night..i seriously could not make out what he was mumbling.
Bila dah ok today, i brought up the mengigau part and both of us broke into laughter.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Take all my sorrows away

Sometimes the nights are hard to go through,
When i dont get to see my husband everyday.

But i'm coping and praying that it wont be too long till we finally settle in together, wherever that might be.

What i know is that the toughest time is usually after maghrib.
U know when u've showered and pray, and its time for u to relax..
Thats the time i'd feel so lonely.
I used to watch the news at 8pm before just going to bed early..
Now i've lost interest in the news.Would get my daily dose of news with reading the newspaper at work.

What i enjoy doing nowadays when boy is not around is to have my early dinner-this one is actually not something new,my family and I have very early dinners,as early as 6pm.But what makes my night different than before is after showering and praying,i'll start downloading my favourite tv /reality tv shows on the internet, thanks to unifi..omg currently i'm addicted to Keeping up with the Kardashians and grey's anatomy..I would watch the shows back to back until 10pm and go straight to bed.I sometimes have to force myself to shut down the shows as it has passed my bedtime.

I've watched almost half the movies playing in the cinemas currently on my laptop all thanks to my lonely nights without my husband.I'd download songs, and trim it with Real Player and turn it into my ringtone..Oh i'm enjoying it so much.
Like today, i cant wait to go back and download the song 'Perfect Nightmare" by Shontelle..

All of this new found obsession with reality/tv series helps take my sorrows away.

Nevertheless, nothing beats having a husband beside you when you go to sleep at night.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dont worry..It'll pass....

i cant remember who i was talking to..

Getting my make over

How cute is Sue Cantik!!!always making funny faces that makes us laugh hysterically

I loved my veil!

Yeah i get it, 'same old, same old'
BUT... i cant help it...still have the post wedding blues.
Pictures above are from a friends camera.
How i wish i could go through/experience my wedding day again and again until i get sick of it..

The whole reason i started this blog was more towards sharing my preparations towards 16th July 2010..My whole world revolved around it.I'm 100 percent sure that even Boy was sick and tired of listening to me plan out the wedding.I felt an indescribable joy whenever i get to attend a wedding .Even when it comes down to choosing our wedding songs, i swear i went through the few songs over and over again,listening to every lyric, envisioning me and boy walking down the aisle towards the dais..making sure if the melody was suitable and emotional enough to make it the right song...Exhausting my options in every detail...Ahhhh those were the days..

And now 4 months into our marriage, i still read other bride to be's blogs, i still get excited when Nona comes on with the wedding segment, i still wish i could fix here and there from the day itself, but most of all i still wish i could relive those days because it was the best few days of my life..and thats why i still have the post wedding blues..
It'll pass...when? maybe when i get pregnant..then its definitely time to roll out the next obsession with mini me's of ours.
Praying for next year to be as great as this year.Amin

Monday, November 15, 2010

A place to build memories of our own

Next year, I plan not to go on any overseas vacation.(excluding Singapore,Indonesia and Thailand).

I have to help save money in order to afford to buy a house.
The prices for properties are soaring . currently we are searching for our dream home and we are finding it very hard to get a house in the right location with the price that we can afford.We need the house not to be really deep into the heart of KL as we foresee that there would be a constant need to travel back and forth between Melaka/subang and wherever our new house would be.

At the end of next month i'll be going to Paris and London with my family and this time Boy is not joining us.He has to save money to help fill out my pocket money for this trip.Kesian dia..Its not that he is grumbling about the expenditure he has to provide for my trip, its more of when is it that we will be able to save for our future if we are constantly planning for a getaway, be it near or far.For our honeymoon alone we spent more than 10K and that amount could have helped us in contributing for the down payment we are planning to put in for our first house..
The housing loans are such a rip off!!!never realised that u'll end up paying almost 3 folds the amount u actually borrowed.but what is there to complain, u need a loan, so u've got to bear its shitty interests or whatsoever.if not, dont need to buy a house la!..

A house is what i really want for now..A house of our own..Not my parents house, not his mom's..A house i can start making memories with my loving husband..Or maybe we should just rent until we can afford to buy..Not keen on paying almost the same amount that's needed to pay for a housing loan installment, and knowing that the house is not ours makes it soooo not worth it.

Spending 4-5k for a holiday when u are in need of a house for you and your partner, makes the cost for it so not worth it, especially when u dont have your own house to come back to after the trip ..When all the houses these days are like way past 400k.With all the expense we have to take into account with fuel n tolls to pay between Melaka and Subang..With boy having to support his family in Melaka, with all the household expenses etc..

I didnt marry some kind of rich bloke or someone who comes from a wealthy family, but i definitely married someone that's hardworking,loving,kind hearted and a goal achiever.I'm proud that my husband has been able to provide for for his aging mom fully and also provide for his other family members at his age.He is the youngest sibling but he takes care of everything like he is the eldest son..He bears huge responsibilities in the welfare of his family in Melaka.There's no such thing as his money being his alone.I realise that i sometimes sulk when he spends too much money on his family, and that it's hard for us to start saving for our own future like owning our own house but I have to remind myself that great things will come for a kind hearted responsible man like him.So even though we wont be able to afford to buy a house in the next 1-2 years, but i definitely know our time will come because i have a husband that never fails to provide me the best things in life.

Whats most important is to always remember to be grateful and contented in life as we never know whats install for us in the future.But its never wrong to dream.So i'll keep on dreaming for our house till it becomes our reality.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Short trip to Kuantan

I'm on my way to Kuantan! Excited for this short getaway with hubby.

This is our first getaway after the wedding.
Looking forward to go swimming and just enjoying my time with Boy.

No distractions.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Good morning

Good morning!! Wake up and smell the coffee!

I woke up at 5.45am to watch Grey's on my laptop. I should be sleeping in till 8am.its a public holiday!

Enjoy your 3 day weekend people!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Surprise me

Last night, while i was concentrating on watching Grey's anatomy on my laptop,out of the blue, boy mms'ed me a picture. it was a picture of a watch .The watch was beside its box and was placed on his bed.(I so know his bed sheet, that's why i know it was on his bed)
It was very much similar to the pic above except that it was white and not pink.


Apparently , my hubby knows how to surprise his wife with unexpected gifts.He almost never surprises me when it comes to buying stuff.Its always 'me asking for something, then we go buy it together' sort of thing.

I'm now very excited to wait for my hubby to come back to Subang tonight, to receive my 'surprise' gift AND of course to see him.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cooking with love

I plan to sharpen my cooking skills.

Last week when boy was around, i was so proud of myself because i cooked almost everyday.

I even tried roasting tandoori chicken.Boy came back from work when the chicken was roasting in the oven and he could not believe that i made it.he was saying that i must have bought it at the mamak shop and chucked it in the oven.How could he!?!

On the first day that my parents left, Boy and I went to Mydin and got a whole weeks supply of groceries.The next day, boy made chilli crab, shrimp fried rice and toasted buns to dip into the chilli crab gravy.

Since Boy studied culinary arts in college, u bet he sure knows a lot about cooking.
And because of this he turned into quite of a bossy chef.I remembered this day very clearly, i had to peel, chop, clean all the ingredients needed-basically did all the messy stuff, Boy on the other hand did JUST the cooking. Seriously very bossy.constantly giving me instructions to do this and that.hehehe..but nonetheless the result of his cooking was absolutely superb.
Even thinking about the crabs now, makes my mouth water.MUST GET HIM TO COOK AGAIN.

Anyway, the following days after, i took charge of the kitchen.Because i didnt check what we already had in the fridge before splurging at Mydin with boy, we ended up with an excessive amount of vege's that is.
So everyday, i made mixed vege. EVERYDAY.we had mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, cabbage,and at least 2-3 more types of veges -which i cant recall now, all in the same dish everyday. we wouldnt want the vege's to go to waste dont we?hahaha..
Of course i had other main dishes to go with my darling vege's..

Not once did boy complain about my mixed vege's.HEHEHE.everyday he would have second helpings of rice.I noticed that,He wouldnt have lunch or dinner while his out for work, just so that he could come back and eat my cooking..Ahhh that was so satisfying.Being able to prepare food and just look after your husbands well being.

Ayam sambal, again mixed vege!, steamed tofu

I love cooking.for now that is.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Reviving my blog

Oh my its been almost a month since i last blogged.

I've realised that after i got married, i dont really have the time for myself furthermore putting in a few minutes to blog about everyday stuff.

Anyway, today i promised myself that i would find time to blog.And here I am, trying to recap bits and pieces from the month of October.

October has been a mixed of high's and low's for me.Firstly, my brother left and that took a bit of time adjusting.i got myself a hell of a scare and was traumatised with the bus accident at the NKVE highway because i unfortunately got stuck in the massive traffic jam and passed through the horrifying accident scene.After that, I was paranoid everytime i had to drive on the highway and whenever boy drove back and forth between Subang and Melaka..I had nightmares of the decapitated bodies for almost a week! It fortunately subsided and i started to forget.

Enough about the accident, i want to talk about how i enjoyed every moment of last week.
From the 23rd of October until yesterday, my dear parents went for their India trip.
Since my parents were away, boy spent the whole week accompanying his wife.
It was a dream came true when i finally got to cook, did the laundry and just having him with me every night when i go to sleep and waking up beside him.In the span of 5 days, he went to and fro from Subang and Melaka twice to settle some work and return to me the day itself.
We went grocery shopping, watched movies, watch a whole lot of TV together and did other normal husband and wife activities/routine..I made him watch all the reality tv shows on channel E, which he never watches because in Melaka , channel E is not in his subscription list.Basically fought over the remote.There was once, i had to bring the remote with me into the kitchen because i really wanted to watch Giuliana & Bill, and i knew that he would change the channel if i left the remote with him.Was surprised he actually enjoyed the show.He now proclaims that we're the Malaysian version of Giulianna & Bill hence making us "Giuldiyana & Boy".This is because in the show Giuliana & Bill dont live together during the weekdays because of work commitments.he also finds giulianna very funny.
Oh boy is soo cute for coming up with Giuldiyana & Boy.At the end of last week, i'm proud that my husband knows all the reality tv shows that i love mostand he himself was hooked up on Kimora, the Kardashians and of course Giulianna & Bill.hehehe

My parents came back yesterday morning, and so last night boy said goodbye to his upset wife.Was very sad but he promised that he would be coming back to Subang on tuesday.and my brother was soo kind enough to give us the voucher he won from a lucky draw from his company last week.the voucher is for a 1 night stay in Hyatt Kuantan.We called up Hyatt Kuantan this morning and made a reservation for this Saturday! so i'm now excited to go on that trip with my hubby this weekend because we havent slept at a hotel since our honeymoon.wink wink

Oh and last week, i helped put a stray cat out of its and a collague applied minyak gamat to its ears which was just filled with scabs as a result of a very bad infection from ear mites .its ears was basically all covered with scabs and were so crusty that u feel that u could just break off its ears.I'll blog about the poor cat in my next entry.

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