Monday, November 15, 2010

A place to build memories of our own

Next year, I plan not to go on any overseas vacation.(excluding Singapore,Indonesia and Thailand).

I have to help save money in order to afford to buy a house.
The prices for properties are soaring . currently we are searching for our dream home and we are finding it very hard to get a house in the right location with the price that we can afford.We need the house not to be really deep into the heart of KL as we foresee that there would be a constant need to travel back and forth between Melaka/subang and wherever our new house would be.

At the end of next month i'll be going to Paris and London with my family and this time Boy is not joining us.He has to save money to help fill out my pocket money for this trip.Kesian dia..Its not that he is grumbling about the expenditure he has to provide for my trip, its more of when is it that we will be able to save for our future if we are constantly planning for a getaway, be it near or far.For our honeymoon alone we spent more than 10K and that amount could have helped us in contributing for the down payment we are planning to put in for our first house..
The housing loans are such a rip off!!!never realised that u'll end up paying almost 3 folds the amount u actually borrowed.but what is there to complain, u need a loan, so u've got to bear its shitty interests or whatsoever.if not, dont need to buy a house la!..

A house is what i really want for now..A house of our own..Not my parents house, not his mom's..A house i can start making memories with my loving husband..Or maybe we should just rent until we can afford to buy..Not keen on paying almost the same amount that's needed to pay for a housing loan installment, and knowing that the house is not ours makes it soooo not worth it.

Spending 4-5k for a holiday when u are in need of a house for you and your partner, makes the cost for it so not worth it, especially when u dont have your own house to come back to after the trip ..When all the houses these days are like way past 400k.With all the expense we have to take into account with fuel n tolls to pay between Melaka and Subang..With boy having to support his family in Melaka, with all the household expenses etc..

I didnt marry some kind of rich bloke or someone who comes from a wealthy family, but i definitely married someone that's hardworking,loving,kind hearted and a goal achiever.I'm proud that my husband has been able to provide for for his aging mom fully and also provide for his other family members at his age.He is the youngest sibling but he takes care of everything like he is the eldest son..He bears huge responsibilities in the welfare of his family in Melaka.There's no such thing as his money being his alone.I realise that i sometimes sulk when he spends too much money on his family, and that it's hard for us to start saving for our own future like owning our own house but I have to remind myself that great things will come for a kind hearted responsible man like him.So even though we wont be able to afford to buy a house in the next 1-2 years, but i definitely know our time will come because i have a husband that never fails to provide me the best things in life.

Whats most important is to always remember to be grateful and contented in life as we never know whats install for us in the future.But its never wrong to dream.So i'll keep on dreaming for our house till it becomes our reality.


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