Friday, November 26, 2010


Bukan nak cerita pasal hal tempat tido.
Saja nak cerita about my husband mengigau.

last night:Went to bed angry and merajuk with boy because of something.

Around 2am -ish
Boy: hiewhriuwherbksjdfiu (mumbling)

I terjaga because of his mengigau/mumbling

i: Ha, jgn nak mengigau pulak mlm ni eh.(in an angry tone sebab still in merajuk mode)

Boy terus terjaga .and i guess when dia sedar dia mengigau, he giggled

i on the other hand nak gelak sgt, but have to control sbb tgh merajuk kan..

Adoi, funny sgt la last night..i seriously could not make out what he was mumbling.
Bila dah ok today, i brought up the mengigau part and both of us broke into laughter.


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