Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On Gifts

Have been looking around for a messenger /reporter bag for my darling's birthday present.
Saw one at Hugo Boss's website that i like and its within my budget.I'm hoping that i'd get it for a cheaper price at Bicester Village.
There was also a nice LV clutch men's bag, but that one is out of my budget.
I really am torn between getting him a messenger/reporter bag or a men's clutch, since he's been eyeing on both type of bags whenever we come across it.

I want to get him something he likes .and i'm taking a gamble at buying him his present without him actually choosing/knowing it.But i want to surprise him this year.I want him to feel appreciated and see that i made the effort.
I could get him that LV clutch, but that would mean less spending money on items for myself in london..should i sacrifice? we'll see.That is if i've shopped for my part and there's enough money for the clutch, then i'd definitely get it = selfish wife.

For the doorgifts i really hope there's like super cheap items on sale at Marks n spencer.i'm only giving out doorgifts to the ladies..I remember my aunt getting me powders for like 50p..that would be great but there's another issue like overweight baggage if i were to take home 30-40 powders..bad idea? scrap the doorgifts all together? no?Depends on my budget la.

If only i had a bigger budget for his birthday...


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