Friday, December 24, 2010

Bonjour Paris

Its almost 9pm in paris and I'm ready for bed.It snowed the whole day today and it was freakin cold..we went to the eiffle tower and me,mom and my cousin was suffering from the cold that we spent like less than half an hour there. We obviously didn't go up the tower. We were just too cold. I couldn't feel my fingers as it was numb by the cold.I've seen snow before but I have never experienced snow actually showering. On the 1st day we got to paris we managed to visit the Louvre museum where the monalisa was, the champ elysees,and the arc de triomph.on the 1st day here in paris, the cold was unbearable, but today was just excruciating. The weather forecast shows that tomorrow will bring more snow showers and the temperature will drop to -6 degrees celcius. I dnt knw how we are going to manage tomorrow's condition. I would have to add more layers to my clothing to keep me in paris was'nt that fun as we had to squeeze a only a few hours for shopping besides visiting all the must see places. Tomorrow we are leaving for London by eurostar. I'll blog more about my exhausting journey from KLia to london and to paris in more than 24 hours. I'm currently still jet lagged and I'm struggling to cope with the weather and the exhaustion.I can't wait to get to London n go shopping.


Anonymous said...

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