Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Berbuka with anak2 yatim

2 saturday's ago -the 1st saturday in ramadhan, we had berbuka puasa at my cousins (kak ana's)restaurant in Istana Budaya.
Dad invited 150 anak yatim for the buka puasa. actually dad wanted to invite the anak2 yatim to my wedding reception ,but because we were worried we could not attend to them , therefore we planned for a buka puasa event.

My mom and aunts from around subang jaya and taman tun managed to successfully collect almost 24k and distributed it to a few orphanage homes around the klang valley this year.
So after berbuka puasa and solat terawih, we gave away duit raya and hampers for the anak2 yatim we celebrated that day..The kids were so excited and happy.

Heartbreaking to see some of the kids were as young as 3 year olds..still in need of attention and all..ada one boy, mintak i ambik kan nasi dgn kuah je for berbuka.

Towards the end, my cousin allowed the anak2 yatim to pack the food to go..Some of them dapat bungkus air pon very happy already.
Glad at least they dapat merasa berbuka kat luar, dapat duit raya, and some snacks to bring back.

Friday, August 13, 2010

i miss my husband

I miss my husband all the time..
It makes me sad that i'm not there to prepare his meals for berbuka puasa, take care of his clothes and do everything that a wife does for her husband.

As u all know, i get to be with my husband only during the weekends and occasionally in the middle of the week if he has work to do in kl or if he misses me too much..
Before we got married, i thought it would be the same thing and i wouldnt be too affected by being apart as we've been in this kind of relationship for so long..

Now i understand the feeling of other weekend wives..i used to read their blogs..about how upset they got.about how they felt so unhappy and the only thing they look forward is for the weekend..now i understand..

After i got married, what i realised was..actually i loved him in a different way.it's a different kind of love..and being married for not yet a month, it break my hearts every time he has to go back to melaka..but i have to let him go..both of us have our responsibilities.we want a better future so we have to sacrifice a bit now..

When the time is right, the financial is great, he'll move his business to kl.and we'll be together..for the time being, i have to put on a smile and suck it up..

i miss my husband all the time..i'm hoping he misses me as much too.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Our honeymoon

The Akad Nikah

My reception at Dewan Merak Kayangan

My Majlis Bertandang

Just pictures from all 3 events plus and our honeymoon. cant wait to get photos from the wedding photographer

Friday, August 6, 2010

My honeymoon

I'm back from my honeymoon..
Fun filled activities everyday for 7 days.
It's winter in Australia, and the nights tend to be cold, but since we went to Gold Coast the lowest temperature i guess was only about 16 degrees..the days are a bit warmer with sunshine but with cold winds.Hence walking around Surfers Paradise was great.No sweat at all..I bet i could walk 1 km without breaking a sweat.

We managed to go to all the places we planned.We went to Movieworld, Seaworld,we went whale watching(my dream came true),the wildlife park(saw kangaroos and koalas), shopping at harbour town(a must go for factory outlet shopping place)..
Food wise was easy there..there were alot of halal shops there..Quite a few malaysian restaurants,, kebab stalls and stuff, Halal Indian restaurants..We ate like we were in Malaysia..spent a fortune on food..Boy memang dari segi food memang takde nak saving2..

We travelled around by bus..the buses are so reliable and on time..But it could be quite pricey for a bus ride if you convert it to ringgit...Like 20 dollars for a return trip to movie world.Spend like almost 150 dollars on bus rides.
It starts to get dark at aroun 5+pm..so it feels like the nights are longer there..
There was one night that boy went to bed at 8pm..and woke up at 2am..

We had a blast shopping there..There was one day in Harbourtown's Polo Ralph Lauren store, every item was on a 50% discount..memang best sgt..the 2nd time we went there dah takde sale..luckily we bought the clothes we wanted the 1st time we went..At ValleyGirl's stores,ladies clothes were like 10 dollars and all..! Went crazy.but the only thing holding me back was that i have to keep in mind of the excess weight for luggage since we were flying with Air Asia..

Whale watching was spectacular..we were lucky to see quite a few whales...best sangat.they're huge!!there were even dolphins following our cruise ship..bestnya..Actually,whale watching was the last thing to do in our list..because its quite expensive..tapi boy insists that we go, sebab he knew it really meant alot to me..Furthermore, the whale wathcing season is only in winter..then the whales migrate and pass through the coast on their way back up north to the antartic.i love my husband for making my dream come true.

On the other hand, i could do without going to Movie world since i've always been afraid of going on rollercoasters.Boy tricked me on going on one of the rides..he said it was the least scariest.Happened to be that i didnt get the full view of the ride before i got on it..Lethal weapon 2 and so its called..I got on it..i was bloody quiet for the whole 1 minute i was on it..praying inside..cursing boy inside my heart...IT HAPPENED TO BE THE SCARIEST RIDE IN MOVIEWORLD..IT HAD 2 OR 3 LOOPS!!.
Never in my life that i thought i would go on a roller coaster that had loops.!!!
But now, i'm thanking boy for making me do it..but i'll never do it again!\

All in all, we had an exciting honeymoon/trip..spent quality time exploring the Gold Coast with my husband.

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