Wednesday, June 30, 2010

16 days

When i just got engaged, i was counting the days to my wedding like every single day.
Got excited on anything that has to do with weddings.Pestered boy to prepare for his reception, like constantly..Got hurt when he didnt seem to be interested in the preparations, when he seems more interested in work more than the wedding.

Today, i'm 16 days away from the day i've been thinking non stop for the past 8 months.And i'm thinking why is it approaching so quickly, where else, 4-5 months ago,i was dying for it to come fast.

Lately, what seems to be so important 4-5 months ago, really doesnt seem to even matter.Wedding dress, wedding dais, photographer, wedding cards and a million other things has been attended to with love and hope that it would be the best to my eyes, if not to others..For now, i just want to relax and hopefully be calm enough to face the upcoming stressful days ahead.

Lets just hope everything turns out nicely.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

17 days

2 more rolls of kain..
managed to cut 1 whole role last night.
my 2 brothers helped stick the stickers on the doorgifts, and mom stuffed the kain into it and packed it back into the boxes.

The plan is to finish sticking the stickers and stuffing the materials for all 1500 pieces and then send them off to my cousin-(who is sponsoring the telur, and who will also rebus the telur) for them to put in the telur 1 day before my reception.
They (my cousin and her husband) offered to help do the egg boiling and inserting because they have enough man power at their cafe in istana budaya-which is also very nearby to Merak Kayangan.They will also send it off to the hall the morning of my reception..

They are offering to do this because they are worried if they were to boil the eggs on wednesday, inserting the telur at my house by relatives on thursday, then it'll be busuk by the time we give it to the guests on saturday.They dont want to take the risk.

I'm very thankful that they've offered to help, as this saves the trouble of storing the doorgifts at home during the nikah and transporting it to the hall.

The down side of it is that i myself and my family have to do all the sticking n stuffing on our own..Initially, my relatives were supposed to come help us do all of this one day before my nikah.:(

preparing for a wedding is so not easy

Monday, June 28, 2010

18 days

18 hari lagi.

1) visa for honeymoon
2) go get the rings
3) baju fitting
4) tampal sticker, sumbat kain in doorgifts
5) buy bubble guns
6) buy heels for boy's reception
7) find someone to do my inai
8) book hotel for after my reception
9) color hair, mandi spa, facial
10) beli batang for bunga manggar
11) give information to MC

ok i'm nervous.

Friday, June 25, 2010

3 weeks

3 weeks...

3 more rolls of kain to has been 3 more for the last 2 weeks..malas sgt.
so not in the mood to do any ordered thank u stickers with my name and boy's on it.nak kena tampal on each doorgift=1500.. i told mom, lets wait for the day before my nikah, bila org dtg tlg nak isi the kain n the telur, mintak tlg tampal skali sticker..hahahha.. yes, i am sooo not in the mood...

i've assigned my 2 brothers to plan on where to put all the furnitures from downstairs during the nikah..i dont care where they put it, as long as my dad doesnt have to worry about it..i need my dad to be dad has the reputation of senang panic and marah bila things kelam kabut..

honestly i know my dad is the person most affected with me getting married..have always been close to mom..tapi my dad macam so sedih i nak kawin..kejap2 kang, bila tgh sit together while watching tv, he'll say...'we have only 3 weekends with u left, nanti u sure takde rumah bila weekend'.. mau i tak mom relax skit about the whole thing...dia happy gila baju dia buat turns out cantik..she was parading herself in her baju in front of us..

malas ok.malas nak buat anything..kalau my baju tak cantik pun , i tak kisah whatever...seriously whatever.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Finally, we bought flight tickets for our honeymoon.
We are so excited that we are going to the planned honeymoon destination..

We are going for 7 nights , 2 nights longer than the initial plan.
First vacation as husband and wife..Selama ni pegi holiday as bf and gf..
Now i have another thing to look forward to besides our wedding..
I usually plan out everything for our vacation..Boy tinggal bayar and bawak badan je..i sometimes wish he was a bit more helpful in planning all of this.

Have to keep in mind this trip is not for shopping..only for sightseeing and other less cash spending activities.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cold feet..

I woke up this morning feeling so in love..
I guess it doesnt matter how my wedding the end of the day, i'm getting married to my boyfriend of 8 years.the one who knows me best..the person i share my innermost thoughts and secrets..

Ya Allah please help me through this difficult phase of engagement and may we become 1 on the 16th of july...
And may my future husband love me for who ever i'll become in the future, may he cares for me the way he has cared this past 8 years, better still if he cares even more for me in the years to come.I pray that he'll always be fair to me, and most importantly towards my family..

It bring tears to me whenever i think of the amount of time left i have of being my parents daughter..and how fast approaching is the time i'll turn into someone's wife..with the responsibilities i have towards my husband and his family...I pray that we would never hurt either sides of our family...

I need time to comprehend that i need to be more independent.i need to switch roles..I have to be the one caring for my family, his family and most importantly for my i ready? i dont know..but insyallah i'll try my best..

Boy was looking at me the other day and said, " ala sayang, u dah ready nak jadi wife ke?, u ni baby lagi tau tak"

with lots of prayers..Insyallah.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pelamin angan ku , x disangka dapat juga!. wth?!!

yesterday i went to Merak Kayangan.

Went with mom and a cousin..
We started with finalising our menu then carried on with choosing the pelamin for the reception.Nak tambah teh tarik kena additional rm2.huhu..they dont include hot drinks in their set.chose color for our chair ribbons.since they dnt have pink, i went with silver..

When the pelamin guy arrived, he brought 2 photo albums of all the pelamins with him..
One album was the one with pictures of the pelamins that are complimentary from Merak Kayangan..The other one is the one that u have to pay for it.

OMG..No offence, pelamin yang dapat free kan, what d0 u expect kan..lagipun, semua my cousins pernah kahwin kat either dewan felda or merak kayangan..pelamin semua cousins pun macam sikit lebih kurang je..what differs it is the color of the kain2 for the backdrop je..

Mom was also a bit tak semangat nak pilih pelamin yg free pelamin tu pon macam nak cepat je..dalam masa mom was going through the 'Pelamin free album', i browsed through the album yang pelamin kena bayar..mmg la lagi lawa.n ada yang kerusi putih besar n tinggi yg i've always also has always liked it..

Last2 mom said oklah, we take pelamin yang kerusi putih besar tinggi tu.!!
YEay..tapi kena split with mom la bayar duit pelamin.
lepas ckp je nak pilih pelamin yg kena bayar tu, baru la org tu semangat nak layan. dia cakap dia akan buat cantik2.kurang asam..

actually, mmg i dont want to spend money langsung kat pelamin.. initially i nak redha n just choose je mana2 yg dpt complimentary.tapi agaknya, mmg dah takdir i kena kluar duit jugak.. banyak nya pakai duit nak kawin....

ni belum color rambut, facial, mandi2 apa ntah, nak beli sexy under garments lagi.huhu..cincin lagi..

spend so much money for a 4 hour wasteful but ..
spend money on a once in a lifetime event makes it all worth it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

My rojak entry

Ok my bedroom set arrived on friday..
and its in the guest room downstairs.
So the queen bed from downstairs has been moved into my room upstairs, and my single bed has been moved to my youngest brother's room, and his bed has been thrown away..

I hate my room because of the queen size bed taking up so much space.even my cat seems unsatisfied with the room, now that her bed is far away and is not the same level as my bed.Her bed used to be on top of my unused laundry basket which i stuffed with my teddy bears that when i put my cat's bed it wouldnt fall into the basket.hence making her bed the same height as my bed.I threw away my laundry basket, so her bed is now on the floor..Sian my baby busuk..My Lion Queen.

This week, mom is trying to arrange for our food tasting at merak kayangan.during that time, we would also be able to choose our pelamin, etc2..
I actually just want and all white pelamin, but mom has been saying , it would be unattractive if it was so..we'll see how it goes..

I'm also in the process of filling out the invitation cards-actually a friend has been so kind to write out the invitations because she has nice handwriting.

I'm nervous because there's still quite a lot to do..

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kerabu Mangga

Kerabu Mangga

2 days ago boy came to see me and we were on our way to go to pyramid .
He was saying that he's hungry and already thinking of what to eat when we get there.
Then the kerabu mangga topic came up..All this while i've known that he doesnt really like kerabu mangga..but he does eat it once in awhile.Teringat time we were having dinner at a thai restaurant about a week ago, and i ordered kerabu mangga(forgot that he didnt quite like it)-but he got to order other dishes and i didnt complain!
When the kerabu mangga arrived, i was happily eating and i asked him to try some of it.he politely declined, tapi ada muka merajuk skit at the time..but i buat dunno..Dia tak mkn the kerabu, and i couldnt finish it, so i happily had the remaining kerabu mangga to go.
So that was that.

Back to the conversation i was having with boy in the car on the way to pyramid.
He said.. 'i memang tak suka kerabu mangga'
and i asked him why, he was trying to come out with a right word for his excuse untill i said - ' tak macho ke makan kerabu mangga?'
He said YES!! THATS THE BEST way to explain why he doesnt eat it.

Rupa2nya, to him any food that is sour, is not macho.Thus making kerabu mangga a not macho dish..He even explained to me that he doesnt squeeze any lime to his dishes for instance- mee goreng, mee kari etc2- any dishes that gets the extra umphh if eaten with a bit of squeezed lime, simply because it makes him a not macho guy!

there's no such thing !! mana ada 'tak macho' food.!!

He said its ok to drink sour drinks, but a no no to sour food..

Oh my, 8 tahun baru i come to know about this whole sour dish issue..
So selfish of me..even though its ridiculous, i have to keep that in mind with me for the rest of my life ..

To my boyfriend,

tak payahla nak perasan ur even macho to begin with.hahaha.(just kidding b) so, dont need to restrain urself from enjoying sour dishes ok.

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