Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cold feet..

I woke up this morning feeling so in love..
I guess it doesnt matter how my wedding the end of the day, i'm getting married to my boyfriend of 8 years.the one who knows me best..the person i share my innermost thoughts and secrets..

Ya Allah please help me through this difficult phase of engagement and may we become 1 on the 16th of july...
And may my future husband love me for who ever i'll become in the future, may he cares for me the way he has cared this past 8 years, better still if he cares even more for me in the years to come.I pray that he'll always be fair to me, and most importantly towards my family..

It bring tears to me whenever i think of the amount of time left i have of being my parents daughter..and how fast approaching is the time i'll turn into someone's wife..with the responsibilities i have towards my husband and his family...I pray that we would never hurt either sides of our family...

I need time to comprehend that i need to be more independent.i need to switch roles..I have to be the one caring for my family, his family and most importantly for my i ready? i dont know..but insyallah i'll try my best..

Boy was looking at me the other day and said, " ala sayang, u dah ready nak jadi wife ke?, u ni baby lagi tau tak"

with lots of prayers..Insyallah.


Izrin said...

Di, got your card.. am so excited. insyaAllah, u'll be perfect for each other. u guys are made to complete each other's life.. :) jangan takut-takut.. a lot of pl go through it. u can do it!!! u can still be ur parents' baby once a while bila u blk umah ur parents.. heheh...

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