Monday, June 7, 2010

My rojak entry

Ok my bedroom set arrived on friday..
and its in the guest room downstairs.
So the queen bed from downstairs has been moved into my room upstairs, and my single bed has been moved to my youngest brother's room, and his bed has been thrown away..

I hate my room because of the queen size bed taking up so much space.even my cat seems unsatisfied with the room, now that her bed is far away and is not the same level as my bed.Her bed used to be on top of my unused laundry basket which i stuffed with my teddy bears that when i put my cat's bed it wouldnt fall into the basket.hence making her bed the same height as my bed.I threw away my laundry basket, so her bed is now on the floor..Sian my baby busuk..My Lion Queen.

This week, mom is trying to arrange for our food tasting at merak kayangan.during that time, we would also be able to choose our pelamin, etc2..
I actually just want and all white pelamin, but mom has been saying , it would be unattractive if it was so..we'll see how it goes..

I'm also in the process of filling out the invitation cards-actually a friend has been so kind to write out the invitations because she has nice handwriting.

I'm nervous because there's still quite a lot to do..


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