Tuesday, June 29, 2010

17 days

2 more rolls of kain..
managed to cut 1 whole role last night.
my 2 brothers helped stick the stickers on the doorgifts, and mom stuffed the kain into it and packed it back into the boxes.

The plan is to finish sticking the stickers and stuffing the materials for all 1500 pieces and then send them off to my cousin-(who is sponsoring the telur, and who will also rebus the telur) for them to put in the telur 1 day before my reception.
They (my cousin and her husband) offered to help do the egg boiling and inserting because they have enough man power at their cafe in istana budaya-which is also very nearby to Merak Kayangan.They will also send it off to the hall the morning of my reception..

They are offering to do this because they are worried if they were to boil the eggs on wednesday, inserting the telur at my house by relatives on thursday, then it'll be busuk by the time we give it to the guests on saturday.They dont want to take the risk.

I'm very thankful that they've offered to help, as this saves the trouble of storing the doorgifts at home during the nikah and transporting it to the hall.

The down side of it is that i myself and my family have to do all the sticking n stuffing on our own..Initially, my relatives were supposed to come help us do all of this one day before my nikah.:(

preparing for a wedding is so not easy


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