Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kerabu Mangga

Kerabu Mangga

2 days ago boy came to see me and we were on our way to go to pyramid .
He was saying that he's hungry and already thinking of what to eat when we get there.
Then the kerabu mangga topic came up..All this while i've known that he doesnt really like kerabu mangga..but he does eat it once in awhile.Teringat time we were having dinner at a thai restaurant about a week ago, and i ordered kerabu mangga(forgot that he didnt quite like it)-but he got to order other dishes and i didnt complain!
When the kerabu mangga arrived, i was happily eating and i asked him to try some of it.he politely declined, tapi ada muka merajuk skit at the time..but i buat dunno..Dia tak mkn the kerabu, and i couldnt finish it, so i happily had the remaining kerabu mangga to go.
So that was that.

Back to the conversation i was having with boy in the car on the way to pyramid.
He said.. 'i memang tak suka kerabu mangga'
and i asked him why, he was trying to come out with a right word for his excuse untill i said - ' tak macho ke makan kerabu mangga?'
He said YES!! THATS THE BEST way to explain why he doesnt eat it.

Rupa2nya, to him any food that is sour, is not macho.Thus making kerabu mangga a not macho dish..He even explained to me that he doesnt squeeze any lime to his dishes for instance- mee goreng, mee kari etc2- any dishes that gets the extra umphh if eaten with a bit of squeezed lime, simply because it makes him a not macho guy!

there's no such thing !! mana ada 'tak macho' food.!!

He said its ok to drink sour drinks, but a no no to sour food..

Oh my, 8 tahun baru i come to know about this whole sour dish issue..
So selfish of me..even though its ridiculous, i have to keep that in mind with me for the rest of my life ..

To my boyfriend,

tak payahla nak perasan ur even macho to begin with.hahaha.(just kidding b) so, dont need to restrain urself from enjoying sour dishes ok.


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