Friday, October 30, 2009

nasib baik

after making numerous phone calls to Boy and texting him like a million times.finally he called me.but i wasnt by my phone.then late last night,we were texting each other.i wanted to call him,but i didnt wanna push it..

So,i'm feeling more alive now that Boy is slowly giving in to me.Yey!!

Oh yes,and last night i followed my mom to Putrajaya .ziarah kematian.kawan my mom punya daughter..she was 23.kidney failure..they detected it this year,and there was not much that the doctors could do.When i saw muka jenazah smalam,her face was calm and also clean ..she must have been a good daughter in her life.she was studying medicine in bandung..she was already in her 4th year.but God loves her more,and took her life at a young age.
Makes you realise that life on earth is only temporary,and if you get off track..MasyaAllah..

Important steps and to do list

Persediaan Dokumen
Sediakan satu folder untuk anda menyimpan dokumen peribadi anda.
Sebaiknya sediakan dokumen dibawah:
• Salinan Kad Pengenalan (min 10)
• Salinan Surat Beranak (min 3)
• Salinan Surat Nikah Ibubapa (min 3)
• Salinan Kad Pengenalan wali(min 5)
• Gambar bersongkot/bertudung saiz pasport (min 5)
• Salinan Sijil Kursus pra perkahwinan (min 5)
• Perintah bertulis dari mahkamah mengenai wali hakim, poligami/ nikah
bawah umur dan lain-lain.
• Kebenaran kedutaan jika warga asing.
• Kebenaran majikan bagi anggota Polis dan Tentera.
• Surat Pengakuan bujang dari majikan (lelaki sahaja)
• Surat cerai, jika pernah berkahwin

Ujian HIV
Semua Jabatan Agama Negeri telah mewajibkan bakal pengantin untuk
menjalani Ujian Kesihatan HIV. Ujian mestilah dilakukan di Hospital Kerajaan
dan Klinik Kesihatan Kerajaan. Ujian di hospital dan klinik swasta TIDAK
diterima. Borang ujian boleh didapati di Pejabat Agama. Harga borang dalam
lingkungan RM5.00-RM10.00 setiap satu.
Keputusan ujian adalah SULIT. Sampul surat ujian hanya boleh dibuka oleh
Jabatan Agama Negeri sahaja.
Bagi individu yang keputusanya HIV POSITIF, nasihat dan kaunseling akan

Permohonan Kebenaran Berkahwin.
Terdapat banyak jenis Permohonan kebenaran berkahwin. Pastikan diri anda
dalam kategori yang betul. Jenis Permohonan seperti berikut.
Perhatian: Peraturan-peraturan berkahwin adalah berbeza di
antara Jabatan Agama Negeri berlainan. Pastikan anda
menyemak dahulu dengan Jabatan Agama berdekatan. Panduan di
bawah ini sebagai rujukan anda sahaja

a) Kategori 1: Lelaki dan perempuan dari satu Negeri dan akan bernikah
berkahwin di Negeri yang sama. (Contoh: Lelaki dan perempuan dari
Kuala Lumpur dan akan bernikah di Kuala Lumpur)
b) Kategori 2: Lelaki dari Negeri berlainan dan akan bernikah di Negeri
tempat perempuan. (Contoh: Lelaki dari Kuala Lumpur, perempuan
dari Negeri Sembilan dan akan bernikah di Negeri Sembilan)
c) Kategori 3: Lelaki dan perempuan dari Negeri berlainan dan bernikah
di Negeri yang lain. (Contoh: Lelaki dari Kuala Lumpur, perempuan dari
Negeri Sembilan dan akan bernikah di Selangor)
d) Kategori 4: Berkahwin dengan warga asing

Kategori 2: Lelaki dari Negeri berlainan dan akan bernikah di
Negeri tempat perempuan. (Contoh: Lelaki dari Kuala Lumpur,
perempuan dari Negeri Sembilan dan akan bernikah di Negeri
1. Dapatkan borang kebenaran berkahwin di Pejabat Agama Negeri
terdekat atau berjumpa dengan Imam Jurunikah di Masjid berdekatan
kariah anda. Satu borang untuk setiap seorang lelaki dan perempuan.
2. Pihak lelaki mengisi borang tersebut.
3. Dapatkan pengesahan bujang dari majikan. (lelaki)
4. Dapatkan pengesahan anak kariah dari Imam di masjid kariah anda.
5. Hantarkan borang Permohonan lelaki ke Pejabat Agama Negeri dan
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6. Pihak perempuan akan mengisi borang.
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8. Pastikan salinan dokumen yang dikehendaki cukup.
9. Lampirkan bersama borang dari pihak lelaki yang lengkap diisi.
10. Hantar borang ke Pejabat Agama. Pejabat agama akan
menimbangkan permohonan anda. Jika tidak diluluskan, Pejabat
Agama akan menghubungi anda untuk menyelesaikan masalah yang
11. Jika diluluskan, simpan Kebenaran Perkahwinan anda di tempat yang
selamat. Imam Jurunikah akan menyemaknya sebelum upacara
pernikahan anda.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

he is so mad at me

i have not spoken to Boy for 3 days!!..
i guess he is mad that i used awful2 words to him last the term darah manis is really bothering me.he has never been this mad at me..
i know i should've change after being engaged but he sure knows how to tick me off..
sometimes he irritates and throw painful accusations towards me..
for him to want me to change to a better person,i think he should have played the right role and maybe change.
Boy out of all the people in the world should understand me the most and TRUST me..
he really has his trust issues..i'm really sad,i'm not well and i miss him so much..
at the back of my mind i keep on thinking " what if he wants to break it off"
oh my,i surely hope he is still thinking properly..
org darah manis senang influenced by setan!!
i can accept if he is teaching me a lesson but what if he leaves me..
i'm worried,scared and i feel that life is at a standstill till we're back to normal..

Saturday, October 24, 2009


the nikah pelamin that i sgt!

Part of the card (the piece of hard paper that's supposed to be inside the hard cover which has all the information of the wedding)

this is the outer hard cover(but this isnt the envelope).u slide through the piece of paper in the picture above, through the right side of the outer cover.

I'm glad that i've placed the booking for my nikah pelamin and also my wedding cards..anyway i went to the wedding exhibition again with my parents in the evening,and they agreed with my choice of pelamin and they helped pick out the card design..

so i'm supposed to follow up with the pelamin and the card person in charge in probably april.
yES!!2 things can be checked off the to look for/do list

Its true what they say about wedding exhibition-u can save a whole lot of money!!

wedding exhibition n dinner with friends

Just got back from having dinner with the girls.had a nice time.we ate dinner at monte's in BSC and adjourned to WIP or whip into place(formerly known as Work In Progress).

Food at monte's was good. We had-salad with smoked salmon n nachos for appertiser,i ate cajun chicken,asma-lamb shank n dzue-spaghetti olio(a bit salty).besides dzue's dish,everything else was delicious.the prices were really not that bad...

Earlier in the day,i went to the pameran pengantin with asma.i was amazed at the bridal packages.way cheaper than i budgeted for everything.i saw a pelamin nikah tht i like.i'm thinking of taking my mom there tomorrow to get her approval n hopefully just put the deposit.well rite this moment i'm missing boy..and i cant fall asleep.really hope to see him this weekend..

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pameran Pengantin

I was reading someone's blog ,and saw that there's a wedding exhibition going on in Plaza Alam Sentral,Shah starts on the 22nd to the 25th of October.
Is it really worth going to?
i dont know but i am keen in finding out..Asma has agreed to accompany me.(thanks asma,if i tau u curi2 baca blog i,i block u,hehe)
hopefully the exhibition would give me guidance on how to plan a wedding.

Other than that,the plan for today is to have Asma's birthday dinner in Bangsar with Dzue..yey!

About the issues that has been going on ,hmm...well just hope for the best..i think that someone has regretted and learned it the hard way.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


What happens to you when someone you look up to, dissapoints you..
you trust the person to know whats right and wrong.
but it seems that its just typical of this particular gender to be changes my perception towards can never EVER give your trust 100%.
nevertheless i still respect and love the person..because..........
ALL of us are bound to make mistakes.we are all only human.

what else can i say..there's only so much i can say and advice,
but at the end of the day I must remember that there is a limit to this.
After all i have a long journey to go in life..

May Allah protect,guide us and bring us happiness and joy.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Back in 2002

I've been wanting to write down about how boy approached me in 2002.well,i'll try my best to remember..

It was i guess in early september 2002.i was still studying in day, i got a phone call..i answered and this guy on the line asked me if i had called his number before because according to him,my phone number was in his phone bill..i said to him no of course.then he said nevermind then..then he called again the next day asking the same thing..i started to get annoyed.i gave him a piece of my mind..and then he confessed..he got my number from his friend who happens to be my friends bf at the time..he said he saw me and my friends at a club with my friends bf he asked for my number from my friends bf..

At first i just looked at the situation as a pathetic guy trying to woo me.. i just played along..note in mind i've never known how he looks like because we just spoke on the phone..untill one day he offered to give me lift back to malacca since he was in Kl.i accepted his offer..i know it was not wise to accept a lift from a considered stranger,but maybe at the time i was still young and naive.the moment i saw him i thought to myself-(buruknya mamat ni and what have i gotten myself into)before leaving,my dear friends asked for his IC to jot down his particulars(JUST IN CASE)..and from then on he started to ask me out..i remembered he used to top up credits for my hp..and he would purposely say that he accidentally bought hotlink credit(he was using celcom at the time)..really cute the way he wanted to make his mission subtle..

From then on my friends labelled him as up.hehhee.
then our friendship grew from first i couldnt believe he was being possessive even though we have not declared anything and later on he actually forced me to be his gf..i really wasnt ready to be in another relationship at the time,but considering he was a great friend/scandal, i reluctantly accepted..

Alhamdulillah the love grew and now 7 years later i am glad i chose to be with him..
its funny how people meet and fall in love really cant go out and look for LOVE.because love comes in the most unexpected and unpredictable way.That is what we in malay call 'jodoh and takdir'..

I'm glad i didnt have to kiss a lot of frogs to find my true love..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Package i'm taking (Insyallah)



Penyediaan Makanan dan Minuman Secara Buffet Di Dewan Merak Kayangan. Masa Hidangan diantara 12.00 Tengahhari Hingga 3.00 Petang.
Sebuah Pelamin Khas untuk Bersanding dan Bergambar Kenangan Bersama Keluarga.
Hiasan dan Gubahan Bunga segar untuk Meja Pengantin / Meja Utama (Meja Makan Berdamai) dengan Bilangan Maksima 10 Orang Sahaja.
Penyediaan 2 Meja VIP Secara Berhidang untuk Tetamu Khas. (Tambahan RM100.00 Semeja untuk Tambahan Meja Berhidang yang Berikutnya)
Sebuah Gerbang Perkahwinan di Pintu Masuk Utama Ke Dewan Persandingan.
Tambahan Tiga (3) Jenis Lauk Untuk Meja Pengantin. (Akan ditentukan oleh Felda D’Saji)
Lagu Lagu Pengantin Baru akan dimainkan melalui CD dan Pitar Rakaman untuk Memeriahkan Majlis Perkahwinan.
Public Address / P.A System untuk Berucap dan kegunaan Juru Acara Majlis sahaja.
Tempat Letak Kereta Percuma untuk semua Tetamu Di Basment Dewan Merak Kayangan dengan Kawalan Keselamatan dan Lalulintas oleh Unit Polis Bantuan Felda.
Pakej Istimewa Raja Sehari ini ditawarkan Pada Harga RM30.00 Nett Seorang Dengan Bilangan Jemputan Minima 700 Orang Tetamu. Kadar berikutnya RM18.00 Nett Selepas bilangan Tersebut.

so...i have to add on fancy chair covers with the bow,and aisle flower stands.

save the dates!

i love her wedding dress design..

Merak Kayangan Felda

white pelamin

purple pelamin

light blue pelamin
(random source of pics )

Insyallah the plan that has been confirmed by both sides during the bertunang discussions is that our nikah,my reception and bertandang would be:

nikah:16 july 2010 (friday)
my reception:17 july 2010 (saturday)
boy's reception:24th july (saturday)

I was going through some blogs,and i stumbled upon one particular blog that says in the islamic calendar,the syaaban month is one of the good months to get married.and for 2010 the syaaban month starts on the 13th of july(tuesday)..Alhamdulillah..

Initially the plan for my nikah was supposed to be at night at my house.but after the bertunang event,we got very tired..that is even when my bertunang was held in the my parents has decided it would not be wise to have the nikah at night considering the next day is my reception..and we have to be at merak kayangan in the morning for the first i was a bit upset,but when i think about it,i was contempt with a morning nikah event.

the theme colour for my nikah would be peach..but of course i would be wearing white.For my nikah,i want both my good friends Asma and Dzue to be my pengapit..i want them to sit on the right and left of me during the akad nikah..i plan to make them wear the same material but with different individual designs.
I plan to tell boy that if its possible i want his sides to wear turqoise on the nikah would be nice if all his nephews that were to carry the hantarans into my house to wear the exact same color and it would look damn good in the pictures.

for my reception,the chosen colour is FUSCHIA pink.I would probably wear white again or silver.i havent decided yet because i have to wait for the designer's approval.but my dream is to have merak kayangan filled with fuschia pink on the 17th of july next year..i want a fuschia pink hand bouquet.i want white and fuschia pink flowers on my pelamin..i want fuschia pink ribbons for the chairs.

These are all just my dream and goals for my wedding..If it really happens the way i want it then Alhamdulillah and if not, insyallah i wouldnt make a big deal out of it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

sue's hen nite

last friday night,all 17 of us including syikin's 2 year old daughter Sara gathered for sue's hen nite.the theme was pajama wear..
Thanks to farhana for hosting the party at her place was a simple and fun night..there was a singing contest with the PS3 and followed by pictionary..
being us,most of the night was filled with our picture sessions..
sue is getting married in the end of the december but since she works in dublin(she was in m'sia for 2 weeks to prepare for her wedding) so we had to make it happen before she went back.i do hope she had fun!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

more pics on engagement

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The reasons

To mr Boy,
i hope one day u'll read this and realise how much i love and i just cant live without u..i love you for so many reasons:

-you have been so caring..bila i sakit, u jaga..especially the day i got food poisoning in 2007 on my birthday.(u dont think i would remember kan,but i do),hingus i semua u lap ok,u tak pernah geli dgn i..
-you know when its time for me to get new things.(if you see i've been wearing the same clothes again and again,you know when its time to get my hair done etc)
-you encourage me to have time for my girlfriends.
-you always have been very forgiving..even if you get mad easily,but u cool down the next minute.(i understand u b and i accept that)
-you pamper me and the way u manjakan i like budak2(u suka nak timang2 i and suruh i do my silly dance move)
-you are a responsible man(u have been the head of your family ever since your father passed away-i'm impressed b,bukan senang nak jaga mak and adik beradik,anak2 sedara)
-you love your mom so much that if you're away from melaka,and you call up your mom and ask her if she has eaten,and if she hasnt,u wont have the appetite to eat.
-you care for my parents too,always make sure we bring back something for my parents whenever we go out.
-you know how to talk and behave around people(sometimes i think its a bit deceiving)
-you prooved that you could rise from nothing to the man you are now in your business(seriously from zero to alhamdulillah selesa skarang)
-you are so easy to pujuk,cakap dgn u manja2 skit terus u dah tak marah and merajuk,not like me(i must change from now on)
-you always want people to look highly upon me
-you cannot hear me saying i teringin la nak itu ini.u would do your best to provide me with everything.sometimes i think you take your responsibilities towards me way too serious.(macam i'm your daughter pulak)sweet sgt ok b.
-you are hardworking.everything you do has to do with how to improve our lives.
-you get jealous easily,like you think i'm so pretty ke apa.

anyway,can u feel and see it now.
i'm sorry if i'm too bossy and if i'm not supportive in the things you're into lately..i've always been to busy pinpointing the things i wont let you do that sometimes i foresee the list above..i'll try to change for you..without a doubt youre the one for me.i've known u since i was 19.and now i'm 26 and we're engaged..its not too long till we reach not the end but this beautiful journey in a different phase..i love u!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

26-09-2009 (Engagement Day + 26th Birthday)

My Birthday Cake

my bestfriends= Dzue and Asma


Friday, October 2, 2009

My Love

This is my persian cat Zara.She'll be 3 in february..she is the most mengada cat..she eats only royal canin as her staple food,wet food every 3 times a week and treats(candies for cats thats good for her teeth and breath)..her food bekas is made from stainless steel ,she doesnt drink tap water,she has her own cat bed,she has her own so called covered pottie which looks like a house .

Usually zara doesnt eat people food but she has made an exception for my mom's sambal udang..i know it sounds ridiculous but yes zara suka udang!!!.tension je..slalu kena bg dia my share of smabal udang..but of course kena rinse the sambal off skit dulu..then u tgk la dia makan..u bagilah zara fish or sardin mmg she bau je and walk off...when she was younger she loved nuggets from it seems tht she got feddup of the nuggets..

before life with zara, i used to be so afraid of cats or other tell u how i got zara began when asma(my dear good friend)one day aked if i could accompany her to a pet exhibition in putrajaya..she has a cat named tiffany(a ragdoll cat named tiffany because she loves playing with asma's tiffany bracelet),a female cat which was in heat..since ragdolls are from australia,its hard to find the same bred to mate with tiffany.and so we went to the exhibition,sadly we didnt find any ragdolls,but we stumbled upon cute cute kittens..some of them siamese and persian.i immediately fell in love with the persian kittens..tried to pet some of them..they were very playful and naughty(stole my heart)..i called mr boy, and asked if he could buy me one of the kittens.boy said:'u ni skejap je syg kucing tu nanti,tgkla brg2 u,semua kejap je u jaga,then tak jaga'..i stood my ground and promised him tht i would care for the kitten if he bought it for me.(rm 800 for a kitten) mmg i tak mampu nak beli sendiri la kan.

so then,me and asma went back,browsed the internet for cats for the same time still pujuk2 boy to come and get me the the next day(it was a saturday)boy came from melaka, and i brought him to the pet exhibition,i guess he fell in love with the persian kittens too..we took one out of the cage and held and played with it..then boy gave the green light..i asked him which one do we get..he said the one that we've been holding.(the persian kittens semua adik beradik)..and so we payed and brought zara back home..

the first day i brought zara back home,she could easily fit in our palms.and now....she's fat,and about 6kgs..she goes for her yearly vaccination,and she has been spayed when she was about a year old..(mama dont want zara to beranak)and time tu zara started to get in deicided to spay her..

during the time that i bought her,i was living in cyberjaya,and mama used to be so scared of her if i brought her back during the weekends..mama would scream everytime zara got close to her..and now..2 years plus later,mama loves zara so parents adores her.she roams around the house dad would play with her evry night before he goes to bed..and my brother danial refers himself as abang to zara..cuteee....

so thats roughly the story about my baby zara..eeverynight she sleeps with me in my room.she gets afraid if there's lightning and thunder,she hates other cats.she loves eating and most of all even though she's living with all of us in the same house,she always2 seems to know that i'm her a baby knowing who their mommy is despite being cared of by others..thats the best.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

some of my engagement hantarans

my baju for the engagement.simple baju kurung in yellow..

sirih junjung

kain nikah +sampin

perfume set

the theme for the hantaran was black and white..baru la sesuai with fiance..sbb he is i thought of black,tapi macam tak elok la black semua kan so i pilih black and white..the other 4 hantarans was the cupcakes,chocolates,kek lapis,and pot pourri..

hari raya ...

raya this year insyallah would be my last raya as a single lady.because our wedding insyallah would be in start off ,3 days before raya on thursday me,my family and immediate cousins and uncles,aunties went for berbuka at the seri pacific was fun because it was the 2nd time all of us berbuka together.the food was nice..ate alot like always..the next morning i started to had mild food poisoning..but it got better in the afternoon..later in the evening we went to sunway tower hotel for berbuka..the food was even better..they had oysters and so much to choose from..
the next morning...........terrriiibbble food poisoning..dahla we were going balik kampung in the afternoon..i didnt fast because i had to take pills for it.when we were about to leave darry,my youngest brother came down n told my mom that he was feeling unwell and felt like vomiting..mama forced him to take the same pills as i did..
and so we went off...when we got to nilai the traffic was bad..and so papa told danial(who was driving) to use the old road that passed through seremban..through out the journey i really felt like i had to go to the restroom but i tahan..then at one very moment i saw darry taking out a plastic bag and put it under his face.he vomited!!!!..byk gila luckily we passed through a petrol station..we stopped ..i rushed to the restroom and did my business..and darry followed through..

by the time we got to the tampin hotel(which was amazingly fully booked during raya(we couldnt even get 2 rooms) me and darry was parents decided to let us rest in the hotel..and they left to our kampung house which is about 5 minutes from the hotel..
we slept in..turned off the light..i woke up when darry told me he wanted to go buy hundred plus..i forced myself to shower and when darry got back we called my mom to come get us..
she made porridge and fed us..papa insisted that me and darry followed to our kampung house for them to berbuka puasa..
and so we went..but still felt a bit weak.the diarrhea went on untill the 2nd day of raya..that morning we went to boy's house just to get my parents and his mom to know each other..because even though i've been with boy for 7 parents have never met his mom.

i was nervous...but Alhamdulillah everything went parents was impressed how friendly and warm boy's family was..they prepared such nice food with big big prawns..nasibla my tummy wasnt well..kalau tak for sure i would have eaten more..
later in the evening we got back to our house to be greeted by our little princess(my persian cat zara)..boy was she happy to see us after being left in the house alone for 2 nights...

so that was the story of my hari raya this i cant wait to go for all the open houses this weekend..i also feel very satisfied that this year dpt bg mkn2 for my friends during my engagement/open house

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