Saturday, October 24, 2009

wedding exhibition n dinner with friends

Just got back from having dinner with the girls.had a nice time.we ate dinner at monte's in BSC and adjourned to WIP or whip into place(formerly known as Work In Progress).

Food at monte's was good. We had-salad with smoked salmon n nachos for appertiser,i ate cajun chicken,asma-lamb shank n dzue-spaghetti olio(a bit salty).besides dzue's dish,everything else was delicious.the prices were really not that bad...

Earlier in the day,i went to the pameran pengantin with asma.i was amazed at the bridal packages.way cheaper than i budgeted for everything.i saw a pelamin nikah tht i like.i'm thinking of taking my mom there tomorrow to get her approval n hopefully just put the deposit.well rite this moment i'm missing boy..and i cant fall asleep.really hope to see him this weekend..


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