Thursday, October 8, 2009

The reasons

To mr Boy,
i hope one day u'll read this and realise how much i love and i just cant live without u..i love you for so many reasons:

-you have been so caring..bila i sakit, u jaga..especially the day i got food poisoning in 2007 on my birthday.(u dont think i would remember kan,but i do),hingus i semua u lap ok,u tak pernah geli dgn i..
-you know when its time for me to get new things.(if you see i've been wearing the same clothes again and again,you know when its time to get my hair done etc)
-you encourage me to have time for my girlfriends.
-you always have been very forgiving..even if you get mad easily,but u cool down the next minute.(i understand u b and i accept that)
-you pamper me and the way u manjakan i like budak2(u suka nak timang2 i and suruh i do my silly dance move)
-you are a responsible man(u have been the head of your family ever since your father passed away-i'm impressed b,bukan senang nak jaga mak and adik beradik,anak2 sedara)
-you love your mom so much that if you're away from melaka,and you call up your mom and ask her if she has eaten,and if she hasnt,u wont have the appetite to eat.
-you care for my parents too,always make sure we bring back something for my parents whenever we go out.
-you know how to talk and behave around people(sometimes i think its a bit deceiving)
-you prooved that you could rise from nothing to the man you are now in your business(seriously from zero to alhamdulillah selesa skarang)
-you are so easy to pujuk,cakap dgn u manja2 skit terus u dah tak marah and merajuk,not like me(i must change from now on)
-you always want people to look highly upon me
-you cannot hear me saying i teringin la nak itu ini.u would do your best to provide me with everything.sometimes i think you take your responsibilities towards me way too serious.(macam i'm your daughter pulak)sweet sgt ok b.
-you are hardworking.everything you do has to do with how to improve our lives.
-you get jealous easily,like you think i'm so pretty ke apa.

anyway,can u feel and see it now.
i'm sorry if i'm too bossy and if i'm not supportive in the things you're into lately..i've always been to busy pinpointing the things i wont let you do that sometimes i foresee the list above..i'll try to change for you..without a doubt youre the one for me.i've known u since i was 19.and now i'm 26 and we're engaged..its not too long till we reach not the end but this beautiful journey in a different phase..i love u!!


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