Saturday, October 24, 2009


the nikah pelamin that i sgt!

Part of the card (the piece of hard paper that's supposed to be inside the hard cover which has all the information of the wedding)

this is the outer hard cover(but this isnt the envelope).u slide through the piece of paper in the picture above, through the right side of the outer cover.

I'm glad that i've placed the booking for my nikah pelamin and also my wedding cards..anyway i went to the wedding exhibition again with my parents in the evening,and they agreed with my choice of pelamin and they helped pick out the card design..

so i'm supposed to follow up with the pelamin and the card person in charge in probably april.
yES!!2 things can be checked off the to look for/do list

Its true what they say about wedding exhibition-u can save a whole lot of money!!


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