Thursday, October 1, 2009

hari raya ...

raya this year insyallah would be my last raya as a single lady.because our wedding insyallah would be in start off ,3 days before raya on thursday me,my family and immediate cousins and uncles,aunties went for berbuka at the seri pacific was fun because it was the 2nd time all of us berbuka together.the food was nice..ate alot like always..the next morning i started to had mild food poisoning..but it got better in the afternoon..later in the evening we went to sunway tower hotel for berbuka..the food was even better..they had oysters and so much to choose from..
the next morning...........terrriiibbble food poisoning..dahla we were going balik kampung in the afternoon..i didnt fast because i had to take pills for it.when we were about to leave darry,my youngest brother came down n told my mom that he was feeling unwell and felt like vomiting..mama forced him to take the same pills as i did..
and so we went off...when we got to nilai the traffic was bad..and so papa told danial(who was driving) to use the old road that passed through seremban..through out the journey i really felt like i had to go to the restroom but i tahan..then at one very moment i saw darry taking out a plastic bag and put it under his face.he vomited!!!!..byk gila luckily we passed through a petrol station..we stopped ..i rushed to the restroom and did my business..and darry followed through..

by the time we got to the tampin hotel(which was amazingly fully booked during raya(we couldnt even get 2 rooms) me and darry was parents decided to let us rest in the hotel..and they left to our kampung house which is about 5 minutes from the hotel..
we slept in..turned off the light..i woke up when darry told me he wanted to go buy hundred plus..i forced myself to shower and when darry got back we called my mom to come get us..
she made porridge and fed us..papa insisted that me and darry followed to our kampung house for them to berbuka puasa..
and so we went..but still felt a bit weak.the diarrhea went on untill the 2nd day of raya..that morning we went to boy's house just to get my parents and his mom to know each other..because even though i've been with boy for 7 parents have never met his mom.

i was nervous...but Alhamdulillah everything went parents was impressed how friendly and warm boy's family was..they prepared such nice food with big big prawns..nasibla my tummy wasnt well..kalau tak for sure i would have eaten more..
later in the evening we got back to our house to be greeted by our little princess(my persian cat zara)..boy was she happy to see us after being left in the house alone for 2 nights...

so that was the story of my hari raya this i cant wait to go for all the open houses this weekend..i also feel very satisfied that this year dpt bg mkn2 for my friends during my engagement/open house


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