Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mekah n Madinah 15 May- 28 May

The most humbling experience

Our Kaabah

At masjid Tanaim (Tanah Halal) untuk pasang niat umrah and solat sunat ihram

in Mekah byk jual this ice cream (melon,mango,coconut) sedap, because of the heat (48 degrees one afternoon), so ramai orang beli

Nasi arab with chicken (boy tak suka kambing) for lunch after zohor sementara tunggu asar at the big mall opposite Masjidil Haram. Makan alas with plastic takde pinggan. thats how they do it there.

The day we left,
Dad couldnt send us to the airport because he had a meeting at work that day.So after Subuh, before he left for work,
we hugged and i couldnt stop the tears from flowing. Macam peluk masa pagi raya.Minta maaf for everything. Minta halal makan minum.
Dont know why but rasa very sebak that morning.

Over there your main objective is to solat 5 waktu berjemaah at Masjidil Haram, solat sunat , buat umrah and solat at Masjid Nabawi in Madinah

You see all kinds of people, different mazhabs,different races, different colors, so u see different types of cara solat..when i see orang buta yang pakai tongkat buat tawaf. orang naik wheelchair, orang yg tempang datang solat at the masjid. It makes me insaf and serves as a reminder that, even people with disabilities tak give excuse when it comes to we who are fit n healthy should not come up with excuses to not perform our solats and other ibadats.

When you see Malaysian's there u think of them as family.
I once sat beside a Malaysian makcik for subuh prayers, before the solat, we got to get to knw each other.
She was there utk berdoa kat tanah haram for her to survive through cancer. so after solat, we were hugging and she was crying,asking me to doa for her too, and we parted ways.
After that, i managed to bump into her once dekat tengah2 ribu2 orang at the dataran masjidil haram.
May Allah heal her and give her strength..Amin

Over there, we are all equal. kaya miskin, cantik buruk, hitam putih semuanya sama. we are there for one purpose ,untuk beribadat..

Mekah ni wangi sangat. people over there suka pakai their arab perfume (dont get me started, byk sangat kedai perfume arab in mekah and madinah) and burn incents. so tanah haram Mekah to me is wangi sangat.

The day we left for Madinah, after buat tawaf widak. i cried like a baby to boy.
I was so sad that we were leaving tanah haram Mekah.

Masjid Nabawi, Madinah

Before we got on the bus to go to Madinah, i sms'ed my dad . He replied and said that i'm going to love Madinah and not to forget to peek out the bus window and see miles and miles of desert.Masyallah..
On the way there our mutawwif (ustat) told us the history of our Rasulullah berhijrah to Madinah naik unta which took him 8 malam if i'm not mistaken. Once again rasa sebak because our Rasullullah sacrificed and went through hardships to sebarkan Islam.

We arrived in  Madinah just before Isyak.
Masjid Nabawi is gorgeous. The next day bila buat ziarah dalam and dapat masuk n solat di Raudah (after beratur almost 3 hours). Memang nangis automatically. Us ladies tak dapat tgk makam Rasullullah, but the guys boleh.
Dad was right, i fell in love with Madinah..Madinah is so lively and bustling with life. Its different than Mekah. People there are friendlier and nicer. 

Now i know why orang if ada rezeki memang nak buat Umrah selalu.
You dont worry about anything when you're there. 
When you pray , you get to see our Kaabah right in front of you.
Feeling yang susah nak describe.Very menginsafkan.

Kalau ada rezeki nak buat haji sementara masih muda n kuat ni.

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