Friday, November 30, 2012

Daily vlogs

I'm obsessed with Youtube's daily vlogs.

My current fav:
1) Leflooftv: A couple from Cork, Ireland have been vlogging everyday for the past few years. From being in a relationship to having a daughter. Everyday i watch how their daughter grow from a newborn to a 2months plus baby. Chubbier by the day. And when she smiles,my heart melts too. Sooo cute.
Anna, (the wife) has her own beauty channel on youtube: Thestylediet.
She's pretty! and they have not 1 but 6 maltese dogs. Crayyzy! Love watching them go grocery shopping, move house, set up the christmas tree.

2) Itsjudyslife: A couple from Washington. The wife, Judy is Philipino, the husband's mixed japanese / caucasian.
They also just had a baby named Juliana who's 1 month plus. Judy's separate beauty channel is: itsjudytime.

I seriously open up youtube the first thing in the morning to watch the latest vlogs, of course after subuh that is. Leflooftv is usually up with their latest vlog at 2am (msian time) since its now daylight saving mode, previously up at 1 am.

Its like reality tv, but daily on youtube.

Obsessed with Emilia : Jonathan and Anna's girl

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