Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yesterday,dengan sedihnya forced myself to go for the hiv test alone.
Since my bf stood me up as initially he promised to come and go get it done together.
Nasib tak merajuk.Weeks earlier, i've already searched for the nearest government clinic and the one that i found nearest is the Poliklinik Komuniti Kelana Jaya.

I made boy go for his test yesterday also.I arrived at my clinic first at around 2pm,where else he took his sweet time and got at his clinic at 3pm.The minute the nurse called my name ,i was already nausea's.I seriously cant stand the sight of blood.Dahla before me another couple,had just got their fingers pricked and i could see the blood stained cotton wool on their fingers.

I looked away when the nurse pricked mine, and i thought to myself..''s not so bad,i could hardly feel anything.'BUT, after i saw my blood stained cotton wool, mmg i dah jadi lemah .Quickly threw away the cotton wool and sat down quietly and waited for my result.As i was beginning to feel better, the nurse at the counter announced with her microphone that everyone who was there for the hiv test to please come again to the counter..GUESS WHAT!!..guess the earlier nurse, screwed up with our blood kits and we had to get pricked again!!..

My heart was racing .NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!
Like it or not, went through it again.
Immediately called boy,and complained.
He on the other hand was still waiting to get the test done even after 40 minutes of getting there.

I seriously cant stand the sight of blood.
I remember when i was in high school, i was in the school bus.On the way back home.
I sat beside a girl, and suddenly her nose was bleeding.
The girl was ok and all, i pulak yang pitam.
Haiyoh..mmg tak boleh langsung tgk darah.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Working out

i've joined a gym.
Never too late right..well, have been going this past week.Right after work,i'd drive straight to the gym .As part of the starter program i'm eligible for 3 sessions with a trainer for an hour for each session.
i've already finished 1 hour last saturday and my body is still sore from the weight training we did.

The trainer definitely educated me with things that i have never knew before..
For instance- if u do 30 minutes of cardio, YOU ARE ONLY BURNING SUGAR AND NOT BODY continue to burn calories for 30 - 40 minutes after your workout but IF U DO WEIGHTS, your calories would continue to burn for 40 to 70 HOURS!!!!-about 2 days!!

i definitely was never interested in doing weights as i fear of being bulky, but after being enlightened on the overall workout,i definitely plan to do more weights.
This evening after work, i have another session of training.
A wee bit worried of what the trainer have installed for me.
Cant wait to join one of the classes.It looks sooo interesting !!

Friday, April 16, 2010

my neighbour is getting married

Yesterday, mom and i went to our neighbours house to see if there was anything we could help them with as today is their daughters nikah.
They've asked if they could extend their tents into my house compound and of course dad gave the green light.So today when i get back from work, i wouldnt be able to park my car in my house compound as there would be a tent and guests there.
The nikah according to plan would be at 5pm which is an hour away from now and half an hour earlier than the time i get off work.

I cant wait to get back and go eat at my neighbours place.
So hungry .And its raining cats and dogs outside.
I'm thankful that i have wonderful neighbour as we are always there for each other.
Tomorrow would be the wedding reception and it would be at one of the halls in putrajaya.Since mom and dad are planning to go early, i guess my brothers and i would meet them there later.

Tomorrow, hopefully i can continue cutting the kain for the doorgifts.
its so tedious as i cant do it alone,i would need another extra set of hands to help me stretch the kain ,for me to cut the kain easier.Tulah,cari pasal nak stuff2 doorgifts with kain2 .EXTRA WORK for us la.
My weekends are now just filled with this 'extra work' that we asked for.
Padan muka to me and mom.
Dad has just been sitting and laughing at us..

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding card

Ok remember i went to the wedding exhibition in shah alam last year?
well at the exhibition i placed a deposit for my wedding card.For 1000pcs the cost would be RM1.20..Mom and me were planning to go to the card shop next weekend.
So thats that..

On Saturday morning, mom and me went to my aunts place in taman tun to borrow my cousin's card from his wedding back in july 2008.We needed the map from the card since we're going to have the reception at the same place.I knew that my aunt did the card at one of my another aunt's neighbour's shop that is also in taman tun.

Mak dik ,-my aunt - then somehow persuaded us to do the cards at Mak Mayak's-another aunt -neighbour's shop.Since the deposit we put in at the shop from the exhibition was only rm50.We decided to burn the deposit.we then went straight to the card shop in taman tun, and drafted my card.actually we copied my cousins card exactly ,its just that the colours are different.Mak Dik,previously tied ribbons for his son's wedding card ,and so mak dik offered to tie ribbons at my cards card is going to be silver in colour and the ribbon would be FUCHSIA PINK.
best sgt ok..

One of the many reasons i cancelled the plan to order from the previous vendor was because the card that i chose was actually a one piece card.the only thing that caught my attention for the previous card was that it wasnt the typical card.but when i think about it,its actually going to limit the space and definitely i wouldnt be able to put in the map,turut mengundang,ayat2 section in it.
If i were to still choose on using the card,all the writings would be extra small and compact.definitely not good for the old folks to read.

Now that we've gotten a new design, there's ample space for everything.its a 4 page i can fit my ayat2 in one page,my turut mengundang and itinerary in one page, and the map can be in the last page.puas hati.
the thing that i love most is that its going to be with ribbons!.its sooo my theme colour.

Just waiting for mom and dad to finalise on the number of cards to order so that i could inform the shop.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sheila Majid-IJN Charity Dinner

Last night me,my cousins and aunts-all 10 of us went to the Sheila Majid-IJN Charity dinner at the KLCC Convention Center.My cousin farah got the table for us from her organisation that bought one whole table for 5k.Since no one from her organisation was able to make it for the dinner, she invited her relatives of course.

The dinner was organised by Cosry the designer, and co sponsored by Mouaward to raise contributions for IJN.Since Sheila Majid is the ambassador for the IJN Institution,-and also to mark her 25th year as a singer ,she was chosen to perform for the dinner.In conjunction with Mouawards anniversary, they teamed up with Cosry to design the most expensive kebaya in the world for Sheila Majid .The total cost for the dress was 250 million ringgit.Apparently the kebaya landed a spot in the Guiness world records.I heard there was a lot of policemen backstage guarding the dress.The dress was dripping with diamonds!

throughout dinner we were entertained with cosry's fashion show.the kebaya's are so so pretty.if only i could afford Cosry..
After dinner, Sheila made her first appearance with the most expensive dress and sang her songs.After 3-4 songs she went backstage and changed into something different and sang more songs.I tell u sheila is such a good singer and performer.she knows how to communicate with her audience and her voice--ahhh...what can i say about her voice,i dare say that she sounds exactly the same live on stage as she is in her records..She's really that good.

Anyway, kesian boy, he was the one that really wanted to go to the event because he loves Sheila.And my cousin Farah has put me and boy in her top priority in choosing amongst the relatives.But yesterday boy had work in he couldnt make it for the dinner.Farah's dad made the cut since there was an extra seat.

I took video's of Sheila singing for boy.Cant wait to show it to him

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Main table doorgifts

This is my main table doorgift for my reception.There's 13 all together, 12 for the guests,and 1 for myself.
Mom's close friend did it from scratch for me, the writing was even hand painted by her.
These doorgifts are her gifts for me..sweet sgt ok.
Still figuring out how to decorate it.
I love it!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kerja leceh for the doorgifts

Woke up this morning, had breakfast and i started my duty of tying ribbons on the cover of my porcelain door gifts for my nikah event.At first it was annoying and i nearly gave up, but because of my persistance,i finally got the hang of it.Managed to do about 40 pieces.Mom on the other hand was doing the quality control for the reception doorgifts.we have to go through all the 1500 pieces to check for any defects,so that we could return and get new ones from the far 2 big boxes down, 5 big boxes to go.

As for the nikah doorgifts there's about 130 plus pieces more to go as we only managed to buy 175 pieces .we wanted to get more but the shop ran out of the item.We plan to get something else for the men, maybe. .
Me and mom are slowly handling the tying of ribbons, cutting of the kain for the stuffing for the reception doorgifts etc2 ourselves.doing as much as we can, so that we wouldnt have to trouble my aunts and cousins.Tak nak pening pening if buat last minute.
We actually had to force ourselves to start, kalau we waited to do it on a weekday,lagilah memang takkan start.

Friday, April 2, 2010

mixed entry again

2 nights ago, boyfriend came to see me.
We havent seen each other for more than 3 weeks plus.
finally, maybe he missed me too much that he had to come.

Had the delicious smoked salmon salad at Delicious for dinner with him.
That night he slept in the guest room .Went back the next morning, when i had to go to work.
According to him, he'll be coming again tomorrow.Tht is according to him, but knowing him too well, there's a 50 50 chance he'll turn him nonetheless.

Tomorrow, will be going for seafood at hokkaido with my girls.
Soo hungry right now, that i'm already thinking of what to order.But definitely ,chilli crabs will be the main dish.

half an hour to the weekend!

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