Thursday, April 22, 2010

Working out

i've joined a gym.
Never too late right..well, have been going this past week.Right after work,i'd drive straight to the gym .As part of the starter program i'm eligible for 3 sessions with a trainer for an hour for each session.
i've already finished 1 hour last saturday and my body is still sore from the weight training we did.

The trainer definitely educated me with things that i have never knew before..
For instance- if u do 30 minutes of cardio, YOU ARE ONLY BURNING SUGAR AND NOT BODY continue to burn calories for 30 - 40 minutes after your workout but IF U DO WEIGHTS, your calories would continue to burn for 40 to 70 HOURS!!!!-about 2 days!!

i definitely was never interested in doing weights as i fear of being bulky, but after being enlightened on the overall workout,i definitely plan to do more weights.
This evening after work, i have another session of training.
A wee bit worried of what the trainer have installed for me.
Cant wait to join one of the classes.It looks sooo interesting !!


ElyaElmo said...

u..bile reception u???
i rasa..klo u pakai corset premum beautiful lagi cantik on ur wedding..instead of gi gymm.....u leh tgk kat blog i k
just my 2 cents

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