Friday, April 16, 2010

my neighbour is getting married

Yesterday, mom and i went to our neighbours house to see if there was anything we could help them with as today is their daughters nikah.
They've asked if they could extend their tents into my house compound and of course dad gave the green light.So today when i get back from work, i wouldnt be able to park my car in my house compound as there would be a tent and guests there.
The nikah according to plan would be at 5pm which is an hour away from now and half an hour earlier than the time i get off work.

I cant wait to get back and go eat at my neighbours place.
So hungry .And its raining cats and dogs outside.
I'm thankful that i have wonderful neighbour as we are always there for each other.
Tomorrow would be the wedding reception and it would be at one of the halls in putrajaya.Since mom and dad are planning to go early, i guess my brothers and i would meet them there later.

Tomorrow, hopefully i can continue cutting the kain for the doorgifts.
its so tedious as i cant do it alone,i would need another extra set of hands to help me stretch the kain ,for me to cut the kain easier.Tulah,cari pasal nak stuff2 doorgifts with kain2 .EXTRA WORK for us la.
My weekends are now just filled with this 'extra work' that we asked for.
Padan muka to me and mom.
Dad has just been sitting and laughing at us..


myra said...

diyana! lemme know if u need me n lulu to help hold the kain for u k darling? muahh

Diyana said...

Myra!!..allalalala,comelnya lulu nak tlg aunty funny ptg kain.i may need help nanti nak dekat2 nanti k.muah muah

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