Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding card

Ok remember i went to the wedding exhibition in shah alam last year?
well at the exhibition i placed a deposit for my wedding card.For 1000pcs the cost would be RM1.20..Mom and me were planning to go to the card shop next weekend.
So thats that..

On Saturday morning, mom and me went to my aunts place in taman tun to borrow my cousin's card from his wedding back in july 2008.We needed the map from the card since we're going to have the reception at the same place.I knew that my aunt did the card at one of my another aunt's neighbour's shop that is also in taman tun.

Mak dik ,-my aunt - then somehow persuaded us to do the cards at Mak Mayak's-another aunt -neighbour's shop.Since the deposit we put in at the shop from the exhibition was only rm50.We decided to burn the deposit.we then went straight to the card shop in taman tun, and drafted my card.actually we copied my cousins card exactly ,its just that the colours are different.Mak Dik,previously tied ribbons for his son's wedding card ,and so mak dik offered to tie ribbons at my cards card is going to be silver in colour and the ribbon would be FUCHSIA PINK.
best sgt ok..

One of the many reasons i cancelled the plan to order from the previous vendor was because the card that i chose was actually a one piece card.the only thing that caught my attention for the previous card was that it wasnt the typical card.but when i think about it,its actually going to limit the space and definitely i wouldnt be able to put in the map,turut mengundang,ayat2 section in it.
If i were to still choose on using the card,all the writings would be extra small and compact.definitely not good for the old folks to read.

Now that we've gotten a new design, there's ample space for everything.its a 4 page i can fit my ayat2 in one page,my turut mengundang and itinerary in one page, and the map can be in the last page.puas hati.
the thing that i love most is that its going to be with ribbons!.its sooo my theme colour.

Just waiting for mom and dad to finalise on the number of cards to order so that i could inform the shop.


Michelle Custodio said...

It is really hard to decide on tha perfect wedding card you want. But The planning and designing part is totally exciting.

Diyana said...

Totally agree with u!

Michelle said...

Your supplies are really good. I think, it could produce a beautiful wedding card.

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